Fans Across the World

Newsletter 34

Honorary President John Brunner

B. Wilkinson, 17 Mimosa, 29 Avenue Road, Tottenham, N15 5JF, Great Britain

February 1994

Newsletter 34


Apologies for missing out two months by not publishing the previous two issues. As many of you will by now know I fell over in Bucharest in late November on a visit to the Helion Sesiune in Timisoara, and broke my right wrist (the one I wrote with!). The fact that I am able to touch type this two handed only two months later is an appropriate comment on the quality of the care that I got there, however this has still meant two months out.

Many thanks to all those in Bucharest and Timisoara who helped me after the accident so that the trip was not ruined.

The Helion Sesiune was intense (except for the Saturday night banquet!) by our standards. Most items took the form of short prepared contributions by fans and writers, with each contribution, and the whole ensemble, open to discussion by the audience. The result was a level of discussion and thought that outdid almost anything I heard at Mexicon (the exception being Tom Shippey's lecture), although occasionally the nature of the discussion betrayed the isolation Romania suffered during the 1980s.

There are times when I fear we are doing things in our sleep.

Clarke Award nominations

A Million Open Doors -John Barnes, Millenium

Ammonite – Nicola Griffith Grafton

Vurt – Jeff Noon Ringpull

Snow Crash – Neal Stephenson Roc

The Iron Dragon's Daughter – Michael Swanwick Millenium

The Broken God – David Zindell HarperCollins

The winning title will be chosen in late April, and the prize presented by Fred Clarke at a ceremony in London.


To all intents and purposes this newsletter is now twinned with Ansible, news sent to one will quite probably turn up in the other. Since we also share distribution lists we try not to duplicate news... (Ansible, Dave Langford, 94 London Road, Reading, Berkshire RG1 5AU, UK – send a batch of SAEs, if you don't know what an SAE is, don't even try... contact me.).

Shards of Babel recently reached print again, after a gap even longer than mine! This issue contains two positively suicidal articles about the death of all SF except in the USA. This I doubt, not least because SF is important in Asia, but also because much of Europe is at present suffering from a loss of nerve and is looking back to "Golden Ages" rather than forwards – the future seems too horrible to contemplate – but this can't last for ever either... (SOB, Roelof Goudriaan, Caan van Necklaan 63, 2281 BB Rijswijk, The Netherlands – UKP10 for 8 issues)

I have recently also been sent: Pertinax – The Spanish Newsletter. No, don't switch off, it's in English. Issue 1 appeared in December. Permanent features will be an editorial, Spanish fanzine reviews, and a very short Spanish text with copious notes in English for those who last did Spanish at school twenty years ago. Issue one also contained Spanish news, and a report on the national convention Hispacon.

Pertinax is available in trade for other newsletters, or for letters (especially funny ones...) from: Hector Ramos, Apdo 116.051; 28080 Madrid, Spain.

The Galacto-Celtic Newsflash comes from Franz Miklis in Austria. (Franz H. Miklis, A-5151 Nussdorf 64, Austria). Also in English, it is also available for trade, or letters ("The Usual"). International in tone, I was sent issues 7 and 8. Erm... frenetic just about describes it. Some news, much comment, conreps, fanzine reviews, articles etc., etc.

Contact: ahrvid[at] on email for Baltnews. Edn. 1 is mainly about Baltcon – idea, rules, conrep, etc. Edited by Ahrvid Engholm. This is actually a fanzine, not just an email ramble.. Hardcopy also available from: Ahrvid Engholm, Renstiernas Gata 29, S-116 31 Stockholm, Sweden.

Fandom News (ed. Bruno Valle) is in Italian. Convention listing, fanzine reviews, news, conreports, new Italian books, appear to be standard fodder. Cost: 1000 lira per copy, but will trade for newsletters. Contact: Bruno Valle, Via San Pietro 5, 16035 Rapallo, Italy. The issue I received had a report on Hispacon (same as the one above...), information on the Italian SF prize, a review of Pertinax, (did I hear you mutter something about incestuous newsletters?), and reviews of French and Italian fanzines.

All of these fanzines are thin, if not emaciated. This is inevitable where international postage is contemplated. I'd be fascinated to know if there are any more out there. Also to know about fatter international zines. (There are several in the US, but I've run out of space!

Future International Conventions

(*= new or amended entry)


Parcon: to be selected in October 1993.

Interpresscon'93: February, St Petersburg. Details t.b.a. Contact: Alexander Sidorovitch, Moskovskoe chosse 32-25, St Petersburg, 196158, Russia.

VIbraphone: 4-6 Feb, Brighton, UK. 6th UK Filk con. Contact: VIbraphone, "Minas Istarion", 2 Duncan Gate, London Road, Bromley, London BR1 3SG, UK.

Saarcon: 19-20 March, Merzig, Germany. Contact: Arne Weber, Harlinger Weg 32, 6663 Merzig, Germany. (tel. 49-6861-75062)

Sou'wester: 1-4 April, Liverpool, UK. (Eastercon) Contact: 3 West Shrubbery, Redland, Bristol BS6 6SZ, UK.

* Italian national con & World SF meeting: 28 Apr-1 May, Courmayer, Italy. Contact: Segretaria Fancon 94, Associazione Operatori Turistici "Mont-Blanc", Piazzale Monte Bianco, 3, I-11013 Courmayer (AO), Italy. (tel. 39-165-842370)

Comeback-Con: 30 Apr-1 May, Antwerp, Belgium. (BeneluxCon '94) BF750 'til 31.3.94 (CRC BF400). Contact: Alfons J Maes, Zankdapelweg 18, B-2200 Noorderwijk, Belgium (tel. 014/26 14 45)

Aelita: Late April/early May, Ekaterinburg, Russia. Contact: Radiant club, Igor G Khalymbadza, Gastello 28B-15, 6200023 Ekaterinburg, Russia. (There may be problems, check before going.)

Kontur'94: 26-29 May, Bialystok, Poland. SF con with panels etc. + live action role playing. Contact: Polcon, Podlaskie Towartzystwo Milosnikow Fantastyki, ul. Piastowska 11a, 15-207, Bialystok, Poland.

euROcon: 26-29 May, Timisoara, Romania. UKP15 att. Contact: ARSFan (Romanian SF Association), Str. Paris nr.1, 1900 Timisoara, Romania (tel 40-96-136 731, fax 40-96-119 434). (British agent, B. Wilkinson, see FAtW address, tel/fax 44-81-802 1739)

Hamburg Phantastic: 3-5 June, Hamburg, Germany. THIS CONVENTION HAS BEEN CANCELLED. (Contact was: Achim Sturm, Woltersburger Muhlenweg 10, DW-3110 Uelzen 5, FRG)

* Baltcon (Lithuanicon): 24-26 June, Vilnius, Lithuania. 25US$ att. Contact: SF Club Dorado, G Beresnevicius, Antakalnio 65-33, 2040 Vilnius, Lithuania.

Komarinaya Plesh (Mosquito Spot): 1-31 July, Tuzla, Kertch, Crimea, USSR. Relaxcon Russian/Ukrainian style, bring your own tent, food, spoon, plate etc. Annual since 1984, now gone completely informal. Contact: Andrei Tzemenko, Borzenko 25-45, 334514 Kertch, Ukraine. Or just turn up...

7th SF days NRW: 2-3 July, Duesseldorf, Germany. Contact: Heinrich Sporck, Am Sonnenberg 38, D-44879 Bochum 5, FRG. (tel. 49-234-461390)

Mutation: 1st weekend in July, Teplice, Czech Republic. No longer Parcon. Status VERY uncertain. Contact: Frantisek Hlous, SFK Duna, Leninova 233, 417 31, Teplice-Novosedlice, Czech Republic.

Atlantykron: end July, Romania. Camp: SF workshop come relaxcon – stress on creation rather than consumption. Contact: Sorin Repanovici, str. Mihail Sadoveanu, nr. 10, bl.10, ap.2, Loc. Cernavoda, Jud. Constanta, Romania (tel. 912-37705), or Catalin Grosu (tel. (1)-615-7708) in the evenings.

Wincon: 29-31 July, Winchester. Contact: Wincon, 12 Crowsbury Close, Emsworth, Hants PO10 7TS, UK.

21 French national SF con: 1-3 September, Sophia-Antipolis, France. Contact: William Waechter, 56 Bd Joffre, Toulon 83100, France. (94 31 14 52) Fax 94 31 65 80

Conadian: Winnipeg, Canada. (Worldcon) Contact: Conadian, Box 2430, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 4A7, Canada.

Chumatsky Shlyah: 1st weekend October, Kiev, Ukraine. Ukrainian National Convention. Contact: Alexander Vasilkovsky, Poste Restante, General PO, 252001, Kiev-1, Ukraine.

* Hispacon '94: 7-9 October, Burjassot, nr. Valencia, Spain. Spanish National convention. Contact: Grupo Gandiva, Apdo. Correos 70, 46120 ALBORAYA (Valencia), Spain.

WHO's 7: 29-30 October, UK. Dr Who/Blakes 7 con. Contact: Who's 7, c/o Carol Keogh, 131 Norman Road, Leytonstone, London E11 4RJ, UK.

Hansecon: last weekend October, Luebeck, Germany. Contact: Eckhard D. Marwitz, Postfach 1524, D-W-2070 Ahrensburg, FRG. (04531) 86106


Confabulation: Easter, London, UK. (Eastercon) Contact: Confabulation, c/o Scott, 2 Crathie Road, Vicar's Cross, Chester, CH3 5JL, UK.

Francophone convention: ? end April, Maison d'Ailleurs, Yverdon les Bains, Switzerland. Contact: c/o Amis de la Maison d'Ailleurs, Case postale 74 – CH 1401 Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.

Intersection: 24-28 August, Glasgow, UK. (Worldcon) Contact: InterSection, Admail 336, Glasgow G2 1BR, UK. !!!!NOTE NEW ADDRESS!!!!

Eurocon: will be combined with Intersection.


Millenium: 27 December-2 January 2000, N Europe. Contact: Malcolm Reid, 55 Cedarwood Ave, Newton Mearns, Glasgow, G77 5LP, UK.


Please send me details of any convention I have not so far listed here. Thanks this time to: Dave Langford, Roelof Goudriaan, Ahrvid Engholm, Pertinax. Andromeda Nachrichten

Having been out of contact for two months I have not received news of some of next year's events. Also, my filing system has become sufficiently chaotic that I may have mislaid details of some of the things I have been sent.

If so, please send it to me again, I'll list it and send you a crawling apology.



New Year!

Fans Across the World the current people involved are: Bridget Wilkinson (coordinator), Oliver gruter-Andrew (Treasurer), Jackie Gruter-Andrew (Secretary), Cyril Simsa (Czech contact), Roger Robinson, Rob Meades, James Steel (artist) and Piotr Cholewa. Volunteers urgently sought, also offers of money, books, addresses, overseas conventions, and other news. Thanks to: Alexandru Mironov, Cornel Secu, Sorin Repanovici, Silviu Genescu, Marina Nicolaevna-Ungureanu, Tudor Besuan, Caroline Mullan, Roelof Goudriaan, Cyril Simsa, Dave Langford, Nicu Gecse, David Barrett, Hector Ramos, Bruno Valle, Franz Miklis, MaHo, Grzegorz Kozubski, Jon Cowie, my parents, Yuri Savchenko, Boris Sidyuk, Frank Beckers, Leonid Kouritz, Piotr Cholewa, and all of those of you who sent me get well wishes that I haven't previously mentioned!.