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Newsletter 74

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June 1998

Newsletter 74

Arthur C Clarke Award

The Arthur C Clarke Award was presented to Mary Doria Russell for her novel The Sparrow (publ. Black Swan) on the 27th of May, at the Science Museum, London. This novel had also won the British Science Fiction Award at Easter for Best Novel. The Arthur C Clarke Award is administered by the Science Fiction Foundation and the British Science Fiction Association.

Edge of Empire III

The third Edge of Empire wil take place in Cascais from the 19 to the 27 September 1998. The theme will be Frontiers, and topics for discussion wil include Huxley and Orwell. There will also be workshops, creative writing sessions, and public readings, a book fair, exhibitions, and videos and films. The committee will also be publishing the third in their series of bilingual SF anthologies, the first two of which were excellent. The last few days of the festival are likely to be the liveliest, going on past experience. See contact details over.


Ken Slater has recently come back from a trip to Kontur, the regular SF con in Bialystok, Poland. Ken reckons that Polish fandom now has similarities with British fandom in the fifties, he's publishing a zine about his trip shortly. I look forward to it...


Sorry about the absence of this for several months (and the non-appearance on the Internet of the March issue), I seem to have been seeing the insides of hospitals more than anything else.

In March I had what was suposed to be a straightforward operation, a couple of weeks afterwards, feeling awful, I went back to the hospital and was held there for observation for several days with an infection of the womb. I will *never* go to a hopsital again without a good supply of books, the telephone numbers of at least two local friends, and a toothbrush! (By late afternoon the next day the absence of the toothbrush was particularly missed...)

Shortly after I got out, feeling somewhat better, the problem came back again, and I ended up there all over again. A subsequent check up revealed that I was in urgent need of a hysterectomy, so I'm now sitting on the urgent list, wondering when the call will come... it's been a month. (Please understand, I'm not knocking the NHS, at least I don't have to worry about the *cost* of having this done, it just adds a little spice to life not knowing when you're going to be called.)

Long and the short of this is, there's likely to be more gaps in the near future – you try hunching over a computer when your gut's hurting like hell. Only thing is I don't know when the gaps will be. Paper publication may also be erratic, various friends have offered to print up either a camera ready copy, or to syphon ASCII text into a word processor/DTP package. Please keep the news coming in, I'll use it when I can.

Many thanks in the last few months for help and encouragement to: Costi and Vali particularly for moving those damned boxes, Roger Robinson, Marcus Rowland for keeping me suppled with Ansibles, Rafe Culpin for lots of oddments, Piotr Cholewa for telling me to keep cool in one of the coldest Junes in memory, Tesco Direct for delivering the shopping splat into the middle of the kitchen floor (carrying a pint of milk is a strain...), Ken Slater and John Rickett for cheering me up, Molly Brown, Martina Pilcerova, and Roger Perkins for encouraging emails, Hitch for offering rescue expeditions to Whipps Cross Hospital, Vince Clarke for cheerful chat, Chuch for sending letters to Vince telling me that I'm *not* go and patch up his computer in Daventry, and to many others too. I guess it'll be a while before I'm travelling again... :-(

Future International Conventions

* = New or amended


Construction: (NZ NatCon) 30 May-1 June, Wellington, New Zealand. GoH Neil Gaiman. Contact: Construction, P.O. Box 11559, Manners St, Wellington, New Zealand

Thylacon 2 (Australian NatCon), 5-8 June, Hobart, Australia, GoH Leanne Frahm. Contact: Thylacon 2, PO Box 55, Battery Point, TAS 7004, Australia.

Confuse 98: 26-28 June, Linkoping, Sweden. GoH Paul McAuley, Jane Routley, Niklas Krog. Contact:; unicorn[at]

* Roberval Festival: 26-28 June, Roberval, Canada. En Francais. (

Intercontact'98: 3-5 July, Oslo, Norway. International convention. GoH Gwyneth Jones, Pat Cadigan, Johannes Berg. Att. 15 UKP (Scandinavians NOK 200) 'til 31 May 1998. Contact: InterContact 98, PO Box 121 Blindern, 0313 Oslo, Norway. (email: elf[at]

Phancon 98: 11-12 July, Parramatta, Australia. Literary sf/fantasy con. GoH: Terry Pratchett, David Gemmell, Sara Douglass. Contact: kit (email kemil[at] or phone + 1800 817 298

Infinity: 10-12 July, Cardiff, UK. SF/Media Con. Att. 40UKP, Child 20 UKP. GOH: Diane Duaine, Peter Morwood, Jack Cohen, Lionel Fanthorpe, Danny Flynn, Andy Swayer, Colin Baker, Ed Bishop, David Banks, MJ Simo Simpson, Animation Company Siriol Productions (SuperTed) and the Cardiff Astronomical Society. Contact: (SSAE) Swn y Nant, 12 Stuart Street, Treherbert, Treorchy, Wales, UK, CF42 5PR. (email InfinitySciFiCon[at], WWW –

* HungaroCon 98: 23-26 July, Jozsef Attila Muvelodesi Haz, Salgotarjan, Hungary. Contact: tel. +36-32-317-496 (email: avana[at];

Bucconeer: 5-9 August, Baltimore, MD, USA. Worldcon. Contact: PO Box 314, Annapolis Junction, MD, 20701, USA. Att. $130 'til 15/6/1998. (email: bucconeer[at]

* Bachanalia: 28-30 August, Zielona Gora, Poland. SF & wine festival. Contact: Piotr Cholewa, U. Szapirowa 1/24, 40-762 Katowice, Poland. (email: pcholewa[at]

Dragoncon: 3-6 September, Atlanta, USA. Att. $40 'til 31/3/98, $50 'til 31/7/98. Contact: Dragon*Con, PO Box 47696, Atlanta, GA 30362-0696, USA. (dragoncon[at];

* Polcon: Polish National Con: 10-13 September, Bialystok, Poland. Contact: Polcon'98, Podlaskie Towartzystwo Milosnikow Fantastyki, ul. Piastowska 11a, 15-207, Bialystok, Poland.

Fantasycon: 11-13 September, Birmingham, UK. Contact: Fantasycon, 46 Oxford Road, Acocks Green, Birmingham B27 6DT, UK.

* Edge of Empire: 19-27 September (core days towards end), Cascais, Portugal. Fees – complex – incl. membership & full board. Prices rise (considerably) 15/07/98, membership closes 31/8/98. Contact: Associacao Portuguesa de Ficcao Cientifica e Fantastico, Bloco UV, 2 Piso, Porta 11, Outeiro da Vela, 2750 Cascais, Portugal. (tel. & fax +351-1-484-1782; email: simetria[at]

Albacon 98: 25-28 September, Glasgow, Scotland. Contact: Albacon 98, Flat 1/2 10 Atlas Road, Springburn, Glasgow G21 4TE, Scotland. (email albacon[at]

HispaCon 98: 9-11 October, Burjassot, Spain. Contact: HispaCon 98, Casa Municipal de Cultura, c/Mariana Pineda, 93-95, 46100 Burjassot, Valencia, Spain. (tel. (6) 364.22.06; Fax: (6) 390.13.59; WEB:; email: burjassot[at] or gandiva[at]

KONKRET: October (2nd or 3rd weekend), Warsaw, Poland. Star Wars boot camp LARP con, + SF. Contact: Piotr Cholewa, U. Szapirowa 1/24, 40-762 Katowice, Poland. (email: pcholewa[at]

'BOZ'-CON: 20-22 November, Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands. Att: Dfl 65, pay Eurocheque 'NLSF-Conventions'. Contact: AnneMarie van Ewyck, Obrechtstraat 4, 2517 VD Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Dracon: Nov/Dec, Brno, Czech Republic. Contact: Dracon, PO Box 36, 612 00 Brno, Czech Republic (http://WWW.FI.MUNI.CZ/~ZRUSTEK/DRACON.HTML)

* Nordcon: 3-6 December, Gdansk, Poland. Contact: Gdanski Klub Fantastyki, PO Box 76, 80-325 Gdansk 37, Poland (tel. +48-58-531073).

There will be no Eurocon in 1998.


World Horror Convention '99: 4-7 March, Atlanta, USA. GoH: John Shirley, Neil Gaiman, Lisa Snellings. Att. $65 'til 15/10/98, $75 'til 15/2/99, $100 on door. Contact: SAE to World Horror Convention '99, P.O. Box 148, Clarkston, Georgia 30021-0148, USA (email: HorrorCon[at]

Trinity – Eurocon 1999: 22nd-24th May, Dortmund, Germany. Att. 99DM or 31 UKP 'til 3/12/1998, then 34 UKP. Multilingual (inc. English) programme. Contact: Beluga Post (Chair), Frankfurter Weg 18, D-59439 Holzwickede, Germany. (tel. +49-2301-5785; fax +49-2301-5743; email: TRINITY[at]; UK agent: Mike Cheater, 42 Elm Grove, Southsea, Hants., PO5 1JG, UK. Cheques payable: 'German Conventions'. (Tel +44 (0)1705 361350, email: mike[at]

* Wincon V: 13-15 August, Winchester, UK. GoH Diana Wynne Jones. Contact: Wincon V, 53 Havant Road, North End, Portsmouth, Hants, PO2 7HH, UK (email: wincon[at]

Finncon: 14-15 August, Turku, Finland. GoH Connie Willis. Contact:

* Aussiecon III: 2-6 September, Melbourne, Australia. Worldcon. GoH: George Turner, Greg Benford, Bruce Gillespie. Contact: Aussiecon 3, GPO Box 1212K, Melbourne, 3001. Australia. (email: julian[at];

Millenium: 27 December-2 January 2000, N Europe. Contact: Malcolm Reid, 186 Casewick Road, W.Norwood, London, SE27 0SZ, UK. (email: vdputte[at]

Bid from Turku, Finland for 1999 Baltcon.


* 2Kon: Eastercon: Glasgow, UK: Contact: A^3 (Andrew A Adams), Chair, 2Kon, 15 Kersland Street, Glasgow G12 8BW, UK. (e-mail: 2kon[at],

* Eurocon 2000: 2-6 August, Gdynia, Poland. Att. 10 UKP. Contact: Gdanski Klub Fantastyki, PO Box 76, 80-325 Gdansk 37, Poland (tel. +48-58-531073).

Chicon 2000 (Worldcon): 31 August-4 September, Chicago IL, USA. Chicon 2000, PO Box 642057, Chicago IL 60664, USA. (fax: +1-312-946-3779;

Hogmanaycon: 29 Dec 2000 – 1 Jan 2001, Scotland. Contact: Hogmanaycon, c/o 26 Avonbank Road, Rutherglen, Glasgow G73 2PA, Scotland. (email: john[at]


* Canada (Torcon III – email: info[at]; is currently bidding for the 2003 Worldcon.


If you have any new details, or corrections to this list, please send them to me at the address or email address over. Thanks!



Porcupine Books: 2nd hand, book searches done, reasonable prices, will send books abroad. Catalogue published: apply to Porcupine Books, 37 Coventry Road, Ilford, Essex IG1 4QR, UK. email: cjm[at] (this is actually Brian Amerignen of "what's it got in its pocketsses" fame...)

Also: Fantast Medway. New & second hand. Fantast Medway, PO Box 23, Upwell, Wisbech, PE14 9BU, UK. Email address coming real soon now...

Fantasy Centre... sorry Eric, can't find your address here at present... apply: email: beccon[at] New & secondhand books, catalogue published.

Fans Across the World Many thanks for information and help etc. to: Dave Langford, Roger Robinson, Marcus Rowland, Avara, Marc Ortlieb, SFF, Vincent Clarke, Ken Slater, Piotr Cholewa, Eric Arthur, Laszlo Pocsari, and many others. Sorry if I've forgotten your name... Please send any new information, bribes, corrections, etc., to the address over.