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Every Reader A Reporter

FILM NEWS (Condensed from LIGHT) by Barbara E Bovard

In case anyone is interested, there are a few good pictures coming out of Hollywood. There is a sequel to "Mr Jordan" on it's way - it was to be called "Mr Jordan Goes to Hell", but the producers decided that they couldn't have an angel going to Hell so they changed it to "The Return of Mr Jordan'. It will have the same Claude Rains, Edward Everett Horton and James Gleason. Also the horror pik of 1943 is expected to be The Wolfman meets Frankenstein". Then too "The Cat People" with Simone Simon, and the "Leopard People" are expected to be good. Anyway, they ought to be. (News of about twenty new films and cast next issue.)

BOOK REVIEW by J. F. Burke

(Orlando by Virginia Woolf. Penguin.) Mrs. Woolf's 'biography' of Orlando should, by now, have become part of every self-respecting fantast's collection. It is witty, smooth, and uncompromisingly impossible. Orlando lives from the time of Queen Elizabeth to the present day, and half-way through the book changes from a man to a woman; no explanation is offered, and none is needed by any save the least discerning and most fernickety reader. Several other characters in the book seem to be immortal, but change in social status from period to period. The author makes the most of her opportunities; Kings, Queens, consuls, Gypsies, Addison, Pope and many other notables are treated by her humorous pen, and while not accepting the story as even remotely probable, one enjoys oneself. Those who have read Mrs Woolf's anylytical novels before, and found her dissection of the smallest human thought and emotion too wearisome, will find this book swift-moving, ironical and entertaining.

WANTED by Ron Holmes.

AMAZINGS of the following dates, if you have any to dispose of send me prices to the following address. 32, Rockfield Rd, Liverpool. Aug, Oct, '41. Feb, Mar, Apr, '42. Also FANTASTIC ADVENTURES for Mar, July, Nov, '41, Mar '42. I thank you.

GLEANINGS by Ron Holmes

Glancing about me I see that L Sprague de Camp and. Fletcher Pratt have combined in writ ing a book, a story which has never seen the pages of a pulp-mag. "The Land of Unreason" is the title, about an American Diplomat who was in error by a brownie and. carried off to Fairy Land. Published by Henry Holt, New York at $ 2-50. Other items of interest are Merritt's "Footprints" is now published at so low a rate as 25 cents by the Avon Book Co, N.Y. While Marion Lowndes' , book "Ghosts that still walk" is about 16 cases of present-day authentic ghosts in USA. Pub. A.A. Knopf. N.Y. LENS, the new Welsh fan-mag, mag has arived, a typical first attempt with pages printed upside -down etc. Material was fair to good - the best of the issue being by the Editor; next best, an article by Pierre de Verdun. Quotation last issue was from the book, "A Book of Miracles!" by Ben Hecht. Quotations of this type will appear from time to time to promote discussion, Kultur and easthetisism in fandom, whenever space permits.

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LUNAR LANDING by Lester Del Rey. Very Good, avout a rescue ship to the moon and a new scheme for co-operating with Martians. On the whole worth-while reading.
ANACHRON Ltd by M. Jameson. Last of the issue, about commercial travelers in time. The value is based upon bizarre situations rather than science; excellent humour, good amusement value.
Q.R.M. INTERPLANETARY by Geo.O. Smith. Fair, story of an interplanetary Telegraph system operated from an asteroid off Venus. The plot could have fitted in just as well on Wall St, a case of changing stories to suit Sfn mags.
WARRIORS AGE by Peter Risk. Poor, story of the future military age in America after the present chaos, and a wayward heroine. SECOND SOLUTION by Van Vogt. Good writing, plot unreasonable. Story of a race of beings pretending to be beasts to scare away earth people. Good.
THE WABBLER by Murray Leinster. A super modern magnetic mine, does everything but bath the baby. Fair. THE BEAST by Ron Hubbard. Another story reset to Sfn background, typical African jungle story, They did not have the imagination to change the names of Safari and Juju. Fair.
PARIS GUN by W. Ley. Article, fair, about a super gun. Not B.B.
LATE MODEL STARS: by R.S. Richardson. Good.
Cover by A von Munchausen, Good. Interior illus by M & R Isip, Orban, Koliker and Mandorf. Issue above average.
THE WAY OF THE CLOUD by Ross Rocklynne. A tale of time travel, the future, a doomed earth, a dictatorial government, a revolt etc. The characters speak a futuristic brand of Ackermanese. Entertaining.
THE EARTH SAVER, a humerous short by J J Millard. Best short.
THE ANCIENT BRAIN by A G Strangland. T'was readable.
DEATH RAY by Henry S Lewis, a puny short.
Cover by Bergey, good. Interiors by Orban and Morley. There is also a little cartoon-like drawing for DEATH RAY, unsigned, not bad. Issue as a whole, passed. (L J Moffatt.)
PLANET Summer 42.
TASK TO SAHRI by Rocklynne. Destruction of civilisation living inside hollow planet, writing much below authors usual standard.
STAR MASTER by R Cummings. About the same as usual.
VENUS ENSLAVED by M W Williams. Straight adventure on Venus, Golden Amazon versus Bad men, unoriginal, but not bad reading.
COSMIC DERELlCT by J Broome. Space ship with superstitious mate, fairish story, but not bad reading.
ASTEROID OF THE DAMNED by Dirk Wylie. Detective, dope, moderate.
OUT OF THIS WORLD by H Hasse. Escape from Penal world - via death, pseudo-psychological in places, good but not brilliant..
CAPT. CHAOS by N S Bond. A'la Lancelot Biggs, female disguised as cook saves space ship from destruction by enemy fleet. Average.
AS IT WAS by Carltob Smith. Screwy time-travel, inventor goes back and destroys beginnings of life, preventing planet from becoming populated; author omits to explain continued existence of inventor and time machine. Nuts !
Issue below standard, poor cover. Two illustrations by A Leydenfrost a new artist showing great promise. Other illus: Paul, decent. Morey fair. Lynch and Scott Hoskins, Lousy. (T. Hughes.)


1) This zine was distributed with FUTURIAN WAR DIGEST #25.