"...AND ON"

"That man is not sick," Bril said to them all.
"We are the ones who need to be cured."

--Lisa Tuttle, op. cit.

Yeah, I'm a 3x5 man ... goin' to the post office, buy me six books of stamps ... hmm, there's a blues ballad in there somewhere... Of course, becoming a regular, habitual sweepstakes entrant does engender a certain amount of paranoia. You refuse to drop your entries into a mailbox unless you see the mailman* pick up letters there. You sit up hollow-eyed by the radio into the wee hours, because you know they'll call your number as soon as you switch off...

I'm giving myself two years to win the weekend in the U.K.

*(It has been pointed out to me that "mailman" is a sexist term. If you wish, you may substitute the expression "genderperson.")

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ NEWSBREAK ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The following item is presented without comment as a public service for the benefit of any other snowbirds who are contemplating a move to the Sunbelt ... just so you'll know what kind of neighbor you can expect to look forward to ...

"WESLACO, Texas (UPI)--For more than two decades, city officials and police regarded an aging recluse who calls himself Nodrog and his so-called UFO base as a harmless nuisance.

"That is, until a few weeks ago when federal agents arrested three members of Nodrog's 'Cosmic Corps of Engineers' in an investigation into a bomb that blew up a car near where the mayor works in this Rio Grande Valley city.

"City officials, police, and reporters have laughed off the statements and 'ultimatums' emanating from Nodrog's 'Outer Dimensional Forces'--or ODF--headquartered in a gnarled 2-acre patch of brush that long has been an eyesore at the Intersection of U.S. 83 and Weslaco's main street.

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