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Newsletter 104, November 2000

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November 2000

Newsletter 104

Keith Roberts

Keith Roberts, author of Pavane and many other SF stories died recently of a combination of pneumonia and bronchitis after a long illness.


The Simetria association has issued another of their annual bilingual anthologies of Portuguese SF and Fantasy called "A Viagem/The Voyage". It includes short stories and novelettes by portuguese and brazilian authors.

In the 1997 edition of this anthology the "Efeitos Secundarios/Side Effects" Joao Barreiros and Luis Filipe Silva, the two top portuguese SF writers, first published the stories that can currently be found on the Infinity Plus website.

The stories vary in quality, but this is the great editorial event in portuguese SF. There are no other regular book editions of portuguese and brazilian authors. Other books come out every so often once and a while, a website describes them: (in portuguese).

Other books are translations, mostly from english. (Jorge Candeias)

The Simetria website can be found at


Octocon in Dublin was cheerful and relaxed as usual. The committee had managed to get (at a price) a hotel on O'Conell street (the main street in Dublin), so a stroll out of the con front door took you straight to the pubs and restaurants of central Dublin.

The book room was small, but cosy, although it had only one 'real' book stall (there were publicity stalls as well).

The highlight of the convention itself was the Satuday evening radio play. Otherwise there were many panels, although I sometimes felt that subject and participant were mismatched – then again, this may have led to new things being said on old topics.

Possibly the main event of the convention, the James White Award, did not take place at the convention itself but at the nearby Dublin Writers Museum. I couldn't get to this, since I had to catch my bus back to Oxford a few minutes after it started.

SF websites

Numbers of foreign SF websites make an attempt to publish some material in English, others don't!

Topics vary, some being news, SF convention history, or simply information about SF and fandom in that country, both for natives, and interested foreigners.

The Dorado SF site (Lithuania) has and excellent English section:, while the sites on Finland ( and Hungary ( also have useful English information.

Others make less of an effort, the Danish SF site seems to be aimed only at Danes,, as ingeneral does the Czech SF site:, and while the Japanese Worldcon bid site is in English:, their main convention list isn't!

Future International Conventions

* = New or Amended entry


* Novacon 30: 10-12 November, Birmingham, UK. GoH: Christopher Priest Rog Peyton., David A Hardy. Att. 35.00UKP on door. Contact: Tony Berry, morbius[at],

* DanCon: 11-12 November, Copenhagen, Denmark. Contact:

* ConTreaty/Beneluxcon 24: 17-19 November, Maastricht, The Netherlands.GoH: Jaap Boekestein & Ricardo Pinto, Special Guests: Christopher Priest & Alastair Reynolds Memb: Euro40, NFL 88. Contact: ConTreaty, Mozartlaan 38, 2253 HX Voorschoten, The Netherlands. (email: Contreaty[at];

NELCON a relaxcon:17-19 November, Port Stephens NSW, Australia. Att. $20. Contact: Edwina Harvey, c/- 12 Flinders St, Matraville. 2036 NSW, Australia. Email e.harvey[at];

DRACON: 8-10 December, Brno, Czech Republic. SF&F lectures, quizes etc. Contact:, email: dracon[at]

Fantabaires: 8-17 December, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Contact: franco_moreno[at]; info[at]

ArmageddonCon: 27-31 December, Hotel Laromme, Jerusalem, Israel. GoH: Larry Niven, Joan Vinge, Paul McAuley, Ian Watson. Theme: Armageddon. Incl. End Of The World Ball on mount Tel Megiddo (Armageddon). GoH: Larry Niven, Joan Vinge, Paul McAuley, Jack Cohen, Jim Frenkel and Ian Watson. Org. Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy. Att. c 140$ 'til 1/11. Accommodation extra. Contact: Contact: Mishkenot Sha'ananim, PO Box 8215, Jerusalem 91081, Israel. 00 972 2 673 0003 (email: con[at];

* Hogmanaycon: 29 December 2000 – 1 January 2001, CANCELLED. Contact: Hogmanaycon, c/o 26 Avonbank Road, Rutherglen, Glasgow G73 2PA, Scotland. andy[at];


Roscon: 15-18 February, Moscow, Russia. Att. from $70 US all inclusive. Contact: Tel. (095) 1230177 ("Manufactura"); (095) 3356832 (Dimitri Volodikhin); email: convent[at];

Ad Astra 2001: 23-25 February, Toronto, ON, Canada. GoH: Connie Willis, David Hartwell. Contact:; adastra[at] 905-305-0827

* MeCon: 9-11 March, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Contact:

FilkOntario 11: Mississauga, ON, Canada. Filk. GoH: Bill & Brenda Sutton. Att: $42 'til 31/10/00. Contact: 145 Rice Ave, Unit 98, Hamilton, ON, L9C 6R3. Haymon[at]

Swancon 2001 The Masquerade: Aussie Nat. SF Con, April 12-16, Perth, WA, Australia. Att. A$80, $100 on door. GoH Rosaleen Love, Marilyn Pride, Lewis Morley, Kate Orman and Sue Ackerman The Rydges Contact: Swancon 2001, PO Box 162 Nedlands WA 6909, Australia. (Email: swancon2001committee[at];

Paragon: Eastercon, 13-16 April, Hinckley, UK. Contact: S. Lawson, 379 Myrtle Road, Sheffield, S2 3HQ, UK (email: members.paragon[at];

OdysseyCon: New Zealand NatCon, 13-16 April, Auckland, New Zealand. GoH Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon, Lyn McConchie, Brian Howell. Att. NZ$ $60 'til 31/12/2000, NZ$70 'til 12/04/2001, NZ$80 on door. Contact: P.O. Box 74-013 Market Rd, Auckland New Zealand. Email: enquiries[at];

Lituanicon 2001: 3rd Millenium: Technology vs. Magic: 28-30 April, Kaunas, Lithuania. Att. 10LTL (c.2.5$). Contact: Vytautas Jonaitis (vytjon[at], Emilis Dambauskas lunatic[at], 8-286-07732)

Seccond: 25-27 May, Swindon, UK. GoH: Paul McAuley. Contact: seccond[at];

13th SF Days NRW: June, Germany. Reputed cancelled. Check:; sftagenrw[at]

Fantastika 2001(Swecon): 15-17 June, Stockholm, Sweden. GoH: Karolina Bjallerstedt Mickos, Bjorn Tore Sund. Att. 200 SEK 'til 1/01/01, then 250 SEK 'til 1/06/01. Contact: c.gomez[at]; tomas.cronholm[at]

PARCON: A Communication Odyssey – 20th Czech & Slovak nat con, 6-8 July, Czech Republic. SF&F, ST, Babylon 5, Discworld, games, contests, SF&F story competition "Karel Capek Award", videos &movies, party. Contact: londo[at]

Finncon: (Baltcon) 14-15 July, Jyvaskyla, Finland. Contact: hirsjarvi[at]; 42[at]

ConStruction: 27-29 July, UK. Con running. Contact: ConStruction, 32 Theobald Road, Cardiff, CF5 1LP, UK. (email: ConStruction[at];

Eurocon 2001: During August, Romania. Contact: srepi[at]

Odyssee: Aug/Sept, Germany. Reputed cancelled. Check:; sftagenrw[at]

* Eboracon: 24-26 August, York, UK. Unicon. GoH: Douglas Hill, Stan Nicholls, Ann Gaye. Att. 25UKP (20UKP student). Contact: "sparks" Mike Rennie, 68 Crichton Avenue, Burton Stone Lane, York, YO30 6EE, UK. (email: eboracon[at]; racon/index.html)

The Millenium Philcon (Worldcon): 30 August-1 September, Philadelphia, PA, USA. GoH: Greg Bear, Stephen Youll, Gardner Dozois, George Scithers. Contact: Suite 2001, 402 Huntingdon Pike Rockledge, PA 19046 USA. (email: phil2001[at];

Polcon 2001: Polish Nat Con. 13-16 September, Katowice, Poland. GoH Robert silverberg, Marek S Huberath, Dorota Malinowska, Andrzej "Bilbo" Kowalski. Att. 50 zl 'til 31/12/00, 55 zl 'til 15/06/01, 65 zl 'til 15/08/01, 75 zl 'til 15/09/01. Contact: Slaski Klub fantastyki, 40-956 Katowice, skr. Poczt 502, Poland. (Email skf[at];,

Hypotheticon: 22-23 September, Glasgow, Scotland. Att. 15 UKP 'til 1/1/2001. Contact: Hypotheticon 2001, 25 Ravenscraig Ave., Paisley, PA2 9QL, UK (email: secretary[at]

HispaCon 'Salduba': Spanish National Con, 1-4 November, Zaragoza, Spain. Contact: jochu[at]; salduba1[at]


* Helicon 2 (Eastercon): 29 March – 1 April, Jersey, UK. Att. 30 UKP. Contact: Helicon 2, 33 Meyrick Drive, Wash Common, Berkshire RG14 6SY, UK (email: helicon2[at];

Downunder con festival: 1-30 June. SF con every weekend. (Combined with a bid for Corflu) Contact: Eric Lindsay, PO Box 640, Airlie Beach, Qld 4802, Australia. (email: eric[at]

Convergence: 41st Australian NatCon: 7-10 June, Melbourne, Australia. GoH Joe Haldeman, Sean Williams, Gay Haldemandk, Lucy Sussex, Jack Dann, Race Mathews. Contact:; contact-convergence[at]

* Eurocon 2002: 1-7 July, Chotebor (and Prague), Czech Republic. Prague visit 1-3. Contact SFC Avalon, c/o vaclav.pravda[at]

Discworld Convention 2002: 16-19 August, Hinckley, UK. GoH: Terry Pratchett. Contact: send an SAE to Discworld Convention 2002, 23 Medora Road, Romford, RM7 7EP, UK.; email: info[at]; mailing list

Con Jose (Worldcon): 29 August-2 September, 2002, San Jose, USA. GoH Vernor Vinge, David Cherry, Bjo & John Trimble, Ferdinand Feghoot, Tad Williams. Att. $120. Contact: Con Jose, PO Box 61363, Sunnyvale, CA 94088-1363, USA. (Email: ConJose[at];

World Fantasy Con: 1-4 November, Montreal, PQ, Canada. GoH:Fred Saberhagen. Contact: Bruce Farr, 7002 N.6th Ave,Phoenix, AZ, 85021, USA; 2001wfc[at]


* Torcon III (Worldcon): 28 August-1 September, Toronto, Canada. Att: $170. GoH: George R.R. Martin Frank Kelly Freas Mike Glyer, Spider Robinson, Robert Bloch. Contact: PO Box 3, Station A, Toronto, ON, M5W 1A2, Canada, email: info[at]"


USA Boston in 2004 – Contact: info[at];; or Tim or Marcia Illingworth; Charlotte in 2004: Contact: charlotte2004[at];


Great Britain Worldcon Bid 25/8/2005-29/8/2005. Location: Glasgow. Pre-support: UKP5, Eur8, $8, A$12, NZ$15, Yen950. Contact: UK in 2005, 379 Myrtle Road, Sheffield, S.Yorks, S2 3HQ, UK. (email: uk2005[at];


There are rumours of an Australian bid for Worldcon in Melbourne: email Rose at mitchell[at];get the gossip at Japan have officially announced for 2007 details at:


There are rumours that Australia may move to 2009...


Aussie events: Note that there is an annual calendar available on the Vicnet SF web site at

Fans Across the World Thanks for help, info, etc. to Roger Robinson in particular, Dave Langford, Roelof, Brendan, Jorge Candeias, Marc Ortlieb & others. Now I'll see if I've *really * cured that printer...Hmmm... ...and the boiler sounds as if it's just about to blow up...