Light in the Bushel No. 4 - February '87
Hank Heath Light in the Bushel #4, the Winter Sports issue, shines your way from Richard Brandt, 4740 N. Mesa #111, El Paso, TX 79912 USA. Available for the usual, not to mention old fanzites, programme books, and file cabinets (I do have a birthday looming on the horizon, after all). Your editor is pleased to note that he recently turned up a small cache of Art Border No. 100, the one-point rule of his dreams. However, since vacuuming my apartment, I've been unable to locate my umbrella ... Oh, I also accept dead presidents, especially for the remaining back issues which are fighting me for liebensraum in this hovel. Ye ed believes he shall manage to pub this ish, and renew his liability insurance, both in the month of February 1987. But it's going to be close.

"There's a medium-sized city in Texas where the violent crime rate is far below what you'd expect for a city of its size and mixed racial make-up. The extraordinary placidity of the people who live there has been traced to something in the water ... a natural trank of some kind."
--Stephen King, IT

Well, that explains why I haven't been able to bestir myself for another mammoth road trip lately. Oh, all right, I did fly to El Paso to spend Christmas with my folks. Played golf with the old man on Christmas Day, I did. What really struck me, flying in, was the great expanses of red soil laid out all over the city. I told my folks I didn't remember Mobile having that kind of earth. And they told me I was right. Seems with all the construction going on, they're importing Georgia clay for fill. Will wonders never cease.

This time, I'd like to break the cycle of issues alternating between ebullient spirits and rank depression. LITB2 now seems so awash in bitterness, I can't bear to look at it. (Judging from the proofreading, I felt that way at the time.)

Art Sheryl Birkhead: 5, 10
Brad Foster: 4
Alexis Gilliland: 12
Hank Heath: 1
Taral-, Cover, 2, 7

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