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Newsletter 84

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March 1999

Newsletter 84

Maison d'Ailleurs – New Hope

From D'Ailleurs Infos 11. The Maison has a new administrator, Patrick J Gyger, a longstanding participant in the SFFranco French SF listserver, who will be working in cooperation with Beatrice Meizoz who has a background in Bandes Dessines. New exhibitions are to be set up. and the closure of the last few months will finish. If only there is some stability from now on... Membership of the Amis is 25 Swiss Francs to: Amis de la Maison d'Ailleurs, Case Postale 74, 1400 Yverdon-les-Bains, Suisse.

Where do you want to go today? France?

French SF – both in its European and in its Canadian form now has a considerable presence on the Internet. Some sites have English translations, others don't. As 42 explains, in perfect English, if you can't read French why would you want to know about French SF anyway? Other sites include: Presences d'Esprits,; Pages francaises de Science-Fiction,; and the rather elderly Icarus, Numbers of these sites form part of the French SF web ring, as good a way to browse some of the other sites as any, just hitch a lift. For yet another view of the world, try the Hungarian SF Clubs joint site at: And you thought French was tough? Other SF sites include, an Italian SF site, if you insist on English, try the BSFA at:

Arthur C Clarke Award Nominations

Earth Made of Glass – John Barnes (Orion); Time on my Hands – Peter Delacorte (Gollancz); The Cassini Division – Ken MacLeod (Orbit); The Extremes – Christopher Priest (Simon & Schuster; Cavalcade – Alison Sinclair (Millennium); Dreaming in Smoke – Tricia Sullivan (Orion).

From Australian SF Bullsheet: Various newspaper articles have reported One Nation's use of ideas from the movie version of Starship Troopers to promote its Young Nation project. Poor old RAH's supposed fascist tendencies have been dragged out again too. (this ed. OUCH!).

Future International Conventions


World Horror Convention '99: 4-7 March, Atlanta, USA. GoH: John Shirley, Neil Gaiman, Lisa Snellings. Att. $75 'til 15/2/99, $100 on door. Contact: SAE to World Horror Convention '99, P.O. Box 148, Clarkston, Georgia 30021-0148, USA (email: HorrorCon[at]

Microcon 19: 6-7 March, Exeter, UK. Contact: 16 Fairlea Close, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 0NN, UK

Mecon 2: 13-14 March, Belfast, Northern Ireland. GoH: Michael Marshal Smith. Att. 10 UKP, Supp. 5 UKP, Contact: Stephen Rushe, Flat 2, 12 Ashley Avenue, Belfast BT9 7BT, UK. (email: steve[at];

FILKONTARIO 9: 26-28 March, Toronto, Canada. Att. $45 'til 7/3/99. Contact: 98-145 Rice Ave, Hamilton, ON, L9C 6R3, Canada (email: hayman[at];

* Dorado convention: 26-28 March, Vilnius, Lithuania. Contact: bgedemin[at] or dragonkiller[at]

ICON: 1-5 April, Perth, Australia. GoH Jack Dann, Sean Williams, Jenny Wurts, Dave Luckett. Contact: ICON, 11 GPO Box G429 Perth WA 6841, Australia. (email: ackerman[at]

* Reconvene: (EASTERCON), April 2-5, Liverpool, UK. GOH: Peter Beagle, John Clute, Jeff Noon, Tom Holt, Ron Tiner. Att. 80UKP on door. Contact: Reconvene, 3 West Shrubbery, Redland, Bristol BS6 6SZ, UK. (email: mychelle[at];

* Galaxiales 99: 8-11 April, Nancy, France. GoH: Robert Silverberg, Karen Haber, Pierre Pelot, Bernard Werber, Valerio Evangelisti etc. Contact: Galaxiales 99, BP 3 687, F-54 097 Nancy, France. (or Florence Dolisi at: tel. 03 83 93 36 01; fax 03 83 39 08 51; Email: Florence.dolisi[at]

SFeraKON: 23-25 April, Zagreb, Croatia. GoH: Robert Silverberg. Contact: (email: Berislav Lopac incanus[at] or sferacon[at];

Arracon: 30 April-3 May, Elblag, Poland. Contact: SF Klub Fremen, Marcin Grygiel, skr. Poczt. 20, 82-312 Elblag 13, Poland. (email: pipok[at]; marcin_grygiel[at];

Corflu: 30 April-2 May, FL, USA. Contact: S&S Vick, 627 Barton Avenue, Springfield, FL 32404, USA.

Keycon 16: 21-23 May, Winnipeg, Canada. GoH: David Drake, Dennis Beauvas, Michael Sheard. Att. $40 'til 30/4/99. Contact: tel. +1 (204)256-9325;

* Trinity – Eurocon 1999 & 11th SF Days NRW: 21-24 May, Dortmund, Germany. Att. ??DM or 34 UKP. Multilingual (inc. English) programme. GoH: Harry Harrison, Terry Pratchett, Ian Watson, Roger MacBride Allen, Eric Stillwell. Contact: Beluga Post (Chair), Frankfurter Weg 18, D-59439 Holzwickede, Germany. (tel. +49-2301-5785; fax +49-2301-5743; email: SFTageNRW[at]; UK agent: Mike Cheater, 42 Elm Grove, Southsea, Hants., PO5 1JG, UK. Att. 33UKP. Cheques payable: 'German Conventions'. (Tel +44 (0)1705 361350, email: mike[at]

Seccon: 28-30 May, Hertfordpark Hotel, Stevenage, GoH Stephen Baxter. Att. 23UKP 'til 1/5/99, cheques "Seccon". Contact: Seccon, c/o 92 Lichfield Road, Cambridge, CB1 3TR, UK. (email: seccon[at];

Ad Astra: ?? June, Toronto, Canada. GoH: Nancy Kress, Fred Saberhagen, Charles Sheffield, Bob Eggleton, Scott Edelman, Lloyd & Yvonne Penney. Contact: PO Box 7276, Station A, Toronto, ON, M5W 1X9, Canada (

INCENSE AND INSENSIBILITY: SCIENCE FICTION, PSYCHEDELIA & THE 1960s & 1970s – academic conference: 12 June, Liverpool, UK. SF & and psychedelia in 60s & 70s culture. Call for paper: abstract & title to: Elliot Atkins: eja[at]; Andy Sawyer: asawyer[at]; Peter Wright: 113350.134[at]; or Incense and Insensibility Conference, Department of English Language and Literature, University of Liverpool, Modern Languages Building, Liverpool L69 3BX, UK. (fax: +44 (0)151 794 2730)

jUnicon: 18-20 June, Stockholm, Sweden. Also Baltcon'99. GoH: Bertil Martensson, Hans Arnold, Martin Easterbrook. Some English. Att.: 250 SEK, 300 SEK on door, Swedish Postal Giro 40 79 03-4. Contact: junicon[at];

Dragon*Con: 1-4 July, Atlanta, GA, USA. Contact: Dragon*Con, PO Box 47696, Atlanta, Georgia 30362-0696, USA. (; email: dragoncon[at]

* Boreal 20th anniversary: 16-18 July, Universite du Quebec, Chicoutimi, Canada. Contact: Elisabeth Vonarburg, evarburg[at]

* HungaroCon'99: 22-25 July, Salgotarjan, Hungary. Contact:; email: avana[at]

Conversion 16: 23-25 July, Calgary, Canada. Att. $45. GoH: Ben Bova, Tanya Huff. Contact: Unit 4, 203 Lynnview Rd SE, Calgary, AB, T2C 2C6, Canada (email: garyf[at]; tel. +1 (403)279-4052.

Eclipse: 11 August, Timisoara, Romania. Contact: Jon Cowie, 44 Brook Street, Erith, Kent, DA8 1JQ, UK.

* Eclipse: 10-16 August, Bucharest etc., Romania. Tour – Sighisoara, Bran, Buzau. GoH: Norman Spinrad, Robert Sheckley, Roberto Quaglia. Att. $50 & $495 accommodation etc. Contact: Nemira Publishing House, 1 Casa Presei Libere, sector 1, zip code 71341, Bucharest, Romania. (;; yeti[at]

* Bachanalia: 12-15 August, Zielona Gora, Poland. SF & wine festival. Contact: Piotr Cholewa, U. Szapirowa 1/24, 40-762 Katowice, Poland. (email: pcholewa[at]

Wincon V: 13-15 August, Winchester, UK. GoH Diana Wynne Jones, John Barnes, Warren Ellis. Att. 25 UKP. Contact: Wincon V, 53 Havant Road, North End, Portsmouth, Hants, PO2 7HH, UK (email: wincon[at];

Finncon: 14-15 August, Turku, Finland. GoH Connie Willis, Ahrvid Engholm. Contact:

Conucopia (NASFic): 26-29 August, Anaheim, CA, USA. GoH: Jerry Pournelle, Nicki & Richard Lynch, Ellen Datlow. Att. $85. Contact: Conucopia, c/o SCIFI, PO Box 8442, Van Nuys, CA 91409, USA (email: info[at]; UK agent: Att. 52UKP. John Harold, 8 Warren Close, Langley, Slough SL3 7UA, UK.

Polcon: (Polish national con), 26-29 Aug, Warsaw, Poland. GoH: Tomasz Kolodziejczak, Leslaw Olczak. Contact: Konfederacja Fantastyki RASSUN, ul. Koszykowa 69/4, 00-667 Warszawa, Poland. (email: klub[at];

* 26th French SF convention: 26-28 Auguat, Lodeve, France. Att. 250FF 'til 1/5/99, then 300FF, 350FF on door. Contact: Claude Ecken, 3 rue Pentecote, 34500 Beziers, France.

Aussiecon III: 2-6 September, Melbourne, Australia. Worldcon. GoH: George Turner, Greg Benford, Bruce Gillespie. Att. 225$Aus. Contact: Aussiecon 3, GPO Box 1212K, Melbourne, 3001. Australia. (email: info[at];

SPAWNCON TWO: 38th Australian National SF Con. 2-6 September, Melbourne, Australia. Contact: P.O. Box 215 Forest Hill Vic 3131, Australia. (

* Masque 7: 10-12 September, Dudley, UK. Costume con. Att. 25UKP 'til 14/4/99, 30UKP 'til 1/8/99, then 35UKP. Contact: A.L.Cash, 130 Hamstead Hall Rd, Handsworth Wood, B201JB, UK. (email: Felicity[at];

Organizational theory: Science Fiction and Organization – a conference: 14-15 September, Leicester, UK. Academic conference. Att. 165UKP inc. 1 night accomm. & food. Contact: Matthew Higgins, Management Centre, University of Leicester, Leicester, LE1 7RH, England. (email: mh64[at]; fax: +44(0)116-2523949; tel: +44(0)116-2525644)

Hypotheticon: 25-26 September, Glasgow, Scotland. Att. 15 UKP. Contact: Hypotheticon: 1999, Flat O/2, 11 Cleghorn Street, Glasgow. G22 5RN, UK. (Email: Hypotheticon1999[at];

Concept 99: 1-3 October, Montreal, Canada. GoH: Jane Dorsey. Contact: Concept, P.O. Box 415, Station H, Montreal, Qc H3G 2L1, Canada. (email: afm[at]

Octocon 10: 8-10 October, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. GoH: Robert Rankin. Att. 14IP 'til Easter 99, then 18IP 'til 09/99, 22 IP on the door. Contact: Octocon, c/o 43 Eglinton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4, Ireland. (email: dstewart[at]

Upsala:1999: Swedish National con (Swecon). 15-17 October, Uppsala, Sweden. Att. 200 SEK, 250 SEK on door, Postal Giro 629 49 57-4, Kruse. Contact: (Email: johan.anglemark[at]

Canvention/inCONsequential: October 15-17, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Contact: 45 Charm Ct, Fredricton , NB, E3B 7J6, Canada. (email: badavis[at] (Brian A. Davis))

Novacon 29: 5-7 Nov, Birmingham, UK. GoH: Ian Stewart. Att. 28 UKP 'til Easter 99. Contact: Carol Morton, 14 Park Street, Lye, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY9 8SS, UK. (Email: martin[at];

Cozy-Con: 19-21 November, Scheveningen, Netherlands. Att. 50 NLG. Annemarie van Ewyck, Obrechtstraat 4, 2517 VT Den Haag, Netherlands (email: cozycon[at]

* Nordcon 13: 2-5 December, Gdansk, Poland. Contact: Gdanski Klub Fantastyki, PO Box 76, 80-325 Gdansk 37, Poland (tel. +48-58-531073;; Email: papier[at]

Millenium: 27 December-2 January 2000, N Europe. Contact: Malcolm Reid, 186 Casewick Road, W.Norwood, London, SE27 0SZ, UK. (email: vdputte[at]


ReConnaissance: 31 March-2 April, Bergen, Norway. Att. 200NKr. Contact: ReConnaissance, PO Box 1195, N-5001 Bergen, Norway. (email: reconnaissance[at] UK Agt: F Anderson, 129 Colegrave Rd., Stratford, London E15 1EA, UK. fiona[at]

2Kon: 21-24 April, Glasgow, UK. Eastercon. Att. 25UKP. Contact: 2Kon, 30 Woodburn Terrace, St Andrews, KY16 8BA, UK. (e-mail: 2kon[at],

12th SF Days NRW/AREA49-Y-Con: 9-12 June, Dortmund, Germany. Theme: Transport. Contact: Beluga Post (Info-line: +49-2301-5785 (voice) +49-2301-5743 (fax);;; email: sftagenrw[at]

ESE: 28-30 July, Darmstadt, Germany. Contact: F. Anderson, 129 Colegrave Road, Stratford, London E15 1EA, UK (email: fiona[at]

Eurocon 2000: 2-6 August, Gdynia, Poland. Att. 10 UKP. Contact: Gdanski Klub Fantastyki, PO Box 76, 80-325 Gdansk 37, Poland (tel. +48-58-531073; email: gkf[at];

Chicon 2000 (Worldcon): 31 August-4 September, Chicago IL, USA. GoH: Ben Bova, Bob Eggleton, Jim Bean, Bob & Anne Passovoy. Contact: Chicon 2000, PO Box 642057, Chicago IL 60664, USA. (fax: +1-312-946-3779;; email – chi2000[at]

Hogmanaycon: 29 December 2000 – 1 January 2001, Glasgow, Scotland. Att. 25 UKP 'til 4/99, then 30 UKP. GoH: Spider & Jeanne Robinson, Sydney Jordan, Archie Roy, Vince Docherty, Oscar Schwigelhofer. Contact: Hogmanaycon, c/o 26 Avonbank Road, Rutherglen, Glasgow G73 2PA, Scotland. (email: john[at]


13th SF Days NRW: 2-4 June, Dortmund, Germany. Contact: Beluga Post (Info-line: +49-2301-5785 (voice); +49-2301-5743 (fax);;; email: sftagenrw[at]

Odyssee: Aug/Sept, Berlin, Germany. Contact: Info-line: +49-2301-5785 (voice); +49-2301-5743 (fax);;; email: sftagenrw[at]

The Millenium Philcon (Worldcon): 30 August-1 September, Philadelphia, PA, USA. GoH: Greg Bear, Stephen Youll, Gardner Dozois, George Scithers. Contact: Suite 2001, 402 Huntingdon Pike Rockledge, PA 19046 USA. (email: phil2001[at];

UK Eastercon bid: Paragon, Blackpool, UK. Contact: S. Lawson, 379 Myrtle Road, Sheffield, S2 3HQ, UK (email: members.paragon[at];


Worldcon bids: (Seattle – withdrawn;) San Francisco – info[at],


Canada Torcon III – Contact: PO Box 3, Station A,

Toronto, ON, M5W 1A2, Canada, email: info[at]; is currently bidding for the 2003 Worldcon. There is also a bid in Mexico: Concancun – email: artemis[at];

Fans Across the World Thanks for help, info, etc. to SFFranco, Dave Langford, Masque, the SKF, the BSFA, Marc Ortlieb, Ahrvid Engholm, Thomas Recktenwald, Laszlo Pocsai, Ken Slater, Mike Cheater, the Maison d'Ailleurs, FOF, and others. I've decapitated this at the end of 1999 – please use the 2000 onwards list from the February issue – there have been no changes. Ask me for one on electrons or paper. Please keep the news flowing in.


Really smart readers will have figured out that an undocumented feature of my DTP package has meant that the email version has included the 2000-2003 conventions that the paper version left out. Ho, hum, never had this happen before... Oh well, I'm not going to change it now.

Have a good month! BJW