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Newsletter 51

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December 1995

Newsletter 51

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Oh well, end of another year. Intersection wasn't quite the disaster that many had predicted, it had its problems, but was generally regarded as a success. As a convention it was far more international than any previous British Worldcon, and a German bid is thinking of going for early in the next century. The French language SF con held at the Maison d'Ailleurs was another highlight.

It was a bad year for deaths of SF authors, John Brunner's at Intersection being a particular shock. The British, US, German, Romanian, and French SF communities among others are now so old that this is no longer rare, but the pain is there nonetheless. So, what next...


Convention City: Cologne (Germany) Main Interests: Science Fiction, Multimedia Average Attendance: 250 1996 Dates: June 1996, 1st + 2nd Guests of Honour: Thomas Ziegler (german SF author) maybe an american author Guests: numerous german SF authors, editors and translators Attractions: Main programme items according to the convention theme "Propaganda – Wort und Wahrheit" (panels, lectures, workshops about recent and future forms of communication, and the different ways to manipulate the truth in communication). Video workshop, electronic fanzines Dealers Room, auction, fannish videos, games & more. During two nights from May, 31st, until June, 2nd, fannish party in a camp outside the convention building (including a filk contest and several barbecues). Information from: Manfred Mueller Streitzzeugasse 6 D-50667 Koeln Germany, e-mail: mmueller[at] Prices: Attending Membership DM 30,- (until May, 17th) DM 35,- (at the door). Dealers Room DM 20,- (non-commercial) DM 40,- (commercial). Bank account: Deutsche Bank Koeln (BLZ 37070060) Nr. 3316171, Manfred Mueller

French SF Awards

GRAND PRIX 1996 DE L'IMAGINAIRE. French novel: Les racines du mal Maurice Dantec, Foreign novel: En remorquant Jehovah James Morrow, French short story: Quiconque G.O. Chateaureynaud, Foreign short story: Le grand amant Dan Simmon, Translator: Simone Hilling for La chute des fils by Ann McCaffrey, Work for children (French or foreign): La falaise maudite Christopher Pike, (Details – in French:


Last month I gave a reference to Fandom-A-Week. It was wrong. This one is correct (I hope!).

Future International Conventions

(* = new or changed)


Dracon: 8-10 December, Brno, Czech Republic. Theme: medical science & SF. Contact: Dracon, P.O. Box 36, 612 00 Brno, Czech Republic. (tel. 05-754870, fax 05-537450)

Nordcon: late November, Gdansk, Poland. Large Polish con, films, panels, live action role-playing, etc. Contact: Gdanski Klub Fantastyki, PO Box 76, 80-325 Gdansk 37, Poland.


OBLITER8: British National Filk Convention, 2-4 February 1996, Milton Keynes, UK. Contact: Obliter8, 212 Albert Road, Leyton, London, E10 6PD, UK. Email: Obliter8[at]

* Disection: 23-25 February, Sheffield, UK. Post Intersection relaxcon. Att. UKP24. Memberships close 12 January 1996. Contact: Disection, John Dowd, 4 Burnside Avenue, Sheffield. S8 9FR, UK.

* Picocon 13: 4 February, London, UK. Att. UKP8. Contact: ICSF, Imperial College Union, Beit Quad, Prince Consort Road, South Kensington, London, UK. (e-mail: icsf[at],

MICROCON 16: 2-3 March, Exeter, UK. Contact: Microcon 16, c/o Darrel Manuel, Cornwall House, St. German's Rd., Exeter, EX4 6TG UK.

8th SF days NRW: 22-24 March, Duesseldorf, Germany. Theme: religion. Att. 35DM. Contact: Heinrich Sporck, Am Sonnenberg 38, D-44879 Bochum 5, FRG. (tel. 49-234-461390)

Evolution: 5-8 April, Heathrow (London), UK. GOH: Vernor Vinge, Colin Greenland, Jack Cohen, Brian Talbot, Paul Kincaid, Maureen Kincaid Speller, att. UKP24, reduced rates for soft currency countries. Contact: Evolution, 13 Linfield Gardens, Hampstead, London, NW3 6PX, UK. email: bmh[at] Net page:

* Eurocon/Baltcon/Lituanicon-96: April 25-28, Vilnius, Lithuania. Att. 10 USD in advance (by booking), 15 USD on the door. Contact: SF Club DORADO, Gediminas Beresnevicius, P.O. BOX 216 2040 Vilnius, Lithuania. (Fax: (3702) 766578, email: ruta.buivydiene[at] – put EUROCON or SF/FANTASY in the subject heading)

Keycon X111: May 17-19, Winnipeg, MB, Canada. GoH Larry Niven, Tanya Huff, FanGoH:Sunshine Katz. Memb:$30.00 'til 02.01.96. Contact: PO Box 3178, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 4E6

Constellation NZ Natcon: 31 May-3 Jun, Christchurch, New Zealand. Contact: Constellation, P.O. Box 29-119, Fendalton, Christchurch NZ. (email: c.brandenburg[at]

* ColoniaCon 13: June 1-2, Cologne, Germany. SF, Multimedia: items on Propaganda, video workshop, ezines. GoH: Thomas Ziegler. May 31-June 2 party in camp outside the convention, inc. filk contest and barbecues. Att. 30 DM 'til 17/5/1996, 35 DM on door, Bank account: Deutsche Bank Koeln (BLZ 37070060), Nr. 3316171, Manfred Mueller. Contact: Manfred Mueller, Streitzzeugasse 6, D-50667 Koeln, Germany (e-mail: mmueller[at]

Speaking Science Fiction: 11-13 July, Liverpool University, UK. Conference on sf. Contact: Andy Sawyer c/o Special Collections, Sydney Jones Library, University of Liverpool, P. O. Box 123, Liverpool, L69 3DA, UK.

Conversion 13/Canvention 96: 19-21 July, Calgary, AB, Canada. GoH: C.J.Cherryh. Contact: PO Box 1088, Station M, Calgary, AB, T2P 2K9, Canada. tel (403)259-3938

* Albacon '96: 26-29 July. Glasgow, UK. Contact: Albacon, 10 Atlas Rd., Springburn, Glasgow, G21 4TE Scotland.

SaarCon: 26-28 July, Saarbruecken, Germany. SFCD annual convention. Themes: eastern European SF, history of fandom. Some English language programme. SF radio play. 30 DM 'til 31.12.1995. Contact: Juergen G. Marzi, Scharnhorststr. 27, D-56073 Koblenz, FRG. (tel.+49-261-48259, Email 110112.352[at] or jmarzi[at]

LACon III: 26 Aug-2 September, Los Angles, USA. Worldcon. Contact: SCFI, PO Box 8442, Van Nuys, CA, USA, 91409. (Email: Lacon3-info[at]

Northstar 1: 26-29 September, Vancouver, Canada. GoH:SM Stirling, FanGoH: R.Graeme Cameron. $65.00 at door. Contact: PO Box 61007, 571 West 57th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6P 6S5. (tel. +1(604)951-7827, Email:cathy_mayo[at],

* Novacon 26: 8-10 November, Birmingham, UK. Att. UKP25. Contact: 14 Park Street, Lye. Stourbridge, West Midlands, BY9 8SS, UK.


* Intervention: Eastercon, 28th-31st March, Liverpool, UK. GOH: Brian Aldiss, Jon Bing, Octavia Butler, David Langford. Att. 25 UKP, Supp. 15 UKP (Cheques payable to 'Wincon'). Contact: Intervention, 12 Crowsbury Close, Emsworth, Hants, PO10 7TS, UK. (tel. 01234-376596, e-mail: interven[at]


Intuition: Eastercon bid. 38 Soctland Road, Cambridge, CB4 1QG, UK.


Millenium: 27 December-2 January 2000, N Europe. Contact: Malcolm Reid, 186 Casewick Road, W.Norwood, London, SE27 0SZ, UK.

UK Convention listing

Chris O'Shea's con list can be obtained at: &

This list covers SF and media conventions.

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