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Newsletter 44

January 1995 Newsletter 44

Honorary President John Brunner B. Wilkinson, 17 Mimosa, 29 Avenue Road, Tottenham, N15 5JF,Great Britain

Crawling apologies

In the last edition I referred to the fannish email directory address as: hazel[at] This is the wrong address – it's just the guy who out of the goodness of his heart makes it available at his net site. The chap who maintains the list is John Lorentz, 74007.3342[at] ... (Thanks to Dave Langford for this)


About six hours ago, today (Jan 3rd), there was a fire in the townhome next door to us. We smelled the smoke before we saw it billowing our from under the front door of the neighbor's place. The fire departments arrived pretty quickly, but the neighbor's place was a total loss. In the process of putting out the fire, our home was severely damaged. The fire brigades had to chop open roofs, break down firewalls, etc. to make sure the fire did not spread. I guess I should say that nobody was hurt. I was on annual leave today, and Nicki, I, and the two cats got out without any harm at all. By light of day I saw that the fire had indeed gotten in. The spare upstairs bedroom was partially destroyed, as was the outside deck. Where the firemen had cut through the roof and ceiling upstairs, I could see that the fire had been active in the attic area. On the other hand, many things I had thought might be destroyed came through it just fine, including the 3 Hugos (soiled, but otherwise looking ok), all the back issues of Mimosa, most of the clothes, and the computer. We're staying in a hotel now (the Holiday Inn in Gaithersburg). Oh well, life goes on... Richard (& Nicki) Lynch

Translations cont.

...the comments ... from BEM concerning Spanish SF and translations are totally transposable to France. Every time we see an author starting to do translations we know he will most likely stop writing. Some exceptions remain, fortunately.... Ellen C Herzfeld

Alternate Worlds Erik Simon (paraphrased)

"Heyne is intending to publish an anthology of alternative time stream stories "If It Had Happened Otherwise", containing a peculiar type of alternative time stream story: not stories sensu stricto but fictitious historical essays written in a world (or rather in worlds) where some decisive event took another direction. I found two similar texts by Toynbee that are not in the anthology, and suggested it should be expanded

including more recent texts. I would love to have some more non-Anglo-American authors there..." Any ideas? If so please send them either to me at the above address, or at bjw[at],uk. Don't instantly send them to Erik, he is having to move temporarily while his flat is being rebuilt... Check first...

SF and the Internet in France

Although there are many private BBSs in France and a number of commercial on line services, none that I know of are run by SF fans*. Nor do they even have a Science-Fiction section. With one exception: CalvaCom, a French commercial on-line service and Internet provider that we (me and Dominique) happen to be sysops on. There is one forum devoted to Science-Fiction but unfortunately it is not very active, although we try to keep it alive, even in comatose form.

In France, many computer and modem users read SF regularly, but few are what we call fans. On the other hand, there is a French fandom, however minuscule and dispersed, but they are often a bit technophobiac, believe it or not. They have taken to computers in the past several years and most fanzines are now "desktop" published, but modems are still in many cases beyond their comprehension. One reason may be the price of using the telephone lines. Even local calls are quite expensive and it is easy to spend a good amount of money without realizing it. The other is the existence of Minitel, a "free" or very inexpensive terminal being provided by the national Telecom company. This keeps many people from needing anything more sophisticated and deprives them of real telecommunications. A vast subject that errs from my main point.

A light in this darkness is the arrival of reasonably priced (in a relative sense) internet access. Getting on the internet is very "in" and providers are booming. CompuServe is also available and cheap in France, but it seems that French people don't feel "at home" on such a very anglosaxon system. The Germans seem to have taken to it much better and don't hesitate to discuss things in German in the middle of non-German speaking people. Also Germans are probably more frequenly fluent in English than are French people.

* There are some Minitel services with SF content, but since I hate Minitel – still limited to 1200/75 bauds with an abominable interface – and view it to be an inferior and almost unusable form of telecommunications, I will not consider them. Nothing with any substance can be tranmitted with that obsolete technology. --Ellen C Herzfeld

Women and SF

As one of the first two of their Liverpool Science Fiction Texts and Studies, Liverpool University Press have published a collection of essays: Utopian and Science Fiction by Women: Worlds of Difference, edited by J.L. Donawerth & C.A Kolmerten. The first few essays are on older utopian literature, and I was suprised to see Mrs Gaskell's Cranford in this number (although on reflection I too could see the point), the latter ones cover Pulp SF, Naomi Michison's work, Octavia Butler, and the Frozen Landscape (including its use by Le Guin in The Left Hand of Darkness). [Avl. LUP, PO Box 147, Liverpool, L69 3BX, UK. Hardback UKP27.50, Pbk: UKP15.00 ISBN 0-85323-279-2]

International SF Conventions

(* – new or amended entry)


* Kutikon'95: 20-21 January, Kutina, Croatia. Contact: Kresimir Lenic, J.G. Kovacica 42, 41320 Kutina, Croatia.

* Transept: 3-5 February, Cambridge, UK. 7th British Filk Con. Att: 22.00 UKP17 unwaged. Contact: Transept, 2 Westbrook Park Road, Peterborough PE 2 9JG, UK.

* Micrcon: 4-5 March, Exeter, UK. Contact: Micrcon, 17 Polsloe Road, Exeter, EX1 2HL.

* Picocon: 12 March, London, UK. Contact: Imperial College SF Society. Imperial College Union, Beit Quadrangle, Prince Consort Road, London, SW7 2BB, UK. (E-mail BMH[at]EE.IC.AC.UK)

* Star Winds: 18 March, Portsmouth, UK. Part of Portsmouth Festival. Att: 7.50UKP (10.00UKP on day). Contact: Star Winds, South Hants SF Group, 38 Outram Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hants, PO5 1QZ. (tel. +44-705 754 934 / E-mail: 100102.1701[at]

* Contagion: 31 March-2 April, Keele Univ., UK. UK National Role-Playing Convention. Att. 20UKP. Contact: Contagion, c/o 17 Davenport Park Road, Davenport Park, Stockport, Cheshire, SK2 6JU, UK.

ConFusion: 8-9 April, Geraardsbergen, Belgium. 52.5DM 'til 15/3/95, then 57.5DM. Contact: ConFusion, c/o Peter Motte, Abdijstraat 33, B-9500 Geraardsbergen, Belgium.

* Confabulation: 14-17 April, London, UK. (Eastercon) Att. 25UKP 'til 31/3/95 – N.B. Price at convention will be MUCH higher. Contact: Confabulation, c/o Scott, 2 Crathie Road, Vicar's Cross, Chester, CH3 5JL, UK. (E-mail confab[at]

Freicon: 28-30 April, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. 50DM 'til 31/12/94. Contact: FreiCon eV. c/o Thomas Schmidt, Carl-Kistner-Str. 3, 79115 Freiburg i Br., Germany. (tel. 0761/47527 fax: FreiCon-Fax: 0761-36119)

Francon '95 (Francophone SF convention): 27-30 April, Maison d'Ailleurs, Yverdon les Bains, Switzerland. Att. 75 SFs. Contact: Francon'95, c/o Amis de la Maison d'Ailleurs, Case postale 74 – CH 1400 Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.

Aelita: Late April/early May, Ekaterinburg, Russia. Contact: Radiant club, Igor G Khalymbadza, Gastello 28B-15, 6200023 Ekaterinburg, Russia. (There may be problems, check before going.)

Kontur'95: Late May, Bialystok, Poland. SF con with panels etc. + live action role playing. Contact: Polcon, Podlaskie Towartzystwo Milosnikow Fantastyki, ul. Piastowska 11a, 15-207, Bialystok, Poland.

Finncon: 16-18 June, Jyvaeskylae, Finland. SF con. Free entry. GOH Vonda McIntyre & Bruce Sterling. Otto Maekelae, Cygnaeuksenkatu 7 E 46, FIN-40100 Jyvaeskylae, Finland. (tel. +358 41 613 847 / e-mail otto[at]

* Ostan om sol (East of the Sun): 16-18 June, Sweden. kA fantasy convention. GoH Robert Jordan. Att. 250SEK, postal giro 494 64 50-5. Contact: Ylva Spanberg, Disponentg 3, S-112 62 Stockholm, Sweden.

* Confuse: 17-18 June, Sweden. GOH John Clute. Contact: A Bjorklind, Fanjunkaregatan 9, S-58246 Linkoeping, Sweden. (tel. (13)274463 / Confuse[at]

Komarinaya Plesh (Mosquito Spot): 1-31 July, Tuzla, Kertch, Crimea, USSR. Relaxcon Russian/Ukrainian style, bring your own tent, food, spoon, plate etc. Annual since 1984, now gone completely informal. Contact: Andrei Tzemenko, Borzenko 25-45, 334514 Kertch, Ukraine. Or just turn up...

8th SF days NRW: 1-2 July, Duesseldorf, Germany. Theme: religion. 30 DM 'til 31/12/94, then 35DM. Contact: Heinrich Sporck, Am Sonnenberg 38, D-44879 Bochum 5, FRG. (tel. 49-234-461390)

Atlantykron: end July, Romania. Camp: SF workshop come relaxcon – stress on creation rather than consumption. Contact: Sorin Repanovici, str. Mihail Sadoveanu, nr. 10, bl.10, ap.2, Loc. Cernavoda, Jud. Constanta, Romania.

* Conscience (Baltcon'95): during August, Sweden. Baltic area international convention. Att. 250SEK, postal giro 37 63 64-6. Contact: Ahrvid Engholm, Restiernas Gata 29, S-116 31 Stockholm, Sweden. (email – ahrvid[at]

Intersection: 24-28 August, Glasgow, UK. (Worldcon) Contact: InterSection, Admail 336, Glasgow G2 1BR, UK.

* 6th Festival of Fantastic Films: 22-24 September, Manchester, UK. GoH Roger Corman. Contact: Society of Fantastic Films, 95 Meadowgate Rd., Salford, Manchester M6 8EN, UK.

* Hansecon: late October, Luebeck, Germany. Contact: Eckhard D. Marwitz, Postfach 1524, D-W-2070 Ahrensburg, FRG. (04531) 86106

* Novacon: 3-5 November, Birmingham, UK. GoH: Brian W Aldiss, Harry Harrison, Bob Shaw, Iain M Banks. Att: 25UKP. Contact: Carol Morton. 14 Park Street, Lye, Stourbridge, W.Mids, DY9 8SS, UK.

* Dracon: late November, Brno, Czech Republic. One of the major Czech cons, a yearly event. Contact: Dracon, P.O. Box 36, 612 00 Brno, Czech Republic. tel(05)41218426

* Nordcon: late November, Gdansk, Poland. Large Polish con, films, panels, live action role-playing, etc. Contact: Gdanski Klub Fantastyki, PO Box 76, 80-325 Gdansk 37, Poland.

Eurocon: will be combined with Intersection.


* Evolution: 5-8 April, Heathrow (London), UK. GOH: Vernor Vinge, Colin Greenland, Jack Cohen, Brian Talbot, att. UKP20. Contact: Evolution, 13 Linfield Gardens, Hampstead, London, NW3 6PX, UK

Eurocon '96: Provisionally Bulgaria, date and exact place not yet known.


* Millenium: 27 December-2 January 2000, N Europe. Contact: Malcolm Reid, 186 Casewick Road, W.Norwood, London, SE27 0SZ, UK.

Happy New Year

Please send any corrections or new cons to the address on the front, or to me at either: bjw[at], or fax +44-181-802-1739.

Please note: all UK telephone numbers will change in May (new city codes), as will the method of dialling abroad from the UK.

Fans Across the World the current people involved are: Bridget Wilkinson (coordinator), Oliver Gruter-Andrew (Treasurer), Jackie Gruter-Andrew (Secretary), Cyril Simsa (Czech contact), Roger Robinson. Volunteers urgently sought, also offers of money, books, addresses, overseas conventions, and other news. Thanks to: Ellen Herzfeld, Dave Langford, Jurgen Marzi, Ahrvid Engholm, Kresimir Lenic, Neyir Cenk Gokce, Jon Cowie, Rhodri James, John Bray, Erik Simon, Chris O'Shea, Richard & Nicki Lynch and others for help and information.