Fans Across the World

Newsletter 35

Honorary President John Brunner

B. Wilkinson, 17 Mimosa, 29 Avenue Road, Tottenham, N15 5JF, Great Britain

March 1994

Newsletter 35

Lifts Required

With luck, there should be about seven Russians and five Ukrainians at Sou'Wester. Luck never happens, nonetheless from past experience about three quarters of those who hope to come will probably arrive, and Boris Sidyuk having made it once may well make it again. All of them will probably arrive in London – has anyone out there got a place in their car going up to Liverpool in the days in the run up to the convention? Depending on when the 'planes run (some not all days of the week), some of them may need crash space in London. Anyone got any of that?

Easy travel to other countries...?

I was told a couple of weeks ago on the 'phone by Yuri Savchenko that Britain is now one of the easiest countries for Russians to get into in western Europe (ie. the EEC, or European Union as we should now apparently call it). I find this hard to believe going on recent experiences, but maybe it's true. Two possible explanations present themselves: Yuri himself as a 'known' regular traveller is finding it progressively easier each time he travels, and this effect rubs off onto any companion (ie. he always goes back, and only smuggles SF books); or, travel to Britain direct involves a 'plane – those trying to immigrate are thought more likely to try Germany by car or bus than the UK by air. Or maybe there are other reasons still.

Citizens of: Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria and beyond still need visas, they will require a letter promising the moon and most of the solar system besides.

Citizens of the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Poland, the Czech and Slovak Republics, and Hungary do not (to the best of my knowledge). This doesn't make life dead easy however, as citizens of these countries can very easily find themselves in a Catch 22 situation on the border. They need "enough" money to enter, and this is more likely to be the sort of cash you'd take for a comfy B&B or hotel stay, than a few days camping or hostelling (UKP200 for 5 days?).

Even if you have "enough" money, you may still need to prove "good reason" for being in the country. An invitation from a native friend, personalised convention membership documents (ie. a letter of membership "...we look forward to seeing you..."), or failing this a PR with your name in it (and the envelope it came in), are adequate. Less than this can give problems at the frontier. Leaving aside the UK Immigration Advanced Tolkien Test, SF Cons do seem to be considered "good reason" – but if any con you are involved with has members from any country other than EEC, EFTA, and OECD countries a document with the attendee's name on it is likely to be useful to them.

And things ain't going to get any easier...


The Timisoara committee are juggling a student's Club building, a museum, a couple of hotels and an opera house. All close. Perhaps they ought to trade the odd building with Intersection...

Membership packages including an English language anthology are being made up. I don't know the situation about supporting memberships, but the UKP15.00 ($25) membership is being held for sometime yet.

Don't send money direct to Romania, the post is insecure. (If you ever do decide to send money over, use a battered package of old SF books. It's far more reliable than registered post. Vital messages should be sent on a postcard.) Payment should be sent to the ESFS national representative, or to me. Alternatively, if you live outside the UK, send them a letter saying that you intend to come, then pay on arrival. Local representatives include: Roelof Goudriaan – Netherlands, Jurgen Marzi or Hermann Ritter – Germany, Leonid Kouritz – Ukraine, Mikhail Yakubovsky – Russia, Wiktor Bukato or Paulina Braiter – Poland.


A visit to the SEC (Scottish Exhibition Centre) last weekend proved that it was still there. That's the good news...

No, not entirely. Anyone with a good idea on how to construct a huge, soundproof curtain, for free should send all ideas to Martin Easterbrook, c/o Intersection (see over for address).

Hall 3 (an aircraft hangar that becomes a cavern in its spare time) was supposed to be being divided, the techniques recommended by the SEC are apparently less than perfect as far as soundproofing goes, so any ideas are welcome. A lot of room shuffling is likely to take place before a final decision is come to. This should be easy, since the committee is highly experienced art musical chairs by now...

The programming sub-committee is now also looking for ideas, send science ideas to Amanda Baker, literary ideas to John Richards,... or just any old ideas of any type to James Steel who will send them onwards. Despite rumours, the committee can still read snail mail...

Parts of the program will be "themed", this is in preference to separate streams, and gives greater flexibility as to venues (ie., that long over-running panel can be dropped in the Clyde). Apart from the "Eurocon" items, there will also be "Friends of Foundation" items, and items are welcomed from other groups.

Small, informal discussion groups or workshops are likely to present no problems – there should be space in the Fan F[at]!r, but there is likely to be pressure on space for medium sized prime time use.

'zine update

Dragon's Breath: "The International Small Press review and Monthly Newslettter". A4 sheet. Almost entirely micro reviews, some of Anglo-American type fanzines, more of small press journals. Wide net. Available for an SAE or International Reply Coupon from: Zine Kat, c/o S.A. Publishing, 13 Hazely Combe, Arreton, Isle of Wight, PO30 3AJ, UK. Or try trading, it might work... PTO

Future International Conventions

(*=new or amended entry)


Parcon: to be selected in October 1993.

* Masque: 4-6 March, Nottingham, UK. Costuming. Contact: 4 Ednaston Court, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 3BA, UK.

* Microcon: 5-6 March, Exeter, UK. Contact: Paul Hamilton tel. +44 (392) 55839

Saarcon: 19-20 March, Merzig, Germany. Contact: Arne Weber, Harlinger Weg 32, 6663 Merzig, Germany. (tel. 49-6861-75062)

Sou'wester: 1-4 April, Liverpool, UK. (Eastercon) Contact: 3 West Shrubbery, Redland, Bristol BS6 6SZ, UK.

* SFerakon: 22-24 April, Zagreb, Croatia. Contact SFerakon, c/o Horvatovac 18/II, 41000 Zagreb, Croatia. (tel. 941/213-068)

Italian national con & World SF meeting: 28 Apr-1 May, Courmayer, Italy. Contact: Segretaria Fancon 94, Associazione Operatori Turistici "Mont-Blanc", Piazzale Monte Bianco, 3, I-11013 Courmayer (AO), Italy. (tel. 39-165-842370)

Comeback-Con: 30 Apr-1 May, Antwerp, Belgium. (BeneluxCon '94) BF650 'til 31.12.93, BF750 'til 31.3.94 (CRC BF400). Contact: Alfons J Maes, Zankdapelweg 18, B-2200 Noorderwijk, Belgium (tel. 014/26 14 45)

Aelita: Late April/early May, Ekaterinburg, Russia. Contact: Radiant club, Igor G Khalymbadza, Gastello 28B-15, 6200023 Ekaterinburg, Russia. (There may be problems, check before going.)

* Elstercon: 13-15 May, Leipzig, Germany. 35 DM 'til 31.03, then 40 DM. Contact: Manfred Orlowski, Koernerstrasse 49, 04107 Leipzig, Germany.

Mexicon: 20-22 May, Stevenage, UK. Contact: Bernie Evans, 121 Cape Hill, Smethwick, Warley, West Midlands, B66 4SH, UK.

Kontur'94: late May, Bialystok, Poland. SF con with panels etc. + live action role playing. Contact: Polcon, Podlaskie Towartzystwo Milosnikow Fantastyki, ul. Piastowska 11a, 15-207, Bialystok, Poland.

euROcon: 26-29 May, Timisoara, Romania. UKP15 att. Contact: ARSFan (Romanian SF Association), Str. Paris nr.1, 1900 Timisoara, Romania (tel 40-96-136 731, fax 40-96-119 434). (British agent, B. Wilkinson, see FAtW address, tel/fax 44-81-802 1739)

Hamburg Phantastic: 3-5 June, Hamburg, Germany. THIS CONVENTION HAS BEEN CANCELLED. (Contact was: Achim Sturm, Woltersburger Muhlenweg 10, DW-3110 Uelzen 5, FRG)

* Science & Technology through SF workshop: Barcelona, Spain. contact Miguel Barcelo, Facultat d'Informatica, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Pau Gargallo 5, B08028, Barcelona, Spain. (email bio[at]

Baltcon (Lithuanicon): 24-26 June, Vilnius, Lithuania. 25US$ att. Contact: SF Club Dorado, G Beresnevicius, Antakalnio 65-33, 2040 Vilnius, Lithuania.

Komarinaya Plesh (Mosquito Spot): 1-31 July, Tuzla, Kertch, Crimea, USSR. Relaxcon Russian/Ukrainian style, bring your own tent, food, spoon, plate etc. Annual since 1984, now gone completely informal. Contact: Andrei Tzemenko, Borzenko 25-45, 334514 Kertch, Ukraine. Or just turn up...

7th SF days NRW: 2-3 July, Duesseldorf, Germany. Contact: Heinrich Sporck, Am Sonnenberg 38, D-44879 Bochum 5, FRG. (tel. 49-234-461390)

Mutation: 1st weekend in July, Teplice, Czech Republic. No longer Parcon. Status VERY uncertain. Contact: Frantisek Hlous, SFK Duna, Leninova 233, 417 31, Teplice-Novosedlice, Czech Republic.

Atlantykron: end July, Romania. Camp: SF workshop come relaxcon – stress on creation rather than consumption. Contact: Sorin Repanovici, str. Mihail Sadoveanu, nr. 10, bl.10, ap.2, Loc. Cernavoda, Jud. Constanta, Romania (tel. 912-37705), or Catalin Grosu (tel. (1)-615-7708) in the evenings.

Wincon: 29-31 July, Winchester. Contact: Wincon, 12 Crowsbury Close, Emsworth, Hants PO10 7TS, UK.

21 French national SF con: 1-3 September, Sophia-Antipolis, France. Contact: William Waechter, 56 Bd Joffre, Toulon 83100, France. (94 31 14 52) Fax 94 31 65 80

Conadian: 1-5 September, Winnipeg, Canada. (Worldcon) Contact: Conadian, Box 2430, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 4A7, Canada.

Chumatsky Shlyah: 1st weekend October, Kiev, Ukraine. Ukrainian National Convention. Contact: Alexander Vasilkovsky, Poste Restante, General PO, 252001, Kiev-1, Ukraine.

Hispacon '94: 7-9 October, Burjassot, nr. Valencia, Spain. Spanish National convention. Contact: Grupo Gandiva, Apdo. Correos 70, 46120 ALBORAYA (Valencia), Spain.

* Albacon'94: 21-24 October, Glasgow, UK. Contact: M Drayton, 10 Atlas Road, Springburn, Glasgow G21 4TE, UK.

WHO's 7: 29-30 October, UK. Dr Who/Blakes 7 con. Contact: Who's 7, c/o Carol Keogh, 131 Norman Road, Leytonstone, London E11 4RJ, UK.

Hansecon: last weekend October, Luebeck, Germany. Contact: Eckhard D. Marwitz, Postfach 1524, D-W-2070 Ahrensburg, FRG. (04531) 86106

Novacon: 4-5 November, Birmingham, UK. Contact: 14 Park Street, Lye, Stourbridge, W Midlands, DY9 8SS, UK.

* Nordcon: 17-20 November, Hannover, Germany. 35DM 'til 18/04, then 40DM 'til 30/09. Contact: Thomas Reich, Rodelandstrasse 27, D-31832 Springe, Germany.


Confabulation: 14-17 April, London, UK. (Eastercon) Contact: Confabulation, c/o Scott, 2 Crathie Road, Vicar's Cross, Chester, CH3 5JL, UK.

* Freicon: 28-30 April, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. 35Dm 'til 30/6/94. Contact: FreiCon eV, c/o Thomas Schmidt, Carl-Kistner-Str. 3, 79115 Freiburg i Br., Germany (Tel. 0761/47527)

Francophone convention: ? end April, Maison d'Ailleurs, Yverdon les Bains, Switzerland. Contact: c/o Amis de la Maison d'Ailleurs, Case postale 74 – CH 1401 Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.

Intersection: 24-28 August, Glasgow, UK. (Worldcon) Contact: InterSection, Admail 336, Glasgow G2 1BR, UK.

Eurocon: combined with Intersection.


Millenium: 27 December-2 January 2000, N Europe. Contact: Malcolm Reid, 55 Cedarwood Ave, Newton Mearns, Glasgow, G77 5LP, UK.

'zine update cont...

Parsek: Croatian fanzine for trade from: Mrkoci Igov, Brace Cuijica 21, 41000 Zagreb, Croatia.

Stop Press

The Bulgarian editor Ivailo Runev died recently. He had been involved in Bulgarian fandom before 1989, and was Managing Editor of Orphia, an English language SF journal that appeared in 1990. While it's presentation was magnificent, the publishing team knew little about marketing, and so sold too few copies to be able to print the second issue. Thus, it never appeared.

Fans Across the World the current people involved are: Bridget Wilkinson (coordinator), Oliver & Jackie Gruter-Andrew, Cyril Simsa, Roger Robinson, Rob Meades, James Steel and Piotr Cholewa. Volunteers urgently sought, also offers of money, books, addresses, overseas conventions, and other news. Thanks to: Roelof Goudriaan, Silviu Genescu, Cornel Secu, Roger Robinson, Lucian Merisca, Hermannnn Ritter (or was that wrong too? – sorry Hermann), Yuri Savchenko, Boris Sidyuk. the SFCD, Pertinax, and Kresimir Lenic.