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1965 Birmingham Eastercon - Brumcon

Alien Worlds Brumcon Newsflash
Harry Nadler took with him to Brumcon a portable typewriter, stencils, and the Alien Worlds duplicator. On Friday evening of the convention Harry stenciled a one-page report on the opening ceremony, and he and Bill Burns then duplicated it in the back of Harry’s car in the multi-story carpark across the street from the con hotel and distributed copies to attendees. Here is the full text of the report:



Time; Eleven Forty Five P.M. Friday 16th April 1965.


Convention commenced officially at 8.0 pm. Unofficially, and more correctly, 8.12pm. Phil Rogers and Ted Tubb opened proceedings by encouraging those present to enrol for the YARMOUTH 1966 CON’. There were no takers, until HARRY HARRISON rolled up, Late Of Course, and registered as member No. 15 with the help of a Danish penny and the promise of 7/5 sterling to follow. While Ted nipped away for a bottle, Mike Moorcock held the stand by mumbling into the ‘mike’, which was not unfortunately working at the time

Chairman Ken Cheslin introduced G.O.H. HARRY HARRISON, who was still rather tired from his long journey; began his opening speech. “You are looking at a mere shadow of myself. I’ve had a long hard drive from this Anglo Saxon port of Harwich across all of lower Anglo Saxony over here. I’ll be in better shape tomorrow, but right now all I can do is say, welcome to Birmingham and    be happy to answer any questions you have.....” (Loud laughter) The only question forthcoming was from Brian ‘Pie’ Burgess who asked, “Will there be a Convention in Copenhaaaaagen?” “Not!” exclaimed Harrison, “if you pronounce it like that!” Here a battle ensued as to how to pronounce it; and the conclusion was that if Burgess held it, he could have it. Harry went on to say, he’d been attending conventions since the first one in 1939, but this was the first one held in a dry hotel. “Why is this?” he asked, and there was a cry of “It’s built on stilts!” from Ken Cheslin. Harry continued, “Of course, I see a number of young fans here in the convention hall, and I believe you’ve got an age limit for drinking in Britain of 25, finish at 26. You can only drink from nine to nine thirty in the morning! This morning, I came off the M1, which was six lanes wide, and hit the M2 which was (indicating a four inch space with his hands) about THAT wide! We pulled in at a place that sold PETROL - how’s that - not gasoline...!” To the young pump attendant, Harrison said, looking at a mess of shacks, “Are any of those places licensed?” to which came the reply, quick as a flash, “If they were, I wouldn’t be at the bloody pump!!!”

After Harry’s speech, FORBIDDEN PLANET was shown, a review of which is on page 15 of ALIEN WORLDS 15...No room parties visible at 12.40 - GHOD!

Duplicated in Multi-storey garage, BRUM.

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