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Newsletter 127 April 2007

April 2007

Newsletter 127

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Apologies for the delay

I'm sorry about the gap in service, and I'm going to try to get this frequent again, but not sure if it will happen. An explanation follows below, but first of all the news. (What there is of it.)

Eurocon 2007 in Denmark

Eurocon 2007 will be held in Copenhagen on the 21-23 September (well out of the way of Worldcon for those of you who also want to go to Japan). The guests are Anne McCaffrey, Stephen Baxter, Zoran Živković, Artist Guest of Honour: David A. Hardy, Fan Guest of Honour: Niels Dalgaard. The convention will be held in the Valby Kulturhus, in central Copenhagen. Several hotels are nearby. This Eurocon will also be a Baltcon, as the ones in Gdynia (Poland) and Vilnius (Lithuania) were.

The convention committee is publishing an international SF anthology, on a fannish (non-paid) basis, one story per country. The stories are intended to be the first English language publication of stories originally published in the 'home' language. Submissions should be already translated into English. More submissions are still wanted.


The first ever Worldcon to be held in Japan takes place this August/September. A draft programme, hotel information, and other information about the con is available on the English version of their website. There are also tours before and after the con for those wanting to see something of the country with a group of SF fans.

Hugo Ballot problem. There has been a problem with the Hugo Ballot. An incorrect film was listed. An accurate ballot is available from the NIPPON 2007 website, and a corrected version will be available with PR 5.

Conventions list

I've had some problems reconstructing this list from scratch. Please send me information on any that I have missed. All URLs were checked on 3 April 2007, but the web is in a continuous state of flux.

I have not put in email addresses, unless clearly easily available elsewhere, because of the spam problem. Many conventions now give nothing except a URL, everything (including subscribing) is done via the internet. If you are running a convention, please tell me if you want me to add an email, or snail mail, address (finding those becomes increasingly difficult). Apologies to those of you who still don't have internet access, so this is all gobbledegook.

Among other sources I used:,,, Irish SF News (

Future International Conventions


Inconceivable – Swancon: 5-9 April, Northbridge, WA, Australia. Contact:

Contemplation: Eastercon, 6-9 April, Chester, UK. Contact:

Portal: 19-22 April, Kiev, Ukraine. Contact:

Boreal: 27-29 April, Montreal, Canada. (In French, with some English). Contact:

Latcon 2007: 12-13 May, Latvia. Contact: or

Acon: 17-20 May, Mariehamn, Finland. Contact:

Keycon 007: 18-20 May, Winnipeg, Canada. Contact:

Conspiracy II: 1-4 June, Wellington, New Zealand. Contact:

GarchingCon: (Perry Rhodan) 8-10 June, Munich, Germany.

Convergence 2: (National convention) 8-11 June, Melbourne, Australia. Contact: GPO Box 1212, Melbourne VIC 3001, Australia.

Parcon: 22-24 June, Nitra, Slovakia. Contact:

Festival Fantazie: 29 June – 8 July, Chotebor, Czech Republic. Contact:

Finncon: 14-15 July, Jyväskylä, Finland. Contact:

Mecon X: 3-5 August, Belfast. Contact: Mecon X, 115 Malone Road, Belfast, BT9 6SP, Northern Ireland. and

Recombination: 10-12 August, Cambridge, UK. SF, roleplaying & filk con. GoH: Ian Watson. Contact:

NIPPON 2007 (Worldcon): 30 August-3 September, Yokohama, Japan. Contact:

Polcon: 30 August – 2 September, Warsaw, Poland. Contact:

Penta-Con: 7-9 September, Dresden, Germany. Contact: Kulturzentrum "Palitzschhof" Dresden-Prohlis, Gamigstraße 24, 01237 Dresden, Germany.

Oxonmoot: 14-16 September, Oxford, UK. Tolkien Society meeting. Contact:

Eurocon 2007: 21-23 September, Copenhagen, Denmark. Contact: Eurocon 2007, c/o Dave Lally, 64 Richborne Terrace, London SW8 1AX, UK.

Fantasycon: 21-23 September, Nottingham, UK.

FilkCONtinental: 28 September – 1 October, Freusburg, Germany. Filk con. Contact:

Octocon: 13-14 October, Maynooth, Ireland. GoH: Alastair Reynolds. Contact: Octocon, c/o Dave Lally, 64 Richborne Terrace, London SW8 1AX, UK.

Hanse-Con: last weekend in October, Lubeck, Germany. Contact:

Novacon 37: 2-4 November, Walsall, UK. Att. £35 'til 1 May 2007, then £38. GoH: Charles Stross. Contact: Novacon, 379 Myrtle Avenue, Sheffield, S2 3HQ, UK.

Beneluxcon: 23-25 November, Leuven, Belgium. Contact:


P-CON V: Spring 2008, Dublin, Ireland. Literary SF. GoH; Kim Newman. Contact:

Orbital (Eastercon): 21-24 March, London, UK. Contact: Fiona Scarlett, Orbital 2008, 8 Windmill Close, Epsom, Surrey KT17 3AL.

EuRosCon: 3-7 May, Moscow, Russia. GoH: Sergey Lukanenko. Contact: email eurocon2008[at];

ColoniaCon: 21-22 June, Cologne, Germany. Contact:


Redemption: 20-22 February, UK. Blake's 7 & Babylon 5. Contact

Excuses, excuses...

Last time I wrote I was having computer problems, and still to a certain extent am, but it's my own 'hardware' failures that have been the real problem. Immediately I'd had my gall bladder out in autumn 2004, my right knee failed. The combination of this led to my being exhausted by dragging around a crumbling leg. Then a mystery bout of jaundice in autumn 2005 (probably related to the bile duct fixing itself after the gall bladder was removed) made it very expensive for me to get travel insurance (like £100+ for a week away). Thus, I've been confined to my own country.

Two months ago I had my knee replaced, and it seems to be healing well. I can also now eat a small piece of cheese without becoming ill, so at least some of the fat intolerance has gone. Sooo.... I hope to get back to the old service in future.

These problems have put paid to my long standing intention to go to NIPPON 2007. I just daren't risk it. So if anybody is looking for a membership, please get in touch... :-(

I will be going to the Danish Eurocon. I can insure my luggage and travel costs separately, and use the EHIC (the new E111) for medical expenses (

Good parts to the last year were my trip to Mecon 9 (overseas, but not abroad) and being made very welcome at the two Belfast SF meetings in the following week. Good con. I'd love to see them do a Unicon. How about it, guys?

Also, in an attempt to improve my knee by exercise, I cycled the length of the Outer Hebrides from north to south. Strange little country. By the end of the trip I could easily cycle 40 miles in a day, but had terrible difficulties walking down the station platform in Glasgow with my luggage. I also realised how much Gaelic I'd picked up over the years. It proved useful in the local supermarkets.


Fans Across the World: Many thanks to those who never gave up on me: David Langford, Dave Lally, Piotr Cholewa and many others in the Silesean SF club, Pádraig Ó Méalóid, and numbers of others. Also the email lists RGP(see, SFFranco (see and RoFandom (see, and the newsletter Irish SF News (