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Newsletter 8 October 1991

B. Wilkinson, 17 Mimosa, 29 Avenue Road, Tottenham, N15 5JF, Great Britain.

Newsletter 8 October 1991


was held in Berlin at the beginning of September. It was the German national convention, had about 150 (very rough guess) attendees approximately ten percent of whom were non-German: 3 Brits, 3 Soviets, 3 Dutch, 2 Poles, 1 Japanese, and a mixture of West and East German fans. The two halves of Germany are still getting to know each other, and Berlin is one of the few places where real, frequent mixing is happening at all. This is leading to a local fandom which is unique (it also leads to comments like "what, phone the other half of Berlin... that's quite difficult you know..." – an international call is still involved). A new semiprozine, Alien Contact, is being published. It was originally modelled on a typical pattern of Eastern European fanzine, although very well done even then, it is now evolving into a good SF journal, but unlike any other because of its different origins. The mix of East and West is certainly working here. The con venue was a community centre, and a little spartan, but the food and beer was good and cheap (cakes were home made). The programme was generally good, and had one or two excellent items – a talk on National Socialism and SF had sardine room only for its repeat! (The breaking of the taboo over this period and the Weimar Republic is one of the achievements of this new mixed fandom, and probably only the first). The German fans were very welcoming, and the problems which occurred this time will probably be ironed out next. Next Year's SFCD national convention is Freucon, the week after Illumination. It will be a much bigger con, they are hoping for about 400 people. They also want to welcome foreign (ie British etc.) fans. They already have good links with Holland, and groups of them turn up at Eastercons quite frequently. And don't worry about Perry Rhodan... there's a lot more to German fandom than that. Volgacon took place the following few days. It was run by Boris Zavgorodny in Volgograd. Boris had managed to acquire a quite incredible number of American, British and Antipodean fans and pros, they gave the convention a marvellous international flavour. The convention organisation itself creaked a little (though since this report came from the USSR's greatest conrunner this may be a little like asking Ben Yallow for his opinion of a Unicon), but a good time was had by all.

SFCD Grossbritannien Fiona Anderson is at present doing a trawl among British fandom to see how many Science Fiction Club Deutschland members there are. This is partly to look into setting up a local group (it seems to be OK by the rules) and partly to encourage contact with German SFCD members when they come to cons in Britain.


Two types of convention are listed over. Those that are essentially for the inhabitants of the country concerned, although they may help the odd mad Finn, and those that are genuanely trying to be international. Barcon and Volgacon were both international cons, they advertised widely in Britain. They next major one in Europe is Hillcon. Hillcon will have programming in English as well as Dutch, the Dutch play this game best. It should be a great con, and is planned in part as a Confiction reunion, do go if you can. However, other countries are now having a go at this game as well. Freucon has English speaking guests and wants English fans (as did Barcon and SF Days NRW). The Winnipeg Worldcon is seriously examining how to make things as easy as possible for fans from across the water (both ponds). Illumination have already invited some Polish fans and are thinking about how to welcome Dutch and German fans as well. Helicon is also thinking about how to welcome European fans... but then so it damn well ought to be.

Future European Conventions

Octocon: 4-6 October, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin. Contact: Helen Ryder, 30 Beverley Downs, Dublin 16, Ireland.

PKD Days: 19-20 October, Essex. Contact: Jeff Merrifield, Connections, Epping Forest College, Borders Lane, Loughton, Essex 1G10 3SA, UK.

Hansecon VII: 24-28 October, CVKM-Haus, Luebeck. DM10/day. Contact: Eckh. D Marwitz, Postfach 1524, 2070 Ahrensburg, FRG.

Soupcon: 25-27 October, Jersey. (see Helicon:Eurocon'93)

Novacon 21: 1-3 November, Birmingham. Contact: Novacon 21, c/o Bernie Evans, 121 Cape Hill, Smethwick, Warley, W.Midlands B66 4HS, UK.

Coloniacon X: 9-10 November, Cologne. DM12. Contact: Manfred Mueller, Berrenratherstrasse 349, W-5000 Koeln 41, FRG.

Fantasycon XVI: 15-17 November, London. Contact: 15 Stanley Road, Morden, Surrey, SM4 5DE, UK.

Hillcon: 22-24 November, Atlanta Hotel, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. GOH Dan Simmons & Orson Scott Card, Fan GOH Kees van Toorn. Contact: John Flaton, van Eeghenstraat 93, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

X-ASM: 29 Nov-1 Dec, Leeds. Contact: X-ASM, 16 Aviary Place, Leeds, W. Yorkshire, LS12 2NP, UK.

Nordcon: 5-8 December, Gdansk, Poland. Large Polish con, films, panels, live action role-playing, etc. Contact: Gdanski Klub Fantastyki, PKO BP 0/Gdynia, 19611- 237451-132, Poland.

Dracon: 6-8 December, Dum rekreace, nr Brno Lake Dam, Brno, Czechoslovakia. One of the major Czech cons, a yearly event. Contact: Dracon, P.O. Box 36, 612 00 Brno, Czechoslovakia.

27-30 December: X-CON in Germany has been cancelled. 1992F1

Freucon: 24-26 April, Freudenstadt, Germany. German National Convention in a spa town in the Black Forest. GOH: Norman Spinrad, John Brunner, Iain Banks & Daniel Walther. DM 45 'til 12/91, then DM 60. Contact: Achim Sturm, Woltersburger Muhlenweg 10, DW-3110 Uelzen 5, FRG.

Elstercon: 29-31 May, Leipzig, Germany. DM 30 'til31/12. Contact: Manfred Orlowski, Koernerstr. 49, O-7010 Leipzig, FRG.

Aelita: Sverdlovsk, USSR, Late May/Early June (exact date not yet known) c/o (Radiant club, Igor G Khalymbadza, Gastello 28B-15, 620023 Sverdlovsk, USSR).

Androcon: 18-21 June, Noerdlingen, Germany. DM95 (inc. dormitory). Contact: Michael Haitel, Kemptener Strasse 97, 8901 Koenigsbrunn, FRG.

Polcon'92: July, Bialystok, Poland. Polish national convention: films, panels, masquerade, live action role-playing game. Cost 50,000 zl. (may rise with inflation) Contact Polcon, Podlaskie Towartzystwo Milosnikow Fantastyki, ul. Piastowska 11a, D.K. 'Zacheta', 15-207, Bialystok, Poland.

Komarinaya Plesh (Mosquito Spot): 1-31 July, Tuzla, Kertch, Crimea, USSR. Relaxcon Soviet style, bring your own tent, food, spoon, plate etc. Annual since 1984, 80-100 attendees. Contact: "Poslezavtra" Club, c/o Andrey Tzemenko, Borzenko 25-45, 334514 Kertch, USSR.

5th SF Days NRW: 4-5 July, Duesseldorf, Germany. GOH Brian Aldiss. DM 25 'til 31/12. Contact: Heinrich Spork, Am Sonnenberg 38, 4630 Bochum 5, FRG. (NOTE COA)

Phantastische Tage 1992: 7-9 August, Hannover, Germany. Contact: IGPT, c/o Sven-Olaf Gloege, Graudenzer Weg 17, D-3000 Hannover 51, FRG.

HamaCon: 21-23 August, Yokohama, Japan. Y 18,000 'til 31/12. Contact: Hamacon, 37-1-607 Imaikami-machi, Nakahara-ku Kawasaki-shi, 211Japan (Fax +81-44-733-3603) Magicon: 3-7 September, Orlando, USA. (Worldcon) Contact: Peter Weston, 14 St. Bernard's Road, Sutton Coldfield, W. Midlands, B72 1LE, UK.

Nordcon & Dracon will take place in December. See above.

Eurocon'92: this was supposed to be taking place in Zagreb. This looks very likely to change. Two other offers are under serious consideration, but the decision has yet to be taken.


Helicon: Eurocon'93: 8-12 April, Hotel de France, St Helier, Jersey, UK. Cost 20. Contact: Helicon, 63 Drake Road, Chessington, Surrey, KT9 1LQ, UK.

Confrancisco: 3-6 September, San Francisco. (Worldcon) Contact: Confrancisco, PO Box 22097, San Francisco, CA 94122, USA.


Worldcon: Winnipeg, Canada. Contact: H. McCarthy, 147 Francis Rd., London, E10 6NT, UK. (I presume that this con wil have a name, but I don't know it yet).

Con Futures

As you all must know by now Glasgow and Atlanta are bidding for the 1995 Worldcon. Both bids have been generous to Fans Across the World and deserve thanks. As far as is known there are no bids up at present for the 1994 Eurocon. The selection is done by a panel rather than a convention wide vote, but bids announced in advance are still regarded more kindly than those that appear on the spot. Send news of any bid to the FATW address, it doubles as the ESFS Treasurer and will forward any messages. Rumour has it that the Dutch are after the 1999 Worldcon, and that Japan and Kiev are also seriously examining bidding in the future. In the real world No, at present fandom is the real world, more real than your cosy office probably... For those who have asked. Some contact has been made with Yugoslavia. As far as is known the fans we have contact with are OK. Roelof Goudriaan has some phone numbers and will be ringing them in the next few days. Any news will be published in Shards of Babel and excerpts printed in the November FATW Newsletter. Please keep on asking, I may well get news well before publication date... because of the 1992 Eurocon problem my phone is making rather a lot of international phone calls, and I am in constant contact with Roelof. There has been no contact with Romania since the riots, but the likelihood of any major problems involving fans is relatively slight. For that matter, I have not contacted Newcastle fandom either... Please keep news coming in, particularly on any contact with Yugoslavia, and as I've said before in a different context, sending a picture postcard might cheer someone up.

Fans Across the World the current people involved are: Bridget Wilkinson (coordinator), Cyril Simsa (Czechoslovak contact), Maureen Speller, Roger Robinson, Karen Kelly, Colin Fine, Steve Linton, Rob Meades, James Steel (artist), Piotr Cholewa. Volunteers urgently sought, also offers of money, books, addresses, overseas conventions. Thanks to Piotr Cholewa, Roelof Goudriaan, Leonid Kouritz, Bernhard Kempen, Eckhard Marwitz, Jurgen Marzi, Fiona Anderson, John Stewart, Cyril Simsa, for help and information. Congratulations and best wishes for the future to our Honorary President John Brunner.