[APAK logo] Issue #73, January 24th, 1997

The Corflu Reminder Box

Gleaned from the pages of Wave #1, the Corflu 14 progress report, we offer the following information: Corflu Wave will be held March 13th to 17th (that's right, starting on Thursday, running through Monday!) at the Marriott Hotel in Walnut Creek, California, at 2355 North Main St., 94596. Rooms are $85 a night, and can be booked by calling 1-510-934-2000 or 1-800-228-9290. Remember to mention Corflu, and ask for the concierge level if you want to be close to the parties. Memberships are $45 attending, $10 supporting, checks payable to Corflu. Mail these, and any questions, to 999 Perriera Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95051. Or, you can read the Corflu Web page at http://www.hidden-knowledge.com/corflu, and send e-mail to corflu@sfsfc.org. All the usual Corflu features -- the Sunday banquet, fan-fund auction, fanzine programs, and local excursions -- will be a part of Corflu Wave. Hope to see you there!

One of the tensest moments ever filmed in a murder flicker comes when Doody lunges for Elvis, bandishing a honed putty knife, and Presley sings the hit tune of the show while he flails Doody to death with his knees.

[APAK logo] Issue #73, January 24th, 1997

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