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Issue #67, September 19th, 1996

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In this issue:

Andy Hooper gives us a mole's eye view of the Worldcon (non-semipro version).

Victor submits to the pseudonymous Twink and tells us what he finds.

Randy Byers shares his own impressions of the Worldcon, from the point of view of one who consorts with BNFs but is not himself one.

Ted White tells us about the little upscale T-shirt company that grew.

Lesley Reece offers some thoughts on the pleasures and discontents of cartooning.

NEW COLUMNIST Dr. Gregory Benford reveals he is no great fan of Star Trek, even after thirty years.

. . . And a double-size post-Worldcon Fanzine Countdown from Andy concludes. Surely we are blessed.

This is the sixty-seventh issue of a tri-weekly fanzine, edited and published by Andy Hooper,
carl juarez and Victor Gonzalez, members & founding member fwa, supporters afal,
at The Starliter Building, 4228 Francis Ave. N. #103, Seattle, WA 98103, also available at fanmailAPH@aol.com. Correspondence for Victor should be sent to 403 1/2 Garfield Street S., #11, Tacoma, WA 98444, and at vxg@p.tribnet.com. See below for availability and trade info, including the addresses of our British and Australian mailing agents. This is Drag Bunt Press Production #273. Apparatchiki: Greg Benford, Randy Byers, Steve Green, Irwin Hirsh, Lesley Reece, Martin Tudor, Pam Wells, Ted White & Mark Whiten.

APPARATCHIK is the pachycephaloslsaurus reinheimeri of fandom, a puzzling and long-extinct herbivorous creature known only from one or two examples of its strangely knobbed and squamous skull. Little is known of its body, but scientists speculate that it looked a little like Clint Howard, or possibly Newt Gingrich. Apak is still available for the usual, but note that trades must be sent to both Andy and Victor (carl just wants the good ones, sent care of Andy), and/or you can get Apparatchik for $3.00 for a 3 month supply, or a year's worth for $12.00 or a lifetime subscription for $19.73, or in exchange for thirty pieces of electrum.

For readers in the United Kingdom, Martin Tudor will accept #10.00 for an annual subscription, #19.37 for a lifetime sub, from 24 Ravensbourne Grove, Off Clarke's Lane, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 1HX, UK. Australian readers can subscribe through Irwin Hirsh, 26 Jessamine Ave. East Prahran, Victoria 3181 Australia, for $4.50, $17.00 and $28.09 Australian.

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