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Newsletter 69

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November 1997

Newsletter 69

Awards – In No Particular Order

Prix Aurora 1997 – Canada

Best Book in French: La Rose du desert, Yves Meynard; Best Book in English: Starplex, Robert J. Sawyer; Best Novella in French: "Lamente-toi, Sagesse!", Jean-Louis Trudel; Best Novella in English: "Peking Man", Robert J. Sawyer; Best Other Work in French: Solaris (magazine); Best Other Work in English: ON SPEC (magazine); Artistic Accomplishment: Jean-Pierre Normand; Fannish Accomplishment (Fanzine): Sol Rising, Theresa Wojtasiewicz; Fannish Accomplishment (organising): Yvonne Penney; Fannish Accomplishment (other): Lloyd Penney

World Fantasy Awards

Novel Godmother Night – Rachel Pollack; Novella "A City in Winter" – Mark Helprin; Short Fiction "Thirteen Phantasms" – James P Blaylock (1st ever online story to win); Anthology Starlight 1 – Patrick Nielsen Hayden; Collection The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye – Jonathan Lethem; Artist Moebius (Jean Giraud); Special Award, Professional Michael J Weldon for The Psychotronic Video Guide; Special Award, Non-Professional Barbara & Christopher Roden for Ash-Tree Press; Lifetime Achievement Madeleine L'Engle; Convention Committee Special Award Hugh B Cave

British Fantasy Awards

Novel (the August Derleth Fantasy Award) The Tooth Fairy – Graham Joyce; Short Story "Dancing About Architecture" – Martin Simpson; Anthology/Collection The Nightmare Factory – Thomas Ligotti; Artist Jim Burns; Small Press H P Lovecraft: A Life – S T Joshi; Special Award (now renamed the Karl Edward Wagner Award) Jo Fletcher

Eurocon Awards 1997

Hall of Fame Awards: Best Artist: Michael Marrak (Germany); Best Author: Rafal A Ziemkiewicz (Poland); Best Publisher: Hans-Joachim Berndt (Germany) Dorota Malinowska – Proszynski i S-KA (Poland); Best Magazine: Albedo-1 (Ireland); Best Promoter: Concatenation Team (Romania/Spain/UK and others.); Best Translator: Lech Jeczmyk (Poland)

Spirit of Dedication Award: Best Fanzine/Small Press: Albedo-1 (Ireland); Encouragement Awards ('Best New...'): Alvin Reniers (Belgium) Markus Hammerschmitt (Germany)

The ESFS (Eurocon) Awards were presented at the Eurocon in Dublin. After very poor communications, and a rash of some of the most flamboyant rumours I've ever met, the convention itself went quite well. The Castle made a magnificent, if a little intimidating venue, and it's one of the few cons that I've ever met that had meeting rooms to spare.

There will be no Eurocon in 1998, the Eurocon will be in Dortmund (Germany) in 1999 and in Gdynia (Poland) in 2000. Highlights of the convention included the small press stream, the opening of the Flying Pig, and a good lounge area near the bar. Tours of the Castle were taken by most fans at some point during the con.

World Fantasy Con took place the succeeding week in Docklands. Many European faces were familiar, although some had not been in Ireland, either through lack of cash to do both, or because visas had not arrived on time. It was good to see a number of Americans at both conventions – their biggest problem had been getting hold of information in time. Er..., and as an SF fan, the convention was considerably more odd than many a foreign con. And I never *did* finish that conversation with Gay Haldeman.

Future International Conventions

* = New or amended


World Fantasy Con: 31 October-2 November, London, UK. Contact: World Fantasy Con, PO Box 31, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO22 4YL, UK.

HispaCon 97: 31 October-2 November, Mataro (Nr. Barcelona), Spain. GoH: Orson Scott Card, Alfonso Font & Carlos Gimenez (artists). Contact: Mataro 97, HispaCon, Patronat Municipal de Cultura, Sant Josep 9, 08302 Mataro, Spain. (tel. +34-3-758.23.61, Fax +34-3-758.23.62,

Cozycon: 14-16 November, Scheveningen, Netherlands. Att. NLG 50. Contact: Annemarie van Ewyck, Obrechstraat 4, 2517 VT Den Haag, Netherlands.

Novacon 27: 14-16 November, Great Malvern, UK. Contact: Carol Morton, 14 Park Street, Lye, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY9 8SS, UK (tel. +44 1384-825386)

STARCON97 (Star Wars Con): 30 November, Towngate Theatre, Basildon, UK. GoH inc.: Dave Prowse, Kenny Baker, Peter Mayhew. Att. 10 UKP, or 13 UKP on door, cheques payable to R MILEY. Contact: STARCON97(W), Nelson House, 341 Lea Bridge Road, London, E10 7LA, UK. (tel. +44-181 523 1074, fax +44-181 527 4860, email: starcon97[at],

* Nordcon: 4-7 December, Gdansk, Poland. Contact: Gdanski Klub Fantastyki, PO Box 76, 80-325 Gdansk 37, Poland (tel. +48-58-531073).

* Dracon: early December, Brno, Czech Republic. Contact: Dracon, PO Box 36, 612 00 Brno, Czech Republic (http://WWW.FI.MUNI.CZ/~ZRUSTEK/DRACON.HTML)

Babylon 5 academic conference: 13-14 December, York, UK. Att. 75 UKP (inc. accommodation & food) Contact: Farah Mendelsohn, Faculty of Humanities, University College of Ripon and St John, Lord Mayor's Walk, York YO3 7EX, UK. (email: fm7[at]


Decadence: 6-8 February, Eastbourne, UK. Filk. Att. 24UKP. Contact: Decadence, Top Flat, 11 Evesham Road, Cheltenham, GL52 2AA, UK. (email: decadence[at];

* 10th SF-Days North Rhine-Westphalia: 21-22 March, Dortmund, Germany. GoH: Alan Dean Foster, Mark Brandis. Att. 40DM 'til 31/12/97, then 45DM 'til 15/3/98, 55DM at con. Contact: Torsten M. Frantz, Ruthstrasse 8/28, D-44149 Dortmund, Germany. (Ulrich Krause: tel. 0049/231/40 06 64, email: UlrichKrause[at];

Fax: +49-2301-5743,

Intuition: Easter, Manchester, UK. Contact: 1 Waverley Way, Carshalton Beeches, Surrey, SM5 3LQ, UK. (email: intuition[at]

* Galaxiales'98 French national con: 16-19 April, Nancy, France. Att. 250FF. Contact: Galaxiales'98, BP 3687, 54 097 NANCY Cedex, France. (tel. +33-03 83 40 64 40, Fax +33-03 83 28 80 51)

Intercontact'98: 3-5 July, Oslo, Norway. International convention. GoH Gwyneth Jones, Pat Cadigan, Johannes Berg. Att. 15 UKP (Scandinavians NOK 200) 'til 31 May 1998. Contact: InterContact 98, PO Box 121 Blindern, 0313 Oslo, Norway. (email: elf[at]

INFINITY: 10-12 July, Cardiff, UK. SF/Media Con. Contact: (SSAE) Swn y Nant, 12 Stuart Street, Treherbert, Treorchy, Wales, UK, CF42 5PR. (email InfinitySciFiCon[at], WWW –

Bucconeer: 5-9 August, Baltimore, MD, USA. Worldcon. Contact: PO Box 314, Annapolis Junction, MD, 20701, USA. Att. $110 'til 30/9/97. (email: bucconeer[at]

* Polcon: September, Bialystok, Poland. Contact: Polcon'98, Podlaskie Towartzystwo Milosnikow Fantastyki, ul. Piastowska 11a, 15-207, Bialystok, Poland.

* Dragoncon: 3-6 September, Atlanta, USA. Contact: Dragon*Con, PO Box 47696, Atlanta, GA 30362-0696, USA. (

* Fantasycon: 11-13 September, Birmingham, UK. Contact: Fantasycon, 46 Oxford Road, Acocks Green, Birmingham B27 6DT, UK.

HispaCon 98: 9-11 October, Burjassot, Spain. Contact: HispaCon, c/o BEM, ciencia ficcion y fantasia, P.O.Box 6092, 47080, Valladolid, Spain. (e-mail: bemjmo[at]

* Nordcon: Nov/Dec, Gdansk, Poland. Contact: Gdanski Klub Fantastyki, PO Box 76, 80-325 Gdansk 37, Poland (tel. +48-58-531073).

* Dracon: Nov/Dec, Brno, Czech Republic. Contact: Dracon, PO Box 36, 612 00 Brno, Czech Republic (http://WWW.FI.MUNI.CZ/~ZRUSTEK/DRACON.HTML)

* There will be no Eurocon in 1998.


Aussiecon III: 2-6 September, Melbourne, Australia. Worldcon. Contact: Aussiecon 3, GPO Box 1212K, Melbourne, 3001. Australia. (email: julian[at]

Millenium: 27 December-2 January 2000, N Europe. Contact: Malcolm Reid, 186 Casewick Road, W.Norwood, London, SE27 0SZ, UK. (email: vdputte[at]

* Eurocon 1999: Spring/Summer, Dortmund, Germany. Contact: Science Fiction Tage e.V., Am Kattenbrauck 28, D-44287 Dortmund, Germany. (Fax: +49-2301-5743,


Bid for 2000 UK Eastercon, 2Kon, Glasgow, UK: Contact: A^3 (Andrew A Adams), Chair, 2Kon, 15 Kersland Street, Glasgow G12 8BW, UK. (e-mail: 2kon[at],

* Eurocon 2000: Gdynia, Poland. Att. 10 UKP. Contact: Gdanski Klub Fantastyki, PO Box 76, 80-325 Gdansk 37, Poland (tel. +48-58-531073).


Both *Canada (Torcon III – email: info[at] and Germany (Berlin – are currently bidding for the 2003 Worldcon.


If you write off for details of one of these conventions please send a stamped addressd envelope if it is within your own country, or two International Reply Coupons if it is abroad.

Please keep details of events coming into me, and send me any corrections if I've got something wrong, either a typo or something by now out of date. If I'm not sent new details I can't correct the entry.


Elections at the Eurocon decided on the following European Science Fiction Society Officers: Chair: Bridget Wikinson; Vice Chair: Juergen Marzi; Treasurer: Pascal Ducommun; Secretary: Piotr Cholewa.

Among other oddities at the con was the dormitory party in the independent youth hostel across the road from the Castle where the whole party was videoed by the CCTV cameras, and watched by the somewhat bored wardens. The camera was there for riots and thefts, not for relatively quiet fannish parties, so no attempt was made to close it down, and the overflowing bins got the comment 'That's what the cleaners are for...'

Fans Across the World Many thanks for information and help etc. to: David Stewart, Karen Bollard, Brendan Ryder, Helen Ryder Piotr Cholewa, Marek Michkowski, Al Bert, Jon Cowie, Michael Carroll, James Bacon, Sylvia Starshine, Roger Robinson, Jean-Louis Trudel, Toronto in 2003, Chris Reed, Roelof Goudnriaan, Lynn Anne Morse, Tom Clegg, Luis Felipe da Silkva, Pat McMurray, Dave Langford, Paul Barnett, and many others. Please send any new information, bribes, corrections, etc., to the address over. Well, the convention marathon is two thirds of the way through. Two down, one to go, – and *please* can Novacon not be on the same weekend as the Dutch con next year, I can't keep throwing money away by buying memberships for both, then realising that they clash! The flat is now being changed back from a grade zero hotel again. I realised that it had got pissed off when the loo got blocked just as Piotr and co. arrived. They then got to see how the AA Roadside Repairs On Your House insurance works. How the plumber took to being called Super Mario, I don't know, but I guess he's used to it. Now it's just me, the flat, and the woodlice...