The View From Entropy Hall #54
edited by Ed Meskys

  THE VIEW FROM ENTROPY HALL 54, January 2016, for APA Q #581, published by Ed Meskys, 322 Whittier Hwy, Moultonboro NH 03254-3627, edmeskys at g mail period com.  Sent free by email to anyone who requests it. A very few print copies are prepared for friends without email, tho I am very slow at getting it out. (I do not have a printer on my computer.) My thanks to Sandy and to Mark Blackman for catching some of my errors and helping with formatting. As usual, I use "^^" and "|" as markers to easily skip sections you do not want to read. I use paired brackets, [], to indicate a minor change of direction, and put my comments on other people's words in them.


  I am missing deadlines and losing track of stuff, and have not been meeting my obligations. In part this is because I am not coping with living in NH 8 months and NC 4 months, and do not bring all I should between the locations. Back in NH I have a half finished ENTROPY 54, which I forgot to bring. If all goes as planned, this will get renumbered to 56.

  I do wish all a blessed Christmas, or a happy winter solstace celebration of your choice. Sandy, I, and the animals (Amber the cat and Killer the dog) are well, and enjoying a remarkable Christmas season, remarkably warm for here in NC.

  I changed ISPs from Time-Warner to Fairpoint, but only use Gmail as my eddress. I have lost easy access to my eddress book on my desktop back at home, and totally on my laptop here.  This has really messed up my mailing out Entropy and a Christmas letter to my lists, or doing my usual forwards of interesting news stories.

  I did recover most LoCs on ENTROPY 52, which are waiting in the upcoming #56.

  When we do get home I will have to spend many hours re-entring my eddressbook and groups in both computers, which will take many, many hours, and I do not know when I will get it done. Also, I have not figured out how to access the eddress book in the laptop (using win7 and office03), or how to set up groups. Maybe I can get some help when we get home.

  We had a lot of trouble finding an apartment here in Raleigh for the 5 months, and might buy a small, old, condo to have permanently availablefor use next winter. We are looking into that now.

  We are here thru the end of April this year, but I have to fly home for the NH NFB state convention March 31 thru April 3. I was going to fly south, and drive back with Sandy a month later, but she says it will be easier on her if I stay north and bring along the cat. I will come up a few days early to set up the cat food and box, and buy more dog food. I hope I can get rides from friends.

  Ed Meskys

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