Corflu 35 One-Shots
What it’s all about

Geri Sullivan

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Corflu 35 one-shots

I published two one-shots for Corflu 35. The Corflu 35 Bheer Tasting Guide features descriptions of the thirty different beers from Tree House Brewing Company that I served at Corflu. There’s also an essay, “My Place,” describing how Tree House became a place I didn’t even know I was looking for in the process of buying bheers for the tasting held in the memory of Randy Byers.

“What it’s all about” features an essay I first wrote in 1997 that was unpublished until this year. I distributed an earlier draft when I went to the Pacific Northwest to join Randy’s family for a weekend at his beloved La Push, WA. This final version has a few minor edits from that one, but is substantially the same.

Hope you enjoy both.

– Geri Sullivan

The Corflu 35 Bheer Tasting Guide

What it's all about

Last revised: 17 May, 2018

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