Vol. 9 No. 7.1

December 2010

Volume 9

2010 Index

--e*I*53.1- (Vol.9 No.7.1) Index, December 2010, is published and copyright 2010 by Earl Kemp. All rights reserved.
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eI Volume 9 Index 2010

Compiled by Earl Kemp

Banis, Victor J.:
Home for Christmas, eI53, December 2010
Love Sucks, eI48, February 2010

Bell, Harry:
“In the Turbine Hall,” Front cover illustration, eI49, April 2010

Block, Lawrence:
The Triumph of Avarice, eI53, December 2010

Chamberlain, Ross:
“Away Team,” Front cover illustration, eI50, June 2010

Ditmar [Martin James Ditmar Jenssen]:
             “Taking off or Landing,” back cover illustration, eI48, February 2010
             “Machine Wars,” back cover illustration, eI49, April 2010
             “Halcyon Days,” back cover illustration, eI50, June 2010
             “Ho! Ho! Ho! Me Hearties,” back cover illustration, eI53, December 2010
             “Threading the Needle,” back cover illustration, eI51, August 2010
             “Homage to Clark Ashton Smith,” back cover illustration, eI52, October 2010

Foster, Brad:
“Three Hearts,” Front Cover, eI48, February 2010
“Argent,” Front Cover, eI51, August 2010

Gertzman, Jay A.:
Porn Noir, 1968—1974, eI48, February 2010

Hemmingson, Michael:
Soft-core’s Halcyon Days, eI53, December 2010
Two Pieces of Silverberg, eI50, June 2010

Kemp, Earl:
…return to sender, address unknown…38 [eI letter column], eI48, February 2010
…return to sender, address unknown…39 [eI letter column], eI49, April 2010
…return to sender, address unknown…40 [eI letter column], eI50, June 2010
…return to sender, address unknown…41 [eI letter column], eI51, August 2010
…return to sender, address unknown…42 [eI letter column], eI52, October 2010
…return to sender, address unknown…43 [eI letter column], eI53, December 2010

(as Urlo Ocampo):
            Adios, Cuchuma, eI53, December 2010

Kemp, Earl Terry:
The Anthem Series: FPCI, eI49, April 2010
Faan For All Seasons, eI48, February 2010
The Story Behind the Golden Age of Pulps, eI50, June 2010
The Anthem Series Part VII, eI51, August 2010
The Anthem Series Part VIII, eI52, October 2010

Latham, Rob:
The City & the City, eI53, December 2010
Remembering J.G. Ballard, eI50, June 2010

Moorcock, Michael:
I’m Writing the New Doctor Who, eI48, February 2010
The Spaces in Between, eI53, December 2010

Murray, Will:
An Alternate History of the Early SF Magazines, eI50, June 2010

Ocampo, Urlo (Earl Kemp):
Adios, Cuchuma, eI53, December 2010

Ortiz, Luis:
Jack Gaughan, eI53, December 2010

Speray, Robert:
We Missed Earl…Earl Missed This, eI50, June 2010

Stiles, Steve:
Krazy Fucha, cover illustration, eI52, October 2010
a portfolio, eI53, December 2010
            After Botticelli
            Spring Planting
            He Loves New York
            Take the Elevator
            The Horror, the Horror
            Last Exit
            The Dummy
            Little ATom Arfer
            Happy Halloween!
            Season’s Greetings!
            Valentine’s Day
            Art-Savvy Nudes
            Happy Halloween! 2
            Season’s Greetings 2
            Krazy Fucha
            Rudolph Rebels
            Screwball Slumber
Rudolph Rebels, cover illustration, eI53, December 2010

Stopa, Jon:
The Black Lensperson, eI48, February 2010

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