FUTURIAN WAR DIGEST - Issue 3 (Vol. 1, Number 3) Dec. 1940

On November 5th, Franklin D. Roosevelt was re-elected by an overwhelming margin to his third term in office. Also during this month, the Germans changed their tactics and began bombing provincial cities, shifting some of their attention away from London. Liverpool, Southampton, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Coventry were all pounded. The Coventry raid on the 14th destroyed the cathedral and much of the medieval city, killing 1000 in the process. At the height of the raids, civilian deaths reached 6000 a week.

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THE GENTLEST ART #1 - ed. Douglas Webster - 4 pages
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Vol. 1, No. 3................... ........................................................... ......................................................December 1940


Once again, heigh-ho for a new format; life can't be dull while FIDO is around. News nowadays is extremely fragmentary, and somewhat rare but here is the available crop for the current month.

Latest news of "Tales of Wonder" from Wally Gillings is that the 13th issue, whilst still a doubtful proposition, is yet a probability. In any case it will not see the light of day till the end of January; making it a month late.

Fannews - incidentally Wally him self has been before the Fulham CO Tribunal which after probing, the depths of his conscience for fully nearly five minutes, decided that tho' he was quite sincere he had no conscience really.

Gunner William F. Temple has now settled down in an obsolete printing works (it is just a lot of holes held to together by a lot of bricks) at Whalley , Lancs; & has already paid a visit to Bert Lewis 10 miles away at Preston.

R(A)Forster is now at Calne, Wilts.

Via R.G.Medhurst, a note from S. Fowler Wright "A difficulty of copyright is keeping 'The World Below' out of print at present, & I believe copies are hard to get. But I hope that the position will shortly be cleared up so that it may appear again."

Just one of those ironies of fate. A piece of shrapnel which passed thro' George's bookcase voyaged via his copy of "Things To Come". And Ron Holmes too had a present from Ado1f, when an incendiary bomb landed on the roof of the Holmes' residence. It bounced on to the ground where the irrepressable Ron promptly put the ashbin on top of it. No harm done.

FULL SPEED AHEAD - says the newly formed COLORADO FANTASY SOCIETY, already preparing for next summers "Denvention"; the composite word succeeeding "Chicon" and meaning the convention at Denver. At their first meeting plans were made and officials elected as follows: Director, Olon F. Wiggins Secretary - Treasurer and official editor, Lew Martin; Assistant editor and artists Roy Hunt and representatives for various territories include Paul Freehafer, Bob Tucker Doc Lowndes and your editor (to my astonishment). As guest of honour, they elected Robert A.Heinlein who has accepted the invitation, which was tendered to him by Ackerman at a meeting of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society. The CFS will issue a monthly "Review" alternating with "The Denventioneer" which is to be formed mainly from sheets contributed gratis by fans in an almost similar manner to FIDO and companions, but stapled into a regular magazine. Membership costs 5 cents, and any fan is eligible for membership. The society is formed only to sponsor and organise the 1941 convention.'

Back east in Newark, New Jersey, certain fans would like a 'local' convention; as they feel Denver is too far away for many people. The Solaroid Club is apparently behind this idea, and if care is taken not to clash in any way with the official affair, it may be a good idea.

page 2:
Still a Kick Left

Messrs G.Swan Ltd., who before the war were large dealers in American remainder magazines, are now issuing a series of "Yankee Shorts". No. 3 in this series, entitled "Yankee Science Fiction" contains a novelet by Milton Kaletsky - "Spaceship Derby" and 3 other stories; "Life inside a Wall"- Harl Vincent,"The Gentle Brain" - Arthur Allport, and Package of Power"- David C.Cooke. The booklet consists of 32 pages, printed on inferior paper and none of the tales are particularly good. However, it is at least a pleasant change and a breath of fresh science fiction. Number 6 in the series will be "Weird Shorts". The Books are priced at 3d each and distributed through rermainder-stalls.

L o n d o n l e t t e r

It takes more than a blitzkrieg to suppress a science fiction fan, you know. "Except that reports of fanactivities become more and more reports of personal activities. London carries on much as usual. All the old familiar faces, are gone those who made the SFA are only memories, but the unknown, fan, the young science fiction lover who never knew or cared to join the SFA, the fan in-the-street,as it were, he may still be found sleeping on the Tube station platforms with an old copy of Amazing beside him, or reading "Sinister Barrier" by candle- light in the Anderson.

Yours truly, the last of the Mohicans plods home each night and mournfully apostrophises the shades of Bill Temple, now placed Crusoe- like in a ruined papermill in Lancs; of Ted Carnell, vanished into the blue; of Maurice Hanson ,philosophising Buddha-like in the shade of his petrol pump; and of the mad scientist of Colwyn Bay (Ego Clarke) dreaming of a new, heaven and a new B.I.S. - - - - Sidney L. Birchby.

GLEANINGS ...............................garnered by Ron Holmes

Scheduled to appear in Astounding during the early part of 1941 is "The Ticking Terror". This story will be under the name of Maurice Hugi - who was the original author of it. It has, however been re- written by Eric Frank Russell. The plot is obviously Hugi - but the style is Russell to a"T". Its about a machine which is copied from the original in the distant future, by a traveller in time who travels in mind only. The machine produces from within itself tiny creatures like metal termites, each with its own function. The chaos caused by this "robot mother" can well be, imagined.

Talking of Russell and Astounding, Eric recently sent Campbell a short entitled "Story in a Nutshell" about a lunatic in one of our local Asylums (no - not me). Campbell rejected it because "it was too tough for the readers". I read the manuscript and I agree, 'blood and thunder is only a mild term.

I have recently seen a photo of C. L. Moore, Hank (Kuttner) is a lucky guy - tho' he's been proposing for two years, its about time something, happened, I suppose. According to all standards, Miss Moore looks some peach.


Some copies of the April 1940 "Famous Fantastic Mysteries" have apparently slipped past the blockade and have. appeared on sale together with current British reprints.This is the second time this has happened, but don't build on it.


To our new friends; -
If you haven't seen any issues of the original "FUTURIAN" we have a few spare copies still available; Vol.2 Nos. 2,3,4.5,6. Vol 3 Nos. 1,2. Price 4d. per copy Postfree.

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WANDERINGS................... ........................................................... ....................................by WAYFARER II

Even in these days we still manage to run across a few new fantasy books, and here are some I have recently read:

The Undying Monster - Jessie Douglas Kerruish (Philip Allan 3/6), a tale of a family haunted through the ages by a "monster", & finally laid by a competent modern-day 'sensitive' with the aid of a smattering of psychology, creating a surprise ending that your reviewer unfortunately guessed. Red meat for the lovers of mystic-scientific fiction, and a gripping thrilling story withall.

A Journey in Other Worlds - A Romance of the Future, by John Jacob Astor (Longmans, Green, and Co.), English edition, published 1894, Printed from, American plates. Our heroes go exploring the solar system in a spaceship powered by an anti-gravitational device, and the same, wonderful force is employed back home on this old, world of ours, to straighten the earth's axis. Whoopee! Plenty of excitement and far too much pseudophilosophical and out-of-date (Thank God) theology.

Air Bandits - David T Lindsay (John Hamilton 3/6), a refreshing juvenile book for the air-minded youth, and all about a marvellous new plane, and the wicked men who steal the invention. Quite original. Perhaps.

Out of the Silence - Erle Cox (John Hamilton). Many thousands of years ago, an extremely evolved race put its finest discoveries, inventions and art into super-caches - for the benefit of posterity. And a present day Australian finds one of these treasure troves and falls in love with its attendant priestess. We'll skip the rest.

Epilogue - a grand, and humourous scientific fantasy "Imitation Man" by John Hargreaves has just been published in the Big Ben series of 6d. books. A mannequin is made by a chemist from a modernised version of recipe of ancient alchemist. The life and actions of the being.



After this issue the price of FWD. will be raised to 3d. per copy; 2/9 a year. Naturally we are extremely sorry to have to take this step but we feel that you will appreciate the causes. Primarily, of course, the Purchase Tax is responsible but the jumping costs of paper, stencils and ink also play their part. Nevertheless we intend to give you value to the limit of our available finances and in particular to persuade and help other people to break into print with their own productions. Moreover we hope in the near future. to conclude arrangements to distribute the "FUTURIAN OBSERVER", organ of the Futurian Society, of Sydney, Australia; with FIDO, & vice versa. All subscriptions will be adjusted, accordingly and we hope You will not think we are trying to profiteer.

Introducing................... .......................... No. 3

Christopher Samuel Youd

Editor of the "FANTAST" and its war time successor, Fantasy War Bulletin. One of the most prominent of 'newer' fans, brought out by the forming of the SFA. 19 years, old; clerk in the employ of corporation of Eastleigh, Hampshire; where he lives. Saith Sam regarding himself: "lazy, unable to concentrate - vague about what I like and even dislikes. Want to write but no technique. Poetaster of the worst type. Agnostic. Introvert (unfortunately) Socially a misfit only sports - swimming and tennis, good at neither". And then Sam accuses others of being pessimistic! Actually quite a promising writer, but searching franticallly for an adequate philosophy of life, which he hasn't found yet.

page 4:
LATEST NEWS; - - we want forty new subscribers - - can you help?


WEIRD TALES is contemplating returning to the monthly basis. New magazine soon to hit stands is UNCANNY TALES. SOUTH SEA STORIES, sister to AMAZING etc. went under. Rumors say AMAZING is sinking fast also. Fearn tells me Orlaine Tremaine is editor of s-f's newest, publication soon to hit stands. MARVEL TALES has been cleaned up and No 1 of the new MARVEL will have a Fearn yarn in it. Doc Lowndes working hard collecting contents for first two experimental issues of new fantasy magazine, soon to hit stands. Kuttner and C.L returning to west coast very soon, if not having left already. - - Leslie A. Croutch.

o0o o0o o0o

Street & Smiths UNKNOWN will be published every two months after the Dec. 1940 issue.

Received Recently

David McIlwain, 14 Cotswold Str., Liverpool 7, having temporarily stirred in his hibernation, has produced two bonny little hectographed pamphlets. One "CONFITEOR" -defined as 'a confession of sins in the form of a prayer' is dated June 1940 and is an out-of-date apology for the non-appearance of GARGOYLE, 3. Other entitled "FORERUNNER" is a preface to this same illusive issue, and includes the readers dept.in advance. Someday we will see GARGOYLE 3.

"SCIENTI-COMICS" - edited by Phil Bronson, 224 W.6th.St.Hastings, Min, USA, price 10 cents. 36 octavo pages, quite well hectoed and mainly devoted to a reprint, in picture form, of a story by R.W.Lowndes "When Sthanee Wakes" first published in "Spaceways" As this is only the second issue the magazine shows promise.

"COSMOS" issue of Sep. 1st & 10th published by Vol Molesworth, Kangaroo Pt. Rd., Sylvania, NSW, Australia Each issue consists of two sides of a quarto sheet, mimeoed, one is devoted to the "Chicon" and the second is admittedly modelled on Pseudo-Futurian" and consists of fan news & notes. I understand that this is the last issue, which is a great pity.


Donald Doughty, 31 Bexwell Rd. Downham Market, Norfolk is considering issuing a sheet dealing with his favourite magazine; Astounding. He would like "anything concerning any Astounding past, present or future issues, American or BRE!" to be sent to him. Rally round please

WANTED:- FANTAST Nos.2,8 -- POSTAL PREVIEW Nos.1,2,11,13-17, 19, 21-23 onwards -- SATELLITE Vol. 3, No.1 onwards -- SCIENCE FANTASY REVIEW Nos.1,13 -- WAR DIGEST Nos. 1,4 onwards. S-On-T Sciance Fiction Club, 26 Edward St.Shelton, Stoke-on-T.

D.Houston, 142 Ardington Rd., Northampton would like to correspond with anyone who has for sale at low price (send list first) - any W.S. or S.W.S. before Nov.33, or any W.S. Quarterlies. Must be in good.cond.

Letters from the following are gratefully acknowledged - D.R.Smith Damon Knight, W.H.Gillings, J.Bristow, A.Clarke, R.Lane, J.Parr, (6d held for instructions) H.P.Knight. Please accept in lieu of proper reply.

Requests or notices appertaining to fantasy will be printed in this column. Replies and other letters sent c/o FIDO will be forwarded.


1) The 'Anderson' referred to on page 2 was an Anderson air-raid shelter.