Attitude 7

Possibly the best single issue, and not because of two and a half articles about underwear. Paganism, history and characterisation featured too. Dedicated to the memory of Bob Shaw.

Completed 24th Feburary 1996.

Authors: Michael Abbott, John Dallman, Pam Wells, Andrew Hooper, Carol Willis, Janet Wilkins, Alison Scott, Sue Mason, Kari, Bridget Hardcastle, Mary Gentle and Wilfred Watkins.

Artists: Dan Steffan, Jackie Duckhawk, Brad W Foster, Ian Gunn, Teddy Harvia, Steve Jeffery, Sue Mason, Dave Mooring and D West.

Paper: mid grey.

Due to the increasing complexity of the layout — and a plague of footnotes — we produced the fanzine in several separate pieces from this point onwards. It was easiest to make several Acrobat files, too, but they're all in one ZIP file.

Attitude 7