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Newsletter 125 July 2005

August/September 2005

Newsletter 126

B. Wilkinson, 128 Sherwood Avenue, Abingdon, Oxon, OX14 3TX, Great Britain



Interaction went well, at least as far as I could see. It was good to meet friends for the first time in years, and catch up on news. I got to precious few panels etc because of this, and also because of meetings I attended.

Notes from the con: remembering WSFS taking as much time to debate a couple of amendments as I took when chairing the ESFS meeting to select a con, vote for some awards, get progress reports on a couple more cons and bids, etc. – "Please describe everything about your country. You have one minute."... the first meeting had gone a bit slowly, you see...

European Science Fiction Society awards

European Science Fiction Society (Eurocon) Awards for 2005

Best Artist: Sergey Poyarkov, Ukraine. Well, take a look here:

Best Promoter: Alain le Bussy, Belgium. For promoting contact between Francophone fandom and other SF communities in Europe:

Best Translator: Kees van Toorn, Netherlands. Well known as fan, Chair of the Worldcon in 1990, but this was for his translation work, particularly the achievement of translating Perry Rhodan into Dutch:,_Kees.htm and (because the picture is missing from the other one as I write):

Best Publisher: Nature (Henry Gee), United Kingdom. For publishing essays and other things on the relationship between science and SF in this prestigious science journal –

Best Writer: Marina and Sergey Dyachenko, Ukraine. Very poular in their home country, and picking up translations abroad:

Best Magazine: Galaktika, Hungary. Well yes it's a Hungarian SF magazine, so the site is in Hungarian:

Encouragement Awards ('Best young/new' – one per country): László Zoltán – Hungary; Martin Matuška- Slovakia; Wit Szostak- Poland; Tomáš Kucerovský – Czech Republic; Ilya Novak – Ukraine; Janus Andersen – Denmark

Tolkien 2005

I was also at the Tolkien 2005 event the following week, as were quite a number of other Interaction attendees. This was a rather smaller affair than the event the week before, but also highly international. Of the serious lectures, the best were very good indeed, and plays lightened up the evenings. The art show was interesting, although some stuff was rather twee for my tastes. The dealers room was good, if specialised. I picked up Tolkien walking guides to Birmingham and Oxford.

Although I knew that Birmingham had been substantially rebuilt since I was a student there, by reflex when guiding a group of Polish fans from Aston University to Corporation Street to get the bus down to the Sarehole area for a stroll around "The Shire Country Park", as the local council ( are now calling it!, I used the maze of 1960s pedestrian underpasses, not the nice new pedestrian crossing that the city council has built more recently. Cue Gollum comments.

One of the oddities I met at this event was a Russian fan-filmed homage/spoof of the Peter Jackson films of Lord of the Rings called "The Trouble of the Rings". I originally dropped in on the showing of the third film, and that is a lot more accomplished than the first one. Both director and actors have learned fast on-the-job. For the flavour of the thing, take a look here: The best of the trailers is the zipped one for Ringcon 2004:

Supporters of Serendip

The Arthur C. Clarke Award is in some trouble. It has enough money for the prize, but none for administration costs (posting books to panel members costs money, for instance). The Serendip Foundation has been established so supporters can sponsor the administration costs of the award. See for details.

Future International Conventions

Oxonmoot: 16-18 September, Oxford. Tolkien Society meeting. Att. 35UKP. Contact: Jenny Curtis, Booking Officer, 85 Woad Lane, Great Coates, Grimsby, DN34 9NB, UK.

Fforde Ffestival: 16-17 September, Swindon, UK. Jasper Fforde con. Att. 25UKP. Contact:

Modern Fantasy: a symposium: symposium on the 'New Weird', 15 October, Liverpool John Moores University, UK. Att. 25 UKP. Contact: A Sawyer, Special Collections & Archives, University of Liverpool Library, PL Box 123, Liverpool L69 3DA, UK.

Octocon: 15-16 October, Maynooth, Ireland. GoH: Charles Stross. Att. 20UKP. Contact: Octocon, c/o Dave Lally, 64 Richborne Terrace, London SW8 1AX, UK.

Hanse-Con: 27 Oct – 1 Nov., Lubeck, Germany. Contact:

Novacon 35: 11-13 November, Walsall, UK. GoH: Alastair Reynolds. Contact:


RosCon: 9-12 February, Moscow, Russia. GoH: Sergey Lukanenko, Nick Perumov, Vasily Golovachev, Vladimir Mihailov. Contact: email convent2006[at];

Distraction: 24-26 February, Newbury, UK. Theme: Government. Att. 30UKP. Contact: Distraction 2006, 379 Myrtle Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshare, S2 3HQ, UK.

P-CON III: 11-12 March, Dublin, Ireland. Literary SF. GoH; Susanna Clarke. Att. E25, E35 on door, Supp. E15. Contact:

Eurocon 28 – Kiev: 13-16 April, Kiev, Ukraine. GoH: Sergey Poyarkov, Ellen Datlow, Eileen Gunn. Att. E35, Supp. E10. Conatct: Eurocon-2006, POB 570/8, Kiev 03126, Ukraine. email: info[at],

Concussion (Eastercon 57): 14-17 April, Glasgow, UK. GoH: M John Harrison, Elizabeth Hand Justina Robson, Brian Froud, Ian Sorensen. Att. 50 UKP 'til 30/11/05. Contact: Concussion, 23 Ranelagh Road, Bruce Grove, London N17 6XY, UK. email info[at];

Mecon 9: 4-5 August, Belfast. Contact: Meccon 9, 99 Malone Road, Belfast, BT9 6SP, Northern Ireland. email meconbelfast[at];

Swecon – Imagicon: 13-15 October, Stockholm, Sweden. GoH: Joe Haldeman. Att. SEK300. Contact: concom[at],

Hanse-Con: last weekend in October, Lubeck, Germany. Contact:

ConTreaty (Beneluxcon 27): 24-26 November, Maastricht, Netherlands. Att. E35 'til 31/12/05, E40 'til Easter 2006, then E50; Supp. E20 'til Easter 2006, then E25. Contact: ConTreaty 2006, Steenstraat 16, 6155 KH Puth, Netherlands. email contreaty2006[at];


Redemption: 23-25 February, Hinckley, UK. Blake's 7 & Babylon 5. Att. 50UKP 'til 30/08/06, 55 UKP 'til 9/02/07, 60 UKP on door. Contact

Hanse-Con: last weekend in October, Lubeck, Germany. Contact:

Technology bites back

On the one hand I've now upgraded Open Office to a version that is a little more stable, and has figured out that you might want to transfer between HTML and other formats, on the other hand I'm now tending towards shifting the production of this to Linux, using AWK and SED for text conversion, and porting my older stuff over via Open Office, Word Perfect, and anything else I can find that can handle my old document formats. I'm also taking a look at another editor/word processor that was recommended to me. By the way, before you deluge me with email about my head-banging tendencies, and how much cooler Perl is than AWK and SED; I know them, and don't (yet) know Perl very well. Moreover, I have work-related reasons for becoming fluent in primitive shell scripting. The Windows 98 partition will then be dedicated to graphics handling.

Different spam problems this time. Large numbers of copies of this were bounced back to me as spam, and my spam filter decided that most replies to me were also spam, so once I was aware of this I spent hours fishing messages out of the spam trash. Meanwhile, I'm still getting huge quantities of real spam. Apologies if I didn't reply to your message. My ISP may have dumped it in the trash. This is the end.


Fans Across the World: Many thanks to David Lally, David Langford, Norman Spinrad, Nigel Rowe, the SFCD, Alain le Bussy, Piotr Cholewa, Agnieszka Sylwanowicz, Piotr Rak, Roelof Goudriaan, Pádraig Ó Méalóid, Espora, and many others.