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Issue #69, November 1st, 1996

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In this issue:

There's big news about TAFF, and it's pretty bad. A tale of two continents (and many phone calls), by Andy Hooper and Victor M. Gonzalez.

In our first sidebar on the TAFF situation, Victor M. Gonzalez expresses his frustration with how late the news comes.

Then Andy offers suggestions on how you can help TAFF.

Meanwhile, carl updates us on the paper-into-packets process in The Lake of Fire. Gosh, if only we'd thought to put the actual address in the printed version! (We assume you have it already.)

Ted White gets more gender-specific about aggressive driving.

Randy Byers tells us he was indeed at the founding of fwa, but didn't leave any marks.

Steve Green despairs for the Brum Group and hardback sales, too.

New Feature: Beginning this issue, we now present an abbreviated version of our letter column. (Perhaps people will like us better now.)

We end with a Web-exclusive Extended Play Fanzine Countdown, reviewing all thirteen fmz received.

This is the sixty-ninth issue of a tri-weekly fanzine, edited and published by Andy Hooper,
carl juarez and Victor Gonzalez, members & founding member fwa, supporters afal,
at The Starliter Building, 4228 Francis Ave. N. #103, Seattle, WA 98103, also available at fanmailAPH@aol.com. Correspondence for Victor should be sent to 403 1/2 Garfield Street S., #11, Tacoma, WA 98444, and at vxg@p.tribnet.com. See below for availability and trade info, including the addresses of our British and Australian mailing agents. This is Drag Bunt Press Production #276. Apparatchiki: Greg Benford, Randy Byers, D.B. Cooper, Steve Green, Irwin Hirsh, Lesley Reece, Martin Tudor, Pam Wells, & Ted White.

APPARATCHIK is the Conqueror Worm of fandom. The ones that go in (urp) are lean and thin, the ones that come out are fat and stout. Be merry, my friends, be merry. Apak is still available for the usual, but note that trades must be sent to both Andy and Victor (carl just wants the good ones, sent care of Andy), and/or you can get Apparatchik for $3.00 for a 3 month supply, or a year's worth for $12.00 or a lifetime subscription for $19.73, or in exchange for a big plate of Promethean liver with onions.

For readers in the United Kingdom, Martin Tudor will accept #10.00 for an annual subscription, #19.37 for a lifetime sub, from 24 Ravensbourne Grove, Off Clarke's Lane, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 1HX, UK. Australian readers can subscribe through Irwin Hirsh, 26 Jessamine Ave. East Prahran, Victoria 3181 Australia, for $4.50, $17.00 and $28.09 Australian.

But who cares -- Madonna had her baby!

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