"The floater-probes found nothing," she said. "That doesn't mean there was nothing to find. Although indications are that Dawnlight is empty of everything but these frightened birds and harmless insects, truly we don't know what we may find inside. We must all be on our guard, remembering that this is a strange, possibly very dangerous place.

"Something happened to the first settlers, after all. We want to find out what happened, but we don't want to fall victim to it ourselves..."

--Lisa Tuttle, a former Nebula Award vinner, in "Children of the Centaur" (AMAZING, Sept. '84)


There are still various commitments binding on my lady and me, even if sharing a domicile is not currently one of them. For instance, we're still assigned as co-directors of Press Relations for the NASFiC (The First Occasional Lone Star Science Fiction, Convention and Chili Cook-Off, Aug 30-Sept 2, Austin, Texas). Anyone wishing to drop in on a couple of bored fans and tired, and partake of coffee and (budget permitting) donuts, is welcome to stop by the Press Room (and, maybe, even, like, volunteer).

Whether our expertise will be available to future concoms may depend primarily on how my plans to retire by age 30 work out.

By the way, if it was necessary to come up with a generic term for convention fans, did It have to be "condom"?

Speaking of my retirement plans, Eric Mayer, who surely never tires of hearing of mv exploits in the world of coupons and refunds, will no doubt be delighted to hear of the latest addition to my stable of hobbies: sweepstakes.

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