Fans Across the World

Newsletter 36

Honorary President John Brunner

B. Wilkinson, 17 Mimosa, 29 Avenue Road, Tottenham, N15 5JF, Great Britain

April 1994

Newsletter 36

Recovering from war

"This year I joined the SF fans here in Croatia, first in Zagreb (SFera), then I organised a club here in Kutina and a few days ago we had a convention called "Kutikon'94", our first convention, nothing big. We invited old SF fan Krsto Mazuranic and he talked about old times. there were about 15-20 members. We talked with him about publishing (the Croatian scene is very poor), how things are in other countries, and about SF fans worldwide. It was the first conventin in Croatia apart from Zagreb.

SFera in Zagreb has existed for about ten years now, it has 40 regular attendees and another 50-70 occasional visitors (including me). At SFera we talk about everything about SF – publishing, writing, reading, drawing, etc. SFera has the biggest SF library in Croatia with some 200 books in Croatian and 300-500 books in English, all issues of Sirius, all Futura, and everything published in Croatia and former Yugoslavia that had any connection with SF.

There are two major publishing houses here: "Bakal D.O.O.", Boskanska 10, 41000 Zagreb. It publishes Futura, the only Croatian SF magazine and is stimulating the Croatian SF scene – all good short SF stories can find publication here. Books include: Goron Hudec: Prsten (Ring), Aleksandar Zilar: Crtezi za T-shirt (Drawings for a T-shirt), Josip C Kovacic: Kobna partija dure (Fatal game duro), Krunoslav Gerhnard: Zabe (Frogs), Marina Jadrejcic: S druge strane strvje (On the other side of electricity), Igra Lutalac: Miran san do odredista (Calm dream to destination). The other publisher is "Sara'93" who publish only books. The fanzines Parsek and Endem are also produced. the Kutina club is also preparing one.

There are also groups in Split, Osijek, Pula and other places.

Lastly, a con, SFerakon, is in preparation in Zagreb. This is the biggest event in the SF life of Croatia.. In the last few years everything died because of the war, but "SFerakon strikes back" as it says on the publicity! We are preparing for a two or three stream convention with more than 5000 attendees with film shows, readings, talks etc.

The SFera prize has also been restablished after a few years gap. Categories are: Novel, Short Story, Drama, Original Art, Strip, Contribution to Croatian SF, and Life Award."

Author – Kresimir Lenic. (Kresimir is 20 years old, studiying agronomy at college in Zagreb, and an SF reader for 6 years)

De yak is dood, maar de zeehond leeft!

The successor to Con-Yak is called ConSeal. Silly animal cons? This is Hillcon V and will take place in Eindhoven, 27-29 November, 1994. See over for further details, and I'll leave the translation to you...


In Utrecht last weekend I attended a meeting of the Dutch SF society, mainly discussing the successes and failures of Con-Yak and future plans. Practically all of the locals were agreed that it was dull (there were bookstalls and an afternoon book auction however), and that the same old subjects turned up yet again..., however, it was open, on a Saturday, and wasn't just either a committee meeting or a booze up. Intersection, note.


After they lost the vote for Parcon, the organisers of the bid for Usti nad Labem, decided they would go ahead with their convention anyway, under the name Bohemiacon. Fair enough, except the name is provocative given that Parcon is the shared Czech and Slovak con. I hope this doesn't signal the end of friendly relations between the two sides of this fandom...

Chumatsky Shlyah

Dave Hodges, who attended this con in Kiev in 1992 is intending going again this autumn. Anyone else intend going should contact him on 0536 723859 or at 68 Gotch Road, Barton Seagrave, Kettering, Northants NN15 6UQ, either for travel and local information only, or with making up a group in mind.

Future International Conventions


Sou'wester: 1-4 April, Liverpool, UK. (Eastercon) Contact: 3 West Shrubbery, Redland, Bristol BS6 6SZ, UK.

SFerakon: 22-24 April, Zagreb, Croatia. Contact: SFeraKon, c/o Horvatovac, 18/11, 41000 Zagreb, Croatia. (tel. 941/213-068)

Italian national con & World SF meeting: 28 Apr-1 May, Courmayer, Italy. Contact: Segretaria Fancon 94, Associazione Operatori Turistici "Mont-Blanc", Piazzale Monte Bianco, 3, I-11013 Courmayer (AO), Italy. (tel. 39-165-842370)

Comeback-Con: 30 Apr-1 May, Antwerp, Belgium. (BeneluxCon '94) BF650 'til 31.12.93, BF750 'til 31.3.94 (CRC BF400). Contact: Alfons J Maes, Zankdapelweg 18, B-2200 Noorderwijk, Belgium (tel. 014/26 14 45)

Aelita: Late April/early May, Ekaterinburg, Russia. Contact: Radiant club, Igor G Khalymbadza, Gastello 28B-15, 6200023 Ekaterinburg, Russia. (There may be problems, check before going.)

* Elstercon: 13-15 May, Leipzig, Germany. 40 DM. Contact: Manfred Orlowski, Koernerstrasse 49, 04107 Leipzig, Germany.

Mexicon: 20-22 May, Stevenage, UK. Contact: Bernie Evans, 121 Cape Hill, Smethwick, Warley, West Midlands, B66 4SH, UK.

Kontur'94: late May, Bialystok, Poland. SF con with panels etc. + live action role playing. Contact: Polcon, Podlaskie Towartzystwo Milosnikow Fantastyki, ul. Piastowska 11a, 15-207, Bialystok, Poland.

euROcon: 26-29 May, Timisoara, Romania. UKP15 att. Contact: ARSFan (Romanian SF Association), Str. Paris nr.1, 1900 Timisoara, Romania (tel 40-96-136 731, fax 40-96-119 434). (British agent, B. Wilkinson, see FAtW address, tel/fax 44-81-802 1739)

Hamburg Phantastic: 3-5 June, Hamburg, Germany. THIS CONVENTION HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

Science & Technology through SF workshop: Barcelona, Spain. contact Miguel Barcelo, Facultat d'Informatica, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Pau Gargallo 5, B08028, Barcelona, Spain. (email bio[at]

Baltcon (Lithuanicon): 24-26 June, Vilnius, Lithuania. 25US$ att. Contact: SF Club Dorado, G Beresnevicius, Antakalnio 65-33, 2040 Vilnius, Lithuania.

* Mutation: July, Teplice, Czech Republic. Status: MISSING, PRESUMED DEAD.

* Parcon: 1-3 July, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. Contact: Parcon 94, Bernolakova 33, 974 05 Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. (tel. 088/64486 – eves. 'til 24.00 local time, or 088/61609 – eves. 'til 22.00 local time; fax 088/745966)

Komarinaya Plesh (Mosquito Spot): 1-31 July, Tuzla, Kertch, Crimea, USSR. Relaxcon Russian/Ukrainian style, bring your own tent, food, spoon, plate etc. Annual since 1984, now gone completely informal. Contact: Andrei Tzemenko, Borzenko 25-45, 334514 Kertch, Ukraine. Or just turn up...

7th SF days NRW: 2-3 July, Duesseldorf, Germany. Contact: Heinrich Sporck, Am Sonnenberg 38, D-44879 Bochum 5, FRG. (tel. 49-234-461390)

Atlantykron: end July, Romania. Camp: SF workshop come relaxcon – stress on creation rather than consumption. Contact: Sorin Repanovici, str. Mihail Sadoveanu, nr. 10, bl.10, ap.2, Loc. Cernavoda, Jud. Constanta, Romania (tel. 912-37705), or Catalin Grosu (tel. (1)-615-7708) in the evenings.

Wincon: 29-31 July, Winchester. Contact: Wincon, 12 Crowsbury Close, Emsworth, Hants PO10 7TS, UK.

* Bohemiacon: 25-28 August, Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic. Contact: Bohemiacon, SFK Nazca, P.P 17, 400 01 Usti nod Labem 1, Czech Republic. (tel. [42 (0)47] 40363 – V. Fortik & [42 (0)47] 41711 – M Sabo jr.)

21 French national SF con: 1-3 September, Sophia-Antipolis, France. Contact: William Waechter, 56 Bd Joffre, Toulon 83100, France. (94 31 14 52) Fax 94 31 65 80

Conadian: 1-5 September, Winnipeg, Canada. (Worldcon) Contact: Conadian, Box 2430, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 4A7, Canada.

Chumatsky Shlyah: 1st weekend October, Kiev, Ukraine. Ukrainian National Convention. Contact: Alexander Vasilkovsky, Poste Restante, General PO, 252001, Kiev-1, Ukraine.

Hispacon '94: 7-9 October, Burjassot, nr. Valencia, Spain. Spanish National convention. Contact: Grupo Gandiva, Apdo. Correos 70, 46120 ALBORAYA (Valencia), Spain.

Albacon'94: 21-24 October, Glasgow, UK. Contact: M Drayton, 10 Atlas Road, Springburn, Glasgow G21 4TE, UK.

WHO's 7: 29-30 October, UK. Dr Who/Blakes 7 con. Contact: Who's 7, c/o Carol Keogh, 131 Norman Road, Leytonstone, London E11 4RJ, UK.

Hansecon: last weekend October, Luebeck, Germany. Contact: Eckhard D. Marwitz, Postfach 1524, D-W-2070 Ahrensburg, FRG. (04531) 86106

Novacon: 4-5 November, Birmingham, UK. Contact: 14 Park Street, Lye, Stourbridge, W Midlands, DY9 8SS, UK.

Nordcon: 17-20 November, Hannover, Germany. 35DM 'til 18/4, then 40DM. Contact: Thomas Reich, Rodelandstrasse 27, D-31832 Springe, Germany.

* ConSeal: 27-29 November, Eindhoven, Netherlands. f50 'til 1/7, then f55 'til 1/10, then f60. Contact: Richard Vermass, James Wattstraat 13, 1097 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Dracon: early December, Dum rekreace, nr Brno Lake Dam, Brno, Czech Republic. One of the major Czech cons, a yearly event. Contact: Dracon, P.O. Box 111, 612 00 Brno, Czech Republic. fax(05)755639

Nordcon: early December, Gdansk, Poland. Large Polish con, films, panels, live action role-playing, etc. Contact: Gdanski Klub Fantastyki, PO Box 76, 80-325 Gdansk 37, Poland.


Confabulation: 14-17 April, London, UK. (Eastercon) Contact: Confabulation, c/o Scott, 2 Crathie Road, Vicar's Cross, Chester, CH3 5JL, UK.

Freicon: 29-30 April, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. 35DM 'til 30/6/94. Contact: FreiCon eV. c/o Thomas Schmidt, Carl-Kistner-Str. 3, 79115 Freiburg i Br., Germany. (tel. 0761/47527)

* Francon '95 (Francophone SF convention): 27-30 April, Maison d'Ailleurs, Yverdon les Bains, Switzerland. 50 SFs 'til 15/9/94, then 75 SFs. Contact: Francon'95, c/o Amis de la Maison d'Ailleurs, Case postale 74 – CH 1400 Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.

Intersection: 24-28 August, Glasgow, UK. (Worldcon) Contact: InterSection, Admail 336, Glasgow G2 1BR, UK.

Eurocon: will be combined with Intersection.


Millenium: 27 December-2 January 2000, N Europe. Contact: Malcolm Reid, 55 Cedarwood Ave, Newton Mearns, Glasgow, G77 5LP, UK.

Fans Across the World the current people involved are: Bridget Wilkinson (coordinator), Oliver Gruter-Andrew (Treasurer), Jackie Gruter-Andrew (Secretary), Cyril Simsa (Czech contact) and Roger Robinson. Thanks to: Roelof Goudriaan, Roger Robinson, BEM, Cyril Simsa, Kresimir Lenic, Bruno Valle, the Maison d'Ailleurs, Dave Langford, ConSeal, Nicolae Ariton, Leonid Kouritz, and others for help and information.