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Newsletter 97

April 2000 Newsletter 97

B. Wilkinson, c/o 15 Manor Drive, Southgate, London, N14 5JH, Great Britain



SF: Best Novel: Greg Egan – TERANESIA (Gollancz, HarperPrism); Short Story: Chris Lawson, Chris – "Written in Blood" (Asimov's Science Fiction, #281, June 1999); Fantasy: Best Novel: Jane Routley – ARAMAYA (Avon); Short Story:Trudi Canavan – "Whispers of the Mist Children" (Aurealis #23); Horror: Best Novel: Christine Harris – FOREIGN DEVILS (Random House Australia); Young Adult: Novel: Dave Luckett – A DARK VICTORY (Omnibus);Convenors' Award: Terry Dowling, Antique Futures: the Best of Terry Dowling (MP Books)

Father of Swedish SF & Fandom

Sture Lonnerstrand died on the 30th of September last year. He was over 80, and had been out of contact with the Swedish SF community for many years, nonetheless he can be said to have been not only the first modern Swedish genre SF writer, and the first to publicly identify himself as such, but he was also influential in the origins of Swedish Fandom. (Adapted from a much longer text by John-Henri Holmberg).

'500 years of Brazil'

An original SF anthology celebrating the Portuguese 'discovery' of Brazil has been published. PHANTASTICA BRASILIANA: 500 Anos de História Deste e Doutros Brasis*, Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro & Carlos Orsi Martinho, eds. Sao Caetano do Sul: Grupo Pecas/Editora Ano-Luz, 2000, 223 pp. The anthology is the fifth in a series, and contains stories by Brazilian, Portuguese and US writers. The title translated means 'Phantastica Brasiliana: 500 years of the history of this and other Brazils'. (From information on RGP by Roberto de Sousa Causo).

German Conrep?

Most conventions publish a large convention book (if that), and flimsy convention reports appear in fanzines or elsewhere. This can lead to interesting convention talks, interviews, etc. being lost, although in Britain the SF Foundation at Liverpool University is now building up a tape archive. After the Eurocon in Dortmund last spring, Trinity, the SFCD (science Fiction club Deutschland) has taken a different approach. The most recent 200 page glossy colour covered A4 edition of their magazine Andromeda is a retrospective special.

Apart from the conventional con reports from both fans and numbers of the guests, there are also transcriptions of interviews with SF authors made at the convention, transcripts of GoH speeches, stories from prize winners, photos from the con, copies of one of the con newsletters, and one of the con menus (anyone for a Discworld pork schnitzel?), an essay on forgotten authors by Hardy Kettlitz, and an essay on the Hospital Station series and interview (reprint) with the Eurocon Hall of Fame winner James White.

There is more coverage of media tie-ins than there would be in a British publication of a similar type, and Hardy Kettlitz' forgotten authors include numbers who still struggle in and out of print in Britain and the US, where the overall pool of books is considerably larger. The advertisements vary from notices about new small press publications to advertising for Perry Rhodan and other series by the same publisher. (Don't get too scornful, most German SF readers cut their teeth on Perry Rhodan!).

Some material is rather light-weight, but some it would have been a shame to lose. An advantage of having your national SF organisation closely allied to your national con?

Future International Conventions

* = New or Amended entry


SWANCON 25: Aussie Nat. Con. 20-24 April, Belmont, WA, Australia. GoH: Connie Willis, Ian Nichols. Contact: Swancon 25, GPO Box G429, Perth WA 6892, Australia. (swancon25[at];

* Minicon 35: 21-23 April, Minneapolis, MN, USA.Att. $40 til 15/3, $70 on door except for non-N Americans – $40. Contact: Minicon 35, PO Box 8297, Lake Street Station, Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA. (Email: request[at]; Web:

2Kon: 21-24 April, Glasgow, UK. Eastercon. Att. 25UKP. Contact: 2Kon, 30 Woodburn Terrace, St Andrews, KY16 8BA, UK. (email: 2kon[at],

Lituanicon 2000: 28-30 April, Vilnius, Lithuania. GoH Algis Budrys. Contact: Gediminas Beresnevicius, P.O. Box 216, LT-2040 Vilnius, Lithuania. (email: bgedimin[at]

* Arracon 2000: 30 April-3 May, Elblag-Kadyny-Malbork, Poland. Travelling con, including an RPG in Malbork Castle. Att. 50zl til 31/1/00, then 55zl til 31/3/00, then 65zl. Contact: Marcin Grygiel, skr. poczt. 20, 82-312 Elblag 13, Poland. (Email: pipok[at]; Web:

* VCON 25: 26-28 May, Surrey, BC, Canada. GoH: Robert Sawyer, Lloyd & Yvonne Penney. Att. US$27/C$40 'til May, then US$30/C$45. Contact: VCon 25, Box #274, 1857 West 4th Ave., Vancouver, BC V6J 1M4, Canada. (tel. +1 (604) 731-7553; email rgraeme[at]

12th SF Days NRW: June, Germany. Reputed cancelled. Check:; sftagenrw[at]

Con D'Or: New Zealand National SF Con, 3-5 June, Wellington, New Zealand. GoH: Tad Williams, Sara Douglass, Maree Sole. Contact: enquiries[at];

PARCON 2000: Czech and Slovak national con, 23.-25. June, Sumperk, Czech Republic. Att. c. $10 on door. Contact: Jan Vasat, Fibichova 13/113, 787 01 Sumperk, Czech Republic. email: vasat[at]

* Seminarium Literackie 2000: 16-18 June, Katowice, Poland. Att. 30zl til 1/4/00, then 35zl. Contact: Slaski Klub Fantastyki, 40-956 Katowice, skr. poczt. 502, Poland. (Email: skf[at]; Web:

Aliens stole my handbag: 30 June-2 July, Shepperton, UK. SF & humour. Contact: Aliens stole my handbag, c/o Stefan Lancaster, 16 Dulverton Road, Ruislip Manor, Middx. HA4 9AD, UK. (; email: aliensstolemyhandbag[at]

ESE: 28-30 July, Darmstadt, Germany. Contact: F. Anderson, 129 Colegrave Road, Stratford, London E15 1EA, UK (email: fiona[at]

* MillenniCon: (Discworld) 28-31 July, Heathrow, UK. GoH Terry Pratchett. Att: 50UKP. Contact: MillenniCon, PO Box 189, Patchway, Bristol BS328YE, UK.

Atlantykron: During August, Capidava, Romania. Contact: srepi[at]

Tricity: Eurocon 2000: (also Polcon & Baltcon) 2-6 August, Gdynia, Poland. Att. 20UKP 'til 31/1/00, 23UKP on door. +5 groups, reduced rate. Panels, films, LARP, medieval battle, etc. Contact: Gdanski Klub Fantastyki, PO Box 76, 80-325 Gdansk 37, Poland (tel. +48-58-531073;email: gkf[at]; British Agt.: B Wilkinson (ie. me, see above)

* Conversions 2000: 11-13 August, Calgary, AB, Canada. GoH:Mike Resnick, Mike Dale. Att. $40 'til 1 May, $50. on door. Contact: PO Box 430006, DVPO, Calgary, AB, T2J 7A7, Canada.

* Lexicon (Unicon): 18-20 August, Oxford, UK. GoH: Philip Pullman. Att. 28UKP. Contact: Lexicon, 18 Letchworth Avenue, Bedfont, Middx. TW14.9RY, UK. (email: unicon2000[at];

* Bachanalia Fantastyczne 2000: 24-27 August, Zielona Gora, Poland. (Tel. +48-601-592959)

Chicon 2000 (Worldcon): 31 August-4 September, Chicago IL, USA. GoH: Ben Bova, Bob Eggleton, Jim Baen, Bob & Anne Passovoy. Contact: Chicon 2000, PO Box 642057, Chicago IL 60664, USA. (fax: +1-312-946-3779;; email – chi2000[at]

* Festivalul Vladimir Colin: 1-3 september, Resita, Romania. Contact: M Donea aquarela[at]

FilkCONtinental 2000: 29 Sep-1 Oct, JH Freusburg, Germany. Att. 50 DM 'til 31/5/00, then 55 DM 'til 20/7/00 (deadline). Contact: Rika Koerte, c/o Walker, 130 Old Road West, Gravesend, Kent DA11 0LZ, UK. (email: rika[at];

* Elstercon: 6-8 October, Leipzig, Germany. Att. 50DM 'til 30/4, then 55DM 'til 30/9, then 60DM 'til 1/10. Contact: Frank Rauschel, Sternwartenstr. 53, 04103 Leipzig, Germany.

* Concept 2000: 13-15 October, Montreal, PQ, Canada. GoH: Charles De Lint. Contact: PO Box 415, Station H, Mtl H3G 2L1, Canada.

* Octocon: 21-22 October, Dublin, Ireland. Att. IP 15, Supp. IP5. GoH: Iain Banks, Michael Marshall Smith. Contact: Octocon 2000, c/o Evolver Media, 71 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2, Ireland (; email: chairman[at] UK Agt. D Lally, 64 Richborne Terrace, London, SW8 1AX.

* World Fantasy Con: 26-29 October, Corpus Christi, TX, USA. Contact: 26th World Fantasy Convention, PO Box 27277, Austin, TX 78755, USA (; fduartejr[at]; Fax: +1 512 835 7637)

* ConTreaty/Beneluxcon 24: 17-19 November, Maastricht, The Netherlands.GoH: Christopher Priest, Jaap Boekestein. Memb: $30, Euro30, NFL 66 'til 24/3 then 45 NFL. Contact: ConTreaty, Mozartlaan 38, 2253 HX Voorschoten, The Netherlands. (email: Contreaty[at];

ArmageddonCon: 27-31 December, Israel. Held at: Kibbutz Shefayim (20 minutes north of Tel Aviv). GoH: Larry Niven, Joan Vinge, Paul McAuley, Ian Watson. Theme: Armageddon. Incl. End Of The World Ball on mount Megiddo (Armageddon). Org. Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy. Att. c 140$ (inc. accommodation?) Contact: :; email: con[at]

Hogmanaycon: 29 December 2000 – 1 January 2001, Glasgow, Scotland. Att. 35 UKP. GoH: Spider & Jeanne Robinson, Sydney Jordan, Archie Roy, Vince Docherty, Oscar Schwigelhofer. Contact: Hogmanaycon, c/o 26 Avonbank Road, Rutherglen, Glasgow G73 2PA, Scotland. (tel. +141-569-1934; email: andy.nimmo[at];


Odyssey Con: New Zealand National SF Con, Auckland. Contact: enquiries[at]

* Ad Astra 2001: 23-25 February, Toronto, ON, Canada. GoH: Connie Willis. Att. $30 'til July 31. Contact: / ad-astra[at] 905-305-0827

Swancon 2001 The Masquerade: Aussie Nat. SF Con, April 13-16 2001, Perth, WA, Australia. Contact: Swancon 2001, PO Box 162 Nedlands WA 6909, Australia. (Email: swancon2001committee[at];

Paragon: Eastercon, Blackpool, UK. Contact: S. Lawson, 379 Myrtle Road, Sheffield, S2 3HQ, UK (email: members.paragon[at];

13th SF Days NRW: June, Germany. Reputed cancelled. Check:; sftagenrw[at]

ConStruction: 28-29 July, UK. Con running. Contact: ConStruction, 136 Kendal Way, Cambridge, CB4 1LT, UK. (email: ConStruction[at];

Odyssee: Aug/Sept, Germany. Reputed cancelled. Check:; sftagenrw[at]

The Millenium Philcon (Worldcon): 30 August-1 September, Philadelphia, PA, USA. GoH: Greg Bear, Stephen Youll, Gardner Dozois, George Scithers. Contact: Suite 2001, 402 Huntingdon Pike Rockledge, PA 19046 USA. (email: phil2001[at];


Con Jose (Worldcon): 29 August-2 September, 2002, San Jose, USA. GoH Vernor Vinge, David Cherry, Bjo & John Trimble, Ferdinand Feghoot, Tad Williams. Contact: Con Jose, PO Box 61363, Sunnyvale, CA 94088-1363, USA. (Email: ConJose[at];


Canada Torcon III – Contact: PO Box 3, Station A, Toronto, ON, M5W 1A2, Canada, email: info[at]; is currently bidding for the 2003 Worldcon. There is also a bid in Mexico: Concancun – email: artemis[at];


Great Britain Worldcon Bid 25/8/2005-29/8/2005. Location: Brighton or Glasgow. Pre-support: UKP5, Eur8, $8, A$12, NZ$15, Yen950. Contact: UK in 2005, 379 Myrtle Road, Sheffield, S.Yorks, S2 3HQ, UK. (email: uk2005[at]


* There are rumours of an Australian bid for Worldcon in Melbourne: email Rose at mitchell[at]

Aussie events: Calendar available on the Vicnet SF web site at

Fans Across the World Thanks for help, info, etc. to Dave Langford, John Mansfield, Roger Robinson, Marc Ortlieb, Ken Slater and others. MS not-Works is still giving me hell, but I should have WP 8 soon, hooray! The insurance suddenly realised that I've been insuring the house wrongly, so I got a 400UKP bill out of the blue – still, one of these years I should be able to claim over half of it back from my neighbours. Am at present in B&B, any idea of a flat delayed until the insurance mess is sorted out...