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Newsletter 93

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January 2000

Newsletter 93

About SF in Yugoslavia

If I had written this text some ten years ago, I would have told you that the situation here is quite good. Then, we had here two excellent SF magazines called SIRIUS and ALEF. They were both monthly magazines printed in more than 40.000 copies. There was an SF almanac called ANDROMEDA, and it's relative called MONOLIT, so we were well informed about what was going on in the world of SF. There were three different publishers/editions that published only SF books (KENTAUR, POLARIS, ZNAK SAGITE). Many other publishers published occasionally SF books as well. Those books were generally printed in 5.000 or 10.000 copies, sometimes in two or three editions. So, in my opinion, every average SF fan in Yugoslavia, at these days was a reader of Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, Ursula LeGuin, Roger Zelazny, Robert Silverberg, Phillip K. Dick, William Gibson, Stanislaw Lem, Frank Herbert, Steven Donaldson.

In those days there were at least ten SF clubs in former Yugoslavia, with quite a lot of members, regular meetings, occasional or monthly fanzine. Every year some convention was held (on state level, but it was international) bringing to us whatever conventions do. But those were the golden days. For a long, long time, since the former Yugoslavia fell apart, we did not have a SF magazine. Of all the publishers practically only POLARIS is continually publishing a new book every month. Even when published, these books are printed in poor 500 copies and according to publisher, only between 200-300 are sold. Other publishers' SF books are so rare, that they are not worth mentioning. What we have now is just a shadow of what we had before. It is hard to define why this is happening. The fact is that there is a general lack of money, and that our reality sometimes beats fiction. But all in all, the reasons are not so important. There are, of course, some bright spots. For instance, Dr Zoran Zivkovich wrote a brilliant SF Encyclopedia (the fifth of that kind in the world at the time, three of which have been written in English one in Swedish and one in Serbian). This encyclopedia is now available on a CD-ROM. Soon maybe all SF that has been published in Serbian will be available on a CD-ROM. As you may not know some books like Arthur C. Clark's 3001.The Final Odyssey' appeared in stores in Belgrade a couple of days before they did in New York.

When we talk about SF TV-series and movies the situation here is much better. I think that we here have not missed anything like UFO, Blake's Seven, Dr. Who, Star Trek, X-files or similar well-known TV-series. We are able to see all the latest SF movies at cinema like Godzilla, Sphere, Contact and other. There is a cinema in Belgrade (my favourite one) called Muzej Jugoslovenske Kinoteke (Yugoslav Filmography Museum) which plays only old movies. It usually has a month or at least two or three weeks a year, when it's complete program is dedicated to good old SF films. And of course, but not the last by importance is our club.

About our SF club FAROS. Faros was established by a group of enthusiasts in August 1996. For the first couple of meetings we were just happy to talk about science fiction, because no matter how our town Bela Crkva is small, a lot of us simply did not know the rest of the people. But even in those days we had an idea about making a fanzine of our own. Soon, the making of that magazine became a sort of our primary goal, but we had a lot of other activities too. We hold our meetings every Tuesday starting at 20.00 hours during winter period or 21.00 in summer. We think that it is very important that our meetings are organized always at the same time and at the same place. That way none of us needs any special invitations. All our members know that, and they come whenever they are able to. Generally, all of our meetings consist of three parts. First, there is a non-formal part until all members arrive. After that we have a more formal part, when every one of our members sets in view what he or she (we are lucky to have a lot of female members) had done in the past week. We read the letters that came from other clubs, or from our readers. Then, someone has the duty to present the latest book that he/she read. We speak of our future plans, for instance, which famous person from the world of SF we are going to invite for a literary evening, or how we are going to get the money for our magazine. Maybe it would be interesting for you to know how we are coping with the lack of money.

Generally, we do not get any other money except for the one from our members (10 dinars per person for a month, that is approximately 1 US $). What is most important, we do not pay any rent for our clubroom because Zivkovich family (Mr. and Mrs. Zivkovich and their lovely daughter Jelena were members from the beginning) had kindly offered a part of their house that has been made into our clubroom. We also pay nothing for computer services because Mr. Bleha, one of our members, is a computer expert. For our literary evenings city library is always open for us because the library manager, Mr. Mogos likes what we do. There is much more space there so even some people who are not our members can come to see famous SF authors. The local photographer is our friend so he does not charge us for his services. We somehow manage to do everything with no money, only by using our friendships, connections and our own human potentials, for what we do have is a lot of enthusiasm. So, what have we done for the past two years? We had our meetings every week, sometimes even twice a week, when it was necessary. We have together seen more than 70 SF films on video or in cinema. We had had four brilliantly organized literary evenings with 7 most important authors and experts of SF in Yugoslavia as our guests. Those were very successful happenings for our small town, with a multimedia presentation on three Pentiums, with video clips from best SF films and, what was very interesting, SF pictures and paintings (that was a real exhibition!) made by our painters like Mrs. Balasevich. We really did cover all kinds of SF art. We have published 7 numbers of our magazine (quarterly) and number 8 will be finished soon.

Unfortunately, our magazine is the only thing for which we do not have the necessary money. Why? The cost of publishing is very high. We usually print some 200 copies. It is very hard to find more buyers. Because we want our magazine to be read by as much people as possible, we sell it at the same price we paid for it to be printed. When you know that a large number of copies is being given away absolutely free (we do not pay authors for their articles or stories published in FAROS, we just give them a copy of the magazine and we give a copy to all people that are so kind to us. So, even though we have enough texts for monthly or at least bimonthly editions, we do not have appropriate financial background. We wait until we save enough money from our membership fees, and then use all of it to print the next issue. We would like to know how you cope with that problem. We are currently in the phase when we want to intensify our relationships with other SF clubs from the whole world. We really hope that you are interested to cooperate with us.

Best SF wishes, Klubljubitelja-naucnefantastike FAROS, I Oktobra 24, 26340 Bela Crkva, YUGOSLAVIA. (Dusan Kostich 1999)

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