[APAK logo] Issue #65, August 8th, 1996

Don't Think of the Lake of Fire
by Andy Hooper

Australian readers are reminded that this is the last issue that some of you will see unless you let us know you'd like to continue receiving it. No hard feelings if you don't, but we're going to try to find some more Australian fans interested in participating in the fanzine.

Steve Swartz has completed his move to Seattle, and is very anxious to receive fanzines, preparatory to his re-entry to the field. His new address: 4114 Interlake Ave. N. #4 Seattle, WA 98103, e-mail at sswartz@ifusion.com.

From Mark and Elizabeth Bourne comes word that Portland fantasy writer Jo Clayton has been hospitalized with myeloma. They say she is receiving state-of-the-art chemotherapy, and is fighting hard. Although her condition has temporarily blinded her, numerous fans and friends are on hand at Room 686, 6SW, Good Samaritan Hospital, 1015 NW 22nd Ave., Portland, OR 97210, to read cards, letters and books sent by well-wishers. Books on tape would also be appreciated.

Mark says that her biggest problem right now is boredom, and that she hopes to be able to use her laptop again in a month or so; until then she has continued plotting out further novels in her head. We wish her a speedy and productive recovery.

From Tim Kyger, notorious Worldcon Boffin of the Past, comes word of the birth of a baby girl, Emma Danyel Hagan Kyger, 8.5 lbs. at birth; 21 inches in length. Born 11:07 am on 7/11/96. As Tim said, "Mother and daughter doing fine. In fact, all doing fine. Except for sleep."

Apak readers generously offered subscription money during my trip to Texas last month, but in my heat-addled condition I seem to have lost track of one subscriber, that is, I remember being paid four times but can only recall three names. If you've bought a subscription but haven't appeared in the agate roll-call on the final page yet, let me know, and this error will be speedily corrected.

Not being a con-going comics fan myself, I was unable to detect the tang of misinformation when the supposed temporal conflict between the San Diego Comics Con and San Diego's Westercon 51 was suggested to me by parties unremembered in El Paso. The two or three members of our readership for whom this might have posed a conflict can now relax.

Salient details of the TAFF itinerary of Martin and Helena Tudor, cribbed from TAFFlon Tudor #1:

22 August: Heathrow to Las Vegas

29 August: By goat to Los Angeles

2 September: Los Angeles to San Francisco

5 September: San Francisco to Seattle

9 September: Seattle to Washington DC

13 September (Friday) Back to Heathrow.

The most noteworthy feature of Martin's plan is his intention to write and publish his trip report, titled Have Bag, Will Travel, while on the trip itself. He intends to take notes, write them up on the machines of various fannish hosts along the way, e-mail them back to Berni Evans, who then produce the final copy and mail them out to his mailing list. This is mad, of course, but who are we to argue? If you want to be sure to get the first edition of these, send six self-addressed stamped envelopes to Martin before the 17th of August (but one suspects that envelopes reaching Berni Evans after that date would still be returned with fanzines in them).

I must apologize for giving ambiguous signals about Apak correspondence in the colophon. Letters to Apak should be sent to me at Francis Ave., while letters and trades specifically to Victor should be sent to his address in Tacoma.

Rumors: Francis Ford Coppola is rumored to be preparing a film adaptation of Phil Dick's The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch. This speculation seems no more or less solid than the one which has Stanley Kubrick working to film Ballard's The Drowned World (or "Super Toys Last All Summer Long", depending on what source you read). And reports have reached us that special ribbons visible only in the ultraviolet spectrum will be set-completers at LACon III. If you see nothing . . . .

Come see! Fingertip Ice Server right in door!

[APAK logo] Issue #65, August 8th, 1996

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