Fans Across the World

Newsletter 6 August 1991

B. Wilkinson, 17 Mimosa, 29 Avenue Road, Tottenham, N15 5JF, Great Britain.

Newsletter 6 August 1991

Tolkien Centenary

But you say, casting this to one side. We're SF fans, why should we give a damn. Sure, I know the Tolkien Society (GB) and fandom have little contact, although they did have a stall at Confiction, and more recently at Mabinogicon, but there is much more contact elsewhere. The Slaski Klub Fantastyki have both a Tolkien section and a (spoof) Anti-Tolkien section. The Tolkien section expressed interest in going to the Tolkien Centenary Conference in Oxford next summer. So, at the same time, did some Russian Tolkien fans. The British Tolkien Society is trying to help these fans come over. In trying to do this their aims are not so very different from ours in trying to get contact between various fandoms. Their methods are going to have to be almost identical. The fees they are going to have to charge (for perfectly good reasons) will make the Helicon attending membership look like the proverbial peanut. They can't give concessions, so the Tolkien Society is raising money by other means. Some artists have sent work over to be auctioned. The initial idea was that all works should be auctioned within the Tolkien Society, but I had already talked to one of the Polish fans concerned and contacted the stallholder at Mabinogicon with the suggestion that they might spread the load a bit by putting some material into the art show at Novacon. Meanwhile the Tolkien Society had been told about Fans Across the World and had sent someone out to ask me about getting visas – we met – by the TS table at Mabinogicon. A Ukrainian SF fan is putting together an open letter on "How to invite Soviet fans to your conventions". This is just the sort of information both we and the Tolkien Society need and will profit by sharing. The visa business is very much a case of trial and error, it is best that we learn from each other's mistakes as well as from our own, and while it is slowly getting easier and easier to get a visa to get out of the USSR, getting a visa to get into Britain is slowly becoming more and more difficult. We can help the Tolkien Society with information about the problems they are likely to encounter. They in their turn can then tell us about the problems they have encountered during their Centenary Conference. This should help SF fandom for the 1993 Eurocon Helicon, and later for the Glasgow Worldcon if we should win. This contact is now promoting further contact between SF fandom and the Tolkien Society. They realise that we have expertise in running large events and are likely to turn up at Novacon and Illumination to see how to do (or not to do!) things. Perhaps the contact will last beyond the next twelve months. Perhaps also we should be asking ourselves why I found myself making contact with the British Tolkien Society via an SF club in Poland. Is it that what we really need is not so much Fans Across the World as Fans Across London?


Agnieszka Sylwanowicz got to Mabinogicon despite the best attempts of the British consulate in Warsaw to stop her. Many thanks to all of you who offered help, even if in the end it was not needed. Particular thanks to Ken Slater, Steve Glover, Kev McVeg, Dave Langford, John Brunner and Brian Aldiss. Agnieszka much enjoyed Mabinogicon despite the absence of Anne McCaffrey (a sore point with Agnieszka by now, Anne McCaffrey wasn't at Cracon either!). She gave a talk on Polish dragons and answered questions about Polish fandom afterwards. During her stay in Britain she also got to a meeting at the Wellington.

ECU Is the name of Larry van der Putte and various other dutch fans conventions listing service. A paper copy of the list will be published periodically in Shards of Babel (the original is in disk form, and much more comprehensive). Shards of Babel is the European newszine published by Roelof Goudriaan: Babel Publications, Caan van Necklaan 63, 2281 BB Rijswijk ZH, the Netherlands. 10 for 10. But you knew this already. Critical Wave has good European coverage: 845 Alum Rock Rd., Ward End, B'ham B8 2AG.

Future European Conventions (or at least, some of them...)

Perry Rhodan Weltcon: 24-25 August, Karlsruhe, FRG. Contact: Pabel-verlag, PO Box 2362, W-7550 Rastatt, FRG.

18th French National SF Con: 30 August-1 September. Montfort sur Argens-Var. Att 240FF, Supp 110FF. Contact: Micky Papoz, Casteou Rignaou, F-83570 Montfort sur Argens, France.

Barcon: 6-8 September 1991 Statthaus Boecklerpark, Prinzenstrasse 1, W-1000 Berlin 61. Films, panels, fan programme. Registration 30DM (35DM from July), 16DM sppt. Contact Bernhard Kempen, Karntner Str. 29, D-1000 Berlin 62, Germany, (tel. 030/7810624) or Wilf James.

Volgacon: 8-14 September, Volgograd. Contact Boris Aleksandrovich Zavgorodny, Poste Restante, Volgograd-66, USSR. (telephones 347462, 347464, 344409, 348656)

Playcon: 13-15 September, Gdansk, Poland. Relaxcon including live action role-playing on grounds with a lake (!). Contact Gdanski Klub Fantastyki, PKO BP 0/Gdynia, 19611-237451-132, Poland.

Terra SF Dag: 29 September, Netherlands. Contact: Societeit "de Vereniging", Mariaplaats, Utrecht, NL.

Octocon: 4-6 October, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin. Contact: Helen Ryder, 30 Beverley Downs, Dublin 16, Ireland. PKD Day: 19-20 October, Essex. Contact: Jeff Merrifield, Connections, Epping Forest College, Borders Lane, Loughton, Essex 1G10 3SA, UK.

Hansecon VII: 24-28 October, CVKM-Haus, Luebeck. DM10/day. Contact: Dieter Schmidt, Haidrath 33d, W-2055 Wohltorf, FRG.

Soupcon: 25-27 October, Hotel de France, St Helier, Jersey. (see Eurocon'93 for details)

Coloniacon X: 9-10 November, Cologne. DM12. Contact: Manfred Mueller, Berrenratherstrasse 349, W-5000 Koeln 41, FRG.

Hillcon: 22-24 November, Atlanta Hotel, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. GOH Dan Simmons & Orson Scott Card, Fan GOH Kees van Toorn. Contact: John Flaton, van Eeghenstraat 93, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Nordcon: 5-8 December, Gdansk, Poland. Large Polish con, films, panels, live action role-playing, etc. Contact Gdanski Klub Fantastyki, PKO BP 0/Gdynia, 19611-237451 -132, Poland.

Dracon: 6-8 December, Dum rekreace, nr Brno Lake Dam, Brno, Czechoslovakia. One of the major Czech cons, a yearly event. An equivalent to Novacon? Contact: Dracon, P.O. Box 36, 612 00 Brno, Czechoslovakia. (Why on earth is that weekend so popular? August yes, but December?)


Freucon: 24-26 April, Freudenstadt, Germany. German National Convention in a spa town in the Black Forest. GOH: Norman spinrad, John Brunner, Iain Banks & Daniel Walther. DM 45 'til 12/91, then DM 60. Contact: Achim Sturm, Woltersburger Muhlenweg 10, DW-3110 Uelzen 5, Germany.

Androcon: 18-21 June, Noerdlingen, Germany. DM95 (inc. dormitory). Contact: Michael Haitel, Kemptener Strasse 97, 8901 Koenigsbrunn, FRG.

Polcon'92: July, Bialystok, Poland. Polish national convention: films, panels, masquerade, live action role-playing game. Cost 50,000 zl. (may rise with inflation). Contact Polcon, Podlaskie Towartzystwo Milosnikow Fantastyki, ul. Piastowska 11a, D.K. 'Zacheta', 15-207, Bialystok, Poland.

5th SF Days NRW: Duesseldorf, Germany. GOH Brian Aldiss. DM 25 'til 31/12. Contact: Heinrich Spork, Moerikestrasse 7, W-4320 Hattingen, FRG.

Phantastische Tage 1992: 7-9 August, Hannover, Germany. Contact: IGPT, c/o Sven-Olaf Gloege, Graudenzer Weg 17, D-3000 Hannover 51, FRG.

Eurocon'92: this is supposed to be taking place in Zagreb. The chances are that this will change. Several offers for a replacement have now been received but a decision has yet to be taken.


Eurocon'93: 8-12 April, Hotel de France, St Helier, Jersey. This will be the 3rd French Eurocon in the last decade. Cost 20L. Contact: Helicon, 63 Drake Road, Chessington, Surrey, KT9 1LQ, Grande Bretagne.

Having been doing this list for a year there are things I now notice. We have the longest memories in Europe. Most Western European cons are set up about a year in advance or less. Eastern European cons often crop up six months before thay are going to run... and the Worldcon talks about going to four year bidding! It's a different galaxy. So, the fan comps will take place. The national cons will take place. And unlike your average con committee which folds after the con, these are clubs, so they'll write back about next year's if asked.

Fans Across the World: the current people involved are: Bridget Wilkinson (coordinator), Cyril Simsa (Czechoslovak contact), Maureen Speller, Roger Robinson, Karen Kelly, Colin Fine, Steve Linton, Rob Meades, James Steel (artist), Piotr Cholewa. Volunteers urgently sought, also offers of money, books, addresses, overseas conventions. Thanks to Piotr Cholewa, Roelof Goudriaan, Agnieszka Sylwanowicz and Rafe Culpin and others for help and information. Many thanks to Fiona and Mike for 52.00 from the Fiona Anderson Diplomacy Awards. (I passed!)