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Newsletter 54

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March 1996

Newsletter 54

Maison d'Ailleurs Reprieve

At the local council meeting at the beginning of February the initial decision to heavily cut the Maison d'Ailleurs Science Fiction Museum in at Yverdon-les-Bains in Switzerland was temporarily reversed, pending a public enquiry. This enables the staff and Friends of the Museum, and its support committee to prepare a case against the cuts. Hope of a sort..

Bob Shaw

The Northern Irish SF writer Bob Shaw died in February, having recently been flown back from the US where he had been taken ill. He had married an American woman a short while before, and they had intended staying for some while in the States. Bob was seriously ill a little while back, but had seemed to have recovered before this more recent illness.

Bob will be remembered for his fiction, both serious – eg. his first novel Night Walk and the more recent Ragged Astronauts series, and humorous – like the Warren Peace novels. He will also be remembered by British fandom for his "Serious Scientific Talks" – humorous speeches that he gave at various Eastercons and other conventions over the years. These have been collected in fan anthologies over the years, mostly still available. They, like the novels are well worth reading.

The last year has not been kind on the SF reading public in these islands...

Russian conventions

Interpresscon will take place at the beginning of May (see list), as for the last few years, Aelita however appears to have died. Aelita was the all Soviet Union convention during the 1980s, run by the confederation of SF clubs, and awarding the national SF prizes. It took place in Sverdlovsk (later Ekaterinburg) in the central Soviet Union. Originally very serious, it grew more relaxed as political life in the country relaxed, but seemed to have lost its way in the last few years, getting smaller and smaller.

Interpresscon was set up as a writers and publishers conference, but rapidly became a meeting place for fans as well. Several major Russian awards are presented there. Since the death of Aelita it must be regarded as the national convention, but it takes place in St Petersburg, and at a time when transport prices get higher and higher it is probably cheaper to get to Japan from eastern Russia than to St Petersburg.

Post Scriptum...

Apologies to those of you on the email version, who got two of these announcements squeezed in somewhere at the top of page three as a stop-press in my last edition. Still, if anything else has come up you'll have got that now as well...

Future International Conventions

(* = new or amended)


MICROCON 16: 2-3 March, Exeter, UK. Contact: Microcon 16, c/o Darrel Manuel, Cornwall House, St. German's Rd., Exeter, EX4 6TG UK.

* Con*Cept/Boreal: March 22-24, Montreal, PQ, Canada. GoHs: Terry Pratchett, Joel Champetier, Bob Eggleton. Memb: C$24 till 08 MAR, 96. $29. at door. Contact: PO Box 405, Station H, Montreal, QC, H3G 2L1, Canada. (tel. +1-(514) 487-0587, email: Con*Cept – t.fong[at], email: Boreal – jltrudel[at]

8th SF days NRW: 22-24 March, Duesseldorf, Germany. Theme: religion. Att. 35DM. Contact: Heinrich Sporck, Am Sonnenberg 38, D-44879 Bochum 5, FRG. (tel. 49-234-461390)

* Evolution: 5-8 April, Heathrow (London), UK. GOH: Vernor Vinge, Colin Greenland, Jack Cohen, Bryan Talbot, Paul Kincaid, Maureen Kincaid Speller, att. UKP32 'til 20 March, door UKP40, supp. UKP18, reduced rates for soft currency countries. Contact: Evolution, 13 Linfield Gardens, Hampstead, London, NW3 6PX, UK. email: b.hardcastle[at] Net page:

Eurocon/Baltcon/Lituanicon-96: April 25-28, Vilnius, Lithuania. Att. 10 USD in advance (by booking), 15 USD on the door. Contact: SF Club DORADO, Gediminas Beresnevicius, P.O. BOX 216 2040 Vilnius, Lithuania. (Fax: (3702) 766578, email: ruta.buivydiene[at] – put EUROCON or SF/FANTASY in the subject heading)

Galaxiales 96: 23 French National SF Con, 2-5 May, Nancy, France. Att. 250 FF (Cheque to: A.P.L.P) 'til 1/04/95, then 300 FF. Contact : Stephane Nicot, BP 3687, 54097 NANCY Cedex, France. (tel. + 33 83-40-64-40)

ConFusion: 3-5 May, Geraardsbergen, Belgium. Att. 890BEF 'til 1 April, then 990 BEF. Eurocheque to Peter Motte. Contact: Peter Motte, Abdijstraat 33, B-9500 Geraardsbergen, Belgium. (TriAngle BBS +32-54-42.23.20 – 28.800 Baud, 8N1, V.Fc.)

* Interpresscon: 4-8 May, nr St.-Petersburg, Russia. Att. $130-150 (inc. accommodation & meals). Bronze Snail, Strannik and Interpresscon prizes will be awarded. Contact: Interpresscon, P.O.Box 153, St.-Petersburg 192242, Russia. (ryzhyck[at]

Kontur: 16-19 May, Suprasl (nr. Bialyastok), Poland. SF con with live action RPG – Tolkien this year! Att. 45 New Zlotys. Contact: Kontur, Podlaskie Towartzystwo Milosnikow Fantastyki, ul. Piastowska 11a, 15-207, Bialystok, Poland.

Elstercon: 17-19 May, Leipzig, Germany. GoH: Christopher Priest. Contact: Manfred Orlowski, Koernerstr 49, 04107 Leipzig, Germany (email: Andro[at]

Wolfcon 007: 17-20 May, Wolfville, NS, Canada. GoHs: C.J. Cherryh, Ted Raimi. Contact: PO Box 23116, Dartmouth, NS, B3A 4S9, Canada

Keycon X111: 17-19 May, Winnipeg, MB, Canada. GoH Larry Niven, Tanya Huff, FanGoH:Sunshine Katz. Memb:$30.00 'til 02.01.96. Contact: PO Box 3178, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 4E6, Canada. Web:

* Inconsistent: 24-27 May, nr Darlington, UK. Humour in SF. 22UKP 'til Easter, 27UKP afterwards. Contact: Inconsistent, 26 Northampton Road, Croydon, Surrey CR0 7HA or e-mail incon[at]

Constellation NZ Natcon: 31 May-3 Jun, Christchurch, New Zealand. Contact: Constellation, P.O. Box 29-119, Fendalton, Christchurch NZ. (email: c.brandenburg[at]

ColoniaCon 13: June 1-2, Cologne, Germany. SF, Multimedia. Theme: Propaganda – word and truth. Video workshop, ezines. GoH: John Shirley, Thomas Ziegler. May 31-June 2 party in camp outside the convention, inc. filk contest and barbecues. Att. 30 DM 'til 17/5/1996, 35 DM on door, Bank account: Deutsche Bank Koeln (BLZ 37070060), Nr. 3316171, Manfred Mueller. Contact: Manfred Mueller, Streitzzeugasse 6, D-50667 Koeln, Germany (e-mail: mmueller[at]

Ad Astra 16: June 7-9, Toronto, ON, Canada. GoH: David Hartwell. Memb $25. now, $35 at door. Info: PO Box 7276, Station A, Toronto, ON, M5W 1X9, Canada

* Tolkien, the Sea and Scandinavia – Tolkien Society Seminar: 15 June, Colchester, UK. Contact: The Education Officer, Andrew Wells, 65 Redwood Road, Kings Norton, Birmingham, UK, B30 1AE, UK.

Speaking Science Fiction: 11-13 July, Liverpool University, UK. Conference on sf. Contact: Andy Sawyer c/o Special Collections, Sydney Jones Library, University of Liverpool, P. O. Box 123, Liverpool, L69 3DA, UK.

Faircon: 12-14 July, Glasgow, UK. Contact: Flat 3/2, 226 Woodlands Road, Glasgow G3 3DA, UK.

Conversion 13/Canvention 96: 19-21 July, Calgary, AB, Canada. GoH: C.J.Cherryh. Contact: PO Box 1088, Station M, Calgary, AB, T2P 2K9, Canada. tel (403)259-3938

Albacon '96: 26-29 July. Glasgow, UK. Att. 30UKP. Contact: Albacon, 10 Atlas Rd., Springburn, Glasgow, G21 4TE Scotland. (email: albacon[at]

SaarCon: 26-28 July, Saarbruecken, Germany. SFCD annual convention. Themes: eastern European SF, history of fandom. Some English language programme. SF radio play. 30 DM 'til 31.12.1995. Contact: Juergen G. Marzi, Scharnhorststr. 27, D-56073 Koblenz, FRG. (tel.+49-261-48259, Email 110112.352[at] or jmarzi[at]

* LACon III: 26 Aug-2 September, Los Angles, USA. Worldcon. Contact: SCFI, PO Box 8442, Van Nuys, CA, USA, 91409. (email: info[at], URL:

Northstar 1: 5-8 September, Vancouver, Canada. GoH:SM Stirling, FanGoH: R.Graeme Cameron. $65.00 at door. Contact: PO Box 61007, 571 West 57th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6P 6S5. (tel. +1(604)951-7827, Email:cathy_mayo[at],

Wetzlarer Tage der Phantastik: Wetzlar, Germany. 5Contact: Phatastische Bibliothek, Domplatz 7, 35578 Wetzlar, Germany. (tel. +49-6441-99490; fax: +49-6441-99395)

Hispacon: Spanish national Con, 4-6 October, Burjassot, Spain. Contact: Hispacon, c/o PO Box 2061, Principado de Andorra

Masque 4: Costume Convention, 18-20 October, West Bromwich, UK. Att. 25UKP 'til 9 April, then 30UKP. Cheques payable: "Masque Four" Contact: Alan Cash, 130 Hamstead Hall Road, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham, B20 1 JB, UK.

Hansecon: 24-28 October, Luebeck, Germany. Contact: Eckhardt Marwitz, Postfach 1524, 22905 Ahrensburg, Germany. (email: edmarwitz[at]

Novacon 26: 8-10 November, Birmingham, UK. Att. UKP25. Contact: 14 Park Street, Lye. Stourbridge, West Midlands, BY9 8SS, UK.

Con-Fetti: 15-17 November, Carlton Beach Hotel, The Hague, Netherlands. GoH Bridget Wood, Martin Lodwijk, Leo Kindt. Att. DFl 55, supp. DFl 20. Contact: Annemarie van Ewijck, Obrechtstraat 4, 2517 VS The Hague, The Netherlands. e-mail: nicolas[at]

Nordcon: 28 November – December, Gdansk, Poland. Contact: Gdanski Klub Fantastyki, PO Box 76, 80-325 Gdansk 37, Poland.


Intervention: Eastercon, 28th-31st March, Liverpool, UK. GoHs: Brian Aldiss, Jon Bing, Octavia E Butler, David Langford. Att. 25 UKP 'til Easter 96 then 30 UKP, Supp. 15 UKP 'til Easter 96 then 20 (Cheques payable to 'Intervention'). Contact: Intervention, 12 Crowsbury Close, Emsworth, Hants, PO10 7TS, UK. (tel. 01234-376596, e-mail: intervention[at]

Ratzecon: SFCD Con. 27-29 July, Ratzeburg, Germany. Contact: Christoph Luehr, Korvettenstr. 17, 23558 Luebeck, Germany. (tel. +49-451-895778)

Lonestarcon 2: 28 August-1 September, San Antonio, TX, USA. Worldcon. Contact: LoneStar 2, Box 27277, Austin, Tx, USA, 78755.

Euro-Octocon: (Eurocon) 24-27 October, Dublin, Ireland. Contact: Euro-Octocon, 211 Blackhorse Ave., Dublin 11, Ireland. (email: mmmchugh[at]; www:

* Conspiracy 1997: 18th NZ National SF Con, March 28 to 31, Wellington, New Zealand. Contact: Conspiracy, PO Box 10104, Wellington, New Zealand. Email:concom[at]


Intuition: Eastercon bid. 43 Onslow Gardens, Warrington, Surrey, SM6 9QH, UK. (email: intuition[at]

Bucconeer: 5-9 August, Baltimore, MD, USA. Worldcon. Contact: PO Box 314, Annapolis Junction, MD, 20701, USA.


Millenium: 27 December-2 January 2000, N Europe. Contact: Malcolm Reid, 186 Casewick Road, W.Norwood, London, SE27 0SZ, UK.

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